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would like to be added to the directory to get notices about reunions. I graduated in 1974. Julia Lauer Lesinski

Abel , Bob
would like to here from people I knew, had great time in the 70's

Ayres , Chris

Ayres , Debbie (Heywood)

Bangert , Peggy (Lepsky)

Bath , Terri (Bath)
Still at Lackland Florist - 40 years in the family. Adopted my daughter from Russia - 13 yo now. Have currently went back to school - hopefully will be in nursing program by summer 2010

Baumhardt , Donna (Telle)

Bowers , Beth (Stagner)

Bradford , Paul
Retired from the Air Force. Live in Sacramento CA. Working in the Computer Information Services field. Four kids and a wife.

Branson , Robert "Kenny"
Ready for our 35th! Please keep me posted. Kenny Branson
5300 Terry Dr. High Ridge, MO. 636-677-4466 glad I found you!

Brewer , Kathy (Garner)
Lots of good memories from Ritenour....Hope to hear about a 30th!

brooks , maureen (fick)
address: 761 gabriel ct
kirkwood, mo. 63122

Chapin , Patricia (Nagle)
I live in Omaha NE and work for the USAF weather agency. I have 3 girls and 7 grandchildren 5 boys and 2 girls.

Chipp , Chris
I am presently living and working in Kunsan Korea, working for Maytag Aircraft Corp. I am the Assistant Air Cargo and Passenger Terminal Manager on contract to the US Air Force. prior to that I lived in Perth Australia for six years. Before that I joined the Navy a week after graduation and retired aftre 20 years. I've been a couple of times an and no children. I would love to come for a reunion or whatever it would be a good excuse to come back to the USA.

Cole , Michael

Deceased 12/17/2003

Cole , Michael

Mike died December 17, 2003

Cope , Nancy (Holderman (Holderman-Grantham))
Married in 2005 to husband James. Moved to Aubrey Tx in 2007. Supervisor for Wal-mart in Frisco. 2 stepchildren Aimee, 17 and Adam, 11 daughter Mariah
Elianna born April 15.

Cripps , Cindi (Hayden)

PLEASE ADD ME TO THE Alumni Electronic Directory.

Dalton , Gary
I currently live in Woodson Terrace, MO. I am retired military Army). I have an assoiciates degree from Honolulu Community College, University of Hawaii and have an aviation maintenance background. Have been married to my wife Ruth for 32 years and we have 6 boys. Their names are: Gary Jr (31), William (28), Matthew (21), Jason (19), Michael (16) and Anthony (15). We also have 7 grandchildren. Would like to here from those that I ran track, cross country and wrestled with or would love to here from those that know of others whereabouts. Feel free to contact me at the email address provided.

Davis , Mark L.
I have been married for 15 years to Denise (79 Eureka High) with a set of 5 year old twins and an 11 year old. I have worked at Prairie Farms Dairy for the last 15 plus years, but in the process of changing jobs. I would like to hear from any classmates. My phone number is 636-376-5710

davis , mark

Day , Gail (Peterson)

De Grasso , Kerry
Kerry (DeGrasso) Marsh

Derbak , Bev (Vie)

Dials , Lee Ann
Hi!!!! I read through years 1974-1976 so far and saw some familiar names which was GREAT!!! I've been a Registered Nurse for 15 years after "sowing my wild oats" for awhile. My specialty is "Neonatal Nursing" and I have my Certification in Neonatal Care. I've been married for 18 years to my husband Bud (wonderful guy, especially to put up with me!!!) and we have two boys David 14 (YIKES) and Andy 8. We live on the island in Corpus Christi, TX on the Gulf Coast so if anyone is interested in seeing the ocean or getting a tan I guess I'm the one to contact!!!! Take care all and nice to read about everyone.

Dodds , Mary (Duepner)
I live in Callaway, MD and work as a Contract Specialist for the Navy. Married 25 years to Darrell (1971) with 2 children, Randy (23) and David (20).

Doherty , Dwan (Weilandich)
Are we all 50 yet?? I'll be 51 in 2 days (September 23, 2006). I went to Nursing School at St. Mary College of O'Fallon, Mo. Worked at St. John Mercy Medical Center, four years in Labor & Delivery, where I happened to help quite a few alumni with delivery of babies! Married Hank Doherty in 1983, moved to Richmond, IN (his hometown), 4 children, Christopher 20, Kathleen 19, Patrick 16, and Maureen 11. Haven't worked in 21 years and love it! I'm currently homeschooling my two youngest-grades 11 and 6. Haven't been to a reunion since 1994! Hope to be there in 2009 for the 35th!

Doherty , Dwan (Weilandich)
I went to Nursing School at St. Mary College of O'Fallon, Mo. Married Hank Doherty in 1983, moved to Richmond, IN (his hometown), 4 children, Christopher 21, Kathleen 20, Patrick 18, and Maureen 13. Haven't worked in 22 years and love it! I'm currently homeschooling my two youngest-grades 12 and 7. Haven't been to a reunion since 1994! Hope to be there in 2009 for the 35th!

Dunahue , Gary

Gary W. Dunahue passed away September 30, 2003 of cancer in Overland, MO. He never married, and had been serving as baseball coach at Lafayette High School (Rockwood).

Ellis , Cindy (Burton)

Farrell , Kristie (Porter)
please let me know of anything that is going on and Hi to all. Please write would love to hear from you.

Franklyn , Dave

Germann , Elizabeth (Fajner)

Girard , Diane (Hawthorne)

Halstead , Randy
Living in the St. Peters area with my wife, Kathy (from NJ), and blessed with two wonderful children, Ryan and Lauren, who are currently attending high school. It's wonderful to see Ritenour has progressed to the net. Would enjoy hearing from friends I have lost contact with over the years.

Healy , Donna (Bedsworth)
We adopted our granddaughter after our daughter Tiffany died in 1998. Deserae is 10 and our other daughter Laura is 22. I still work for Children's Division.

Hefflinger , John

Heminghaus , William
Operate an Edward Jones office at Overland Plaza. Married to Cathy with 2 children Eric 20 & Lindsey 18.


Hodge , Geralyn (Gerri) (O'Rando)

Hodge , Geralyn (O'Rando)

Hoenig , Holly (Bennett)

Hubbard , Kent
I serve as Executive Pastor at Trinity Church of the Nazarene in south Oklahoma City. My wife Cheryl and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary on 7/31/02. Children - Kyle (23), Clay (18) and Crystal (16). Have lived out-of-town since 1975, living in Tulsa, Kansas City and Oklahoma City . Regret having lost touch with most RHS friends. Really enjoyed my high school days.

Hubbard , Kent

Hutcherson , Sherree (Compton)
Hope to come to 35 reunion. Married to Michael Hutcherson (1972), two daughters, Ashlie almost 21, sophomore in college and Morgan, almost 18 graduating this year. Enjoying her senior year almost as much as I enjoyed mine.

Jackson , Claude (Sandy)

Jackson , Paul


Jones , Diann (Arnold)

Keller , Debbie (Bangert)
I graduated from SEMO and married Steve in 1977. We have 2 married daughters, Ann and Amy. We have 2 children at home Emily and Matthew. Steve runs a new car dealership in Perryville MO and we own a portable building buiness. I would love to hear from old friends.

Kersten , Linda (Hartman)
Hello fellow '74 classmates. I've been married since 1989 and have 1 stepson. My husband Doug and I have been living in St. Charles for the past 15 years. Look forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion.

Kotowski , Barb (Bielke)
Live in Keller, TX (in the Dallas/Fort Worth area) since 1985. Married 26 years to Tom. We have 3 kids - Tracie 25, Bekky 21 and JT 14. Have been working for the same company for 30 years. My parents and siblings are still in the St. Louis area so I do come visit a couple of times a year. Am hoping to make the 35 year reunion this summer. Updated 03/02/09

Kreysar , Rick
I have recently retired back to San Diego, CA after 19 years working in Silicon Valley. I am married (Stacy 25 years)and have two kids Lauren 23 and Chad 21.

Ladage , Sue (Beckmann)
Living and working in Brentwood (St. Louis Co.); been married for 30 years. We have 4 great kids: Jennifer (25), Matthew (24), Tim (22), and Elizabeth (20). Can't believe we're all over 50 now. WHOA! Would love to hear from anyone who cares to write.

Lawrence , Lois
Since leaving RHS, I went north to Kirskvill NEMO (now Truman U) Spent 20 years in the Us Navy. Now living in Norfolk, Va. working as a govenment contractor.

Lawson , James
I married Vicki Rogers right after school and went in the Navy for 6 years. Back in St. Louis from 1980-85 and have been in Dallas, TX every since. Married the third time in 1984 and have two daughters 16 and 17. Looking for old friends.

Married to my wife Donna since 1976 have 3 children ,Tom 30, Joe 29 , Lauren 23 and 1 grandchild Nick with a brother or sister on the way, so far Grandchildren are so much fun!!!

Maassen , Deborah ((Buckels))
I currently live in the Hazelwood area. Married to Daryl (Prep North 1969) Maassen for 30 years, 4 children, Julie 29, Emily 27, Amy 25 and Adam 18. 3 grandchildren and one due in August. Loving every minute of life!! Grandchildren are the greatest!! Employed by Lighthouse for the Blind in Accounting for 13 years. Anyone want to contact me, email me or look me up on facebook Maassen, Debbie!! Sorry to miss the reunion but we have another family obligation.

Malaschak , Diane (Boyer)

Malaschak , Diane (Boyer)

Marr , Tom
I live in south county with my 16 yr old son. Been with the Post Office for 25 years. Air Force for 4 yrs after high school. Like to hear any current info on the 35th reunion. Would like to catch up with people. Take care everyone.

Marr , Tom
Updated 6-5-09. Will be at the 35th. Hope to see everyone.

Martens , Beverly (Anderson)
Have been living out west for 22 years, a few in South California, the rest in Western Arizona. Married with two great kids, a son that will graduate high school this year and a daughter that is a freshman in high school. Talk about deja vu... Would love to hear from any of you.

Minieri , Mike

Moffatt , Sandy (Haigler)

Mohr , Diane

Muenks , Donn (Muenks)

Murray , Michael
Quality Manager at Steel & Pipe Supply Co. Married to Theresa (Schroer) Class of 75 for 32 years. Now live in Clay Center, Kansas Daughters: Melissa and Melanie. Send me an e-mail sometime. It will be fun to discuss old times.

Myers , Rebecca (Becky) (McCullough)
Been married to Mike Myers for 32 years and have 10 wonderful children to show for it. Currently live in Kansas City and own our own business. Couldn't make it for the 30th but hope to make it to the 35th.

Noonan , Christine (Helm)
Widow (after 29 years of marriage); one single son (age 24); one married daughter (age 25); one grandson (21 months, and the love of my life). Retired after 30 combined years with Monsanto/Pharmacia/Pfizer.

Null , Cherie (Stapfer)
I have been married to Bill Null(1972) for 25 years. We live in Ballwin with our two 16 year old sons that are Juniors at Marquette. They both became Eagle Scouts last year. I am still teaching at Marvin in 3rd grade. I love third graders and really enjoy teaching.I just completed 25 years in Ritenour,3 at Buder,22 at Marvin. AA Childcare and Guidance SEMO,BS Elem. Ed. SEMO, MA Spec. Ed. with L.D. cert. UMSL,Plus 30 Webster

O'Shea , Tim

Pace , Gregory

Palermo , Carl
Left RSH halfway through my jr year, but remember all the great times with the music dept. Anyone who remembers me, would love to hear from them. Still local. At Boeing/McDonnell Douglas 30 yrs. Contact me via Facebook also.

Payne , Mary Ann (Bray)
Would love to hear from fellow classmates. I work for Anheuser-Busch and live in Illinois. Married for 26 years to Roy (a retired Police Officer)
No children.

Peistrup , Gail (Broadwater)
I haven't been to a reunion since the 10th year. Married to Steve Peistrup since 1978, have 2 twin girls age 17. this is their last year at RHS and then to college. I went to nursing school and moved to Liberty MO to be "closer" to Steve while he finished college at Jewell. Not sure if i'll attend 35th reunion. As i'm reviewing the names here, it really takes me back...

Regot , Sherry (McClain)
I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the 35th reunion in a couple of weeks.

Regot , Sherry (McClain)

Regot , Sherry (McClain)

Ritthamel , Rick
Greetings to one and all. It would be great to hear from anyone, it's been a long time.

Roberts , Jeanne (Foland)

Roberts , Jeanne (Gianina) (Foland)
Russ and I got married in 1976. Two children, Jen 28, Josh 27. One grandchild Kayla 9 months.

Roberts , Russell

Ross , Cindy Marie (Sweeten)

Love to hear from anybody that wants to call me. 636-528-8088

Rule , Terry
I went to electronics school after graduating and have been working for copying concepts for 22 years now. I am divorced and have custody of my two daughters Amy-16 and Melissa-17.Moved to St.Ann over summer and Amy attends Hoech Middle School.Would like to hear from classmates! I have only seen a few over the years.

Salzman , Gary

Sauget , Mitch
I went to Marvin Elementary School from 196 to 1965. Then to Marion Elementary for one year (Had Mrs. Dawson), and then to Ritenour Junior High for a half year, and then we moved to Colorado. I can only remember a few of the kid' names - Dicky Bartch, James Woods, Mary Beth Pritchart, Kenny Locke, and almost all of my Marvin teachers - Miss Rug, Miss Wheeler, Miss Baily, Mr. Hunt (he with the wooden paddle) which I got plenty of. Anyway, if any of you remember me feel free to say hello! Mitch Sauget

Sewell , Diana (Young)
Didn't know about our 30th would like to know about our 35th. Divorced and have three daughters, Amy(33), Heather(23) and Rebecca (20).

Shockley , Greg

Simpkin , Angela
Presently I am employed at Federal Express, and have been there for the past ten years. Prior to that I worked for Westinghouse for thirteen years. I am looking forward to our twenty-fifth reunion. If anyone has any info on the tentative date please contact me. Thanks, Angie

Smith , Denise J. (Hager)
Have three children, Ryan 26, Amanda 25 & Matthew 21. Married to Kenny J. Smith (1974)and work at Central County Fire and Rescue since 1996.

Smith , Kenny J.
Married to Denise J. (Hager) Smith same grad. class of 1974.

Spurgeon , Lynn (Farris)

Suhayda , Elizabeth (Ziegler)
I am presently teaching Science at Iveland Elementary School in the Ritenour School District. I have been teaching in Ritenour for 23 years. My husband, Les, is the owner of his own chemical and wine importing business. We met when both of us served in the United States Navy. We have been married for 30 years. We have two grown children who gave us extra joy and happiness with 2 lovely grandchildren.

Thomas , David A.

Tillotson , Nancy (Arens)

Trombley , Arlene (Smith)

Twitchell , Steve (Steve Twitchell)
I graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia in 1978. I worked in radio and TV broadcasting for five years. I now own and operate Steve Twitchell Production. We produce radio, TV commercials and provide production services i.e. narration, for ad agencies throughout the midwest. I married in 1991 and have two children.

Valli , Kenneth

Vaughn , Jena (Bowers)
Married in 1986 to Jim Vaughn and lived in St. Charles for 10 years. Now live back in the area, 5 houses from where I grew up - Mom still lives there. Son Nick graduated from Ritenour in 2007; daughter Jeanette is now a soph. Very proud of both of them. Enjoy being a wife and mother, but sometimes work part-time jobs. The Lord has blessed me richly!

Vertrees , J. Larry
My graduation class was 1975 however I finished and did not return that year. I am married, have two sons and one stepdaughter, worked at the Ladue Police Department for years, and now work for Webster University as the Director of Risk Management and Public Safety.

Wall , David

Wallace , Cathy (Conrad)

Weldon , Keith

Wesche , Daryl
Hello all of you 1974 Ritenour Alumnia! It was great to see a lot of you at our 30th Reunion last year! Daryl

Wessel , Patricia (Wells)

Williams , Claudene (Harelson)
Got married in 1974 to Michael (McClure 1973)and we're still married! We celebrate our 35th this year! We had two daughters, Nikki (32), Katie (29). We have 7 grandchildren which are the love of our lives. We moved to St. Peters in 1981. I've worked in the IT field since high school graduation and been working for Magellan Health Services for 15 yrs. Like spending money so much I can't quit!

Wonish , Tim

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Albrecht , Kim (Foreman)
I moved to Lake of the Ozarks in 1989 to open our own business. Little did I know that it would take off as fast as it did. We opened another office in Springfield 5 years ago and it is doing quite well. I have been married since 1979 and have an 11-year-old son. I run the office of our company "QM PRODUCTIONS," which is an audio/visual productions company. I hope to see everyone at the 25th reunion in the year 2000.

Barwick , Harold
Live in Hillsboro,Illinois. Divorced. Have seven wonderful kids,3sets of twins +1,(six girls, one boy). Work for a company as a supervisor that works with the mentally and physically disabled.

Bereyso , Mark
Great to stumble across this page. Lawyer living in Chicago = contact information on web page: www.bereysolaw.com

Besand , Craig
I stumbled across this page, good to see many familiar names. Married for 30 years, 2 children 25 and 28, 1 grandchild. Regional Manager for a large software company, live in St. Charles County.

Black , Lynn (Philipak)
Jan '08 - Well most of us have turned 50 by now (can you imagine!?) Two more years till the next reunion?? Hi to all!

Bostic , Judy (Sunderman)
After 28 years of marriage I am now divorced living in St.Charles acting as a Real Estate agent amoung other occupations. I am also in a committed relationship with a wonderful man who takes up most of my time along with my 3 beautifull Grand Daughters of which are all under 10 mo old which include a set of identical twins.... How much fun is that....lol

Bowles , Kathy (Clark)
I'm married to Dan Bowles, graduate of Ritenour in 1973. I have two sons and three stepsons. I have been active in helping with our reunions and with the Athletic Booster Club at the High School. All but one of our sons have graduated. The youngest is a sophomore this year. I am at present part time Pastor's secretary at my church and still own a Residential Cleaning Service.

bray , christine (bishop)
hi, it is nice to go and see all who you attended ritenour with and all the memories it does bring back. live in the st charles area, married for 29 years, 3 children scott 28, andrea 26, and andrew 23. i have two of the most beautiful and wonderful grandchildren isabelle 5 and her brother alex 3. love to hear from you! have great memories of ritenour and look back on them with fondness

Brooks , Gary
Living in Bellefontaine Neighbors with my wife Joan and 2 sons Rusty and Doug

Brown , Jay (R)
I have 2 daughters 18 and 15 and living in Wentzville Mo.

Brunner , Paul
I have been married 17 years to my wonderful wife Caryn and have 6 incredible kids ages 2 1/2 to 14 with one due the end of January 2008. Graduate with a BA in English from Mizzou and am working in marketing with a small publisher of Engineering textbooks, one of which is now used by Ritenour High School!

Castro , Patti (Haman)

Christeson , Kevin
Retired from the Air Force in 1996 after 20 years. Married for 20 years to my wife, Pat. We have two children, Kim, age 15, and son John, age13. I work at Harris-Stowe State College with the Contracts and Grants Program. We live in Lebanon, IL.

Collins , Steven P.
Married in 1985 to Elizabeth A. Baldus. Two daughters, Samantha (1997) and Gwendolyn (1999). Received a BS in Computer Science from Iowa State University, 1985. Now employed as an Engineering Specialist with Fisher Controls International, Inc.

Crittendon , Michael

Dienoff , Sheri (Green)
Moved senior year to Bowling Green, MO and graduated from Bowling Green High School. Moved back to Overland after Graduation and have stayed in contact with many of my Ritenour classmates over the years. I am divorced and have two children, Philip who is 16, attends Ritenour High School and Hilary who is 13,
attends Ritenour Middle. I would love to hear from former classmates.

Disano , Toni (Bossola)
It was fun to catch up with old friends at the last reunion. Where were the rest of you? I still live in St. Louis with my teen daughter. Is anything being planned for a 35th reunion?

Dorlaque , Paul
Still living in the area, bought my aunt and uncle's house on Endicott. Married 25+ years to my Wife Debbie, we have 2 great kids, Paul Jr. 23 (Apple of my eye)and Gwen, 13 and I do have 2 older daughters by my former wife Esther, Paula Jean 33 and Theresa Renee 31 and yep 5 grandkids! My dad is still alive and well lost mom in 92. I am doing DJ work (more a hobby we have our own DJ service) after a 20 year career as a chauffeur. I was also an elected offical locally (Worse thing I could have done!)I am actully looking for a couple class mates so if you happen to know of their where abouts, hit me up, Patty Dunn and Donna Bonzo. I am retired/disabled with a serious heart contion, so I am pretty much at home most of the time. I still see and talk to some of the people from the class of 75 and would get a kick out of hearing from any of you!

Dyer , Cynthia (Robinson)
Moved to Florida in 1976. Been here since except for 4 years in Southern California. Married, 3 children, 23, 19 and 17. I own a cleaning service.

Ebbinghaus , Marty
I live in Warrenton, Missouri, with my wife Ruth (Fox). We are empty nesters and have 3 grandchildren. We are realtors serving Warren County and those surrounding.

Hello alumni, my name is Pete Edwards I married my wife Barb in 1978 moved to Saint Charles in 1980 have two children Laurie 28 & Nicholas 20 lived in Saint Charles ever since the years have really flown by.

Faulkner , Linda

Fleming , Jim
I didn't get to graduate with ya'll. I received an appointment to be a Congressional Page my Sr. Year. After that, went two years to Greenville College and graduated from Illinois Weselyan in Bloominton, IL. Have been working in manufacturing since '83. Built coffeemakers for Bunn, light fixtures for Williams, and now make Simplicity and Riccar vacuums in beautiful St. James Missouri. Our little factory is right on I-44 as you pass through St.James. Under the water tower. Ya'll stop by when your down this way.

Geil , Kevin

Golden , Pam (Matteson)
I married Denny Golden (Class of 1960)in 1979. We have one son, Denton, born 01/20/83 and who is a senior at St. Louis Priory School. I received my masters in nursing in 1994 and am the trauma coordinator at St. Louis University Hospital.

Graves , John
Hello old friends.I am living in ofallon mo and working at the honda car dealership in st. peters for the last twenty years.happily married, i have 3 daughters 1 son,1 stepson, 6 grandchildren. would love to hear from any old friends, wow time sure goes by.

Greiner , Linda (Kretschmer)
Remarried after almost 5 years of being a widow -(Arnold Brown, class of '72) two sons ages 24 and 20. Now living in Winfield, MO. with my son and husband and an assortment of animals, still active in our car club in St. Charles. Life is good!

Groves , Sandra (Nored)
Even though I didn't graduate, (thought getting married was more important, boy was I wrong)I have a beautiful daughter, Sarah (1976)and a grandaughter, Kiersten (1994) they are the LIFE in my life. I also met a great guy that I have been with for 9 years. (No didn't marry this time) . I became an electrician (the first in Houston TX during the big boom) Other than that just laying back and taking life one day at a time,Having fun and loving life and love. Hope to see you all at next reunion

hamilton , michael
Alive and well still in overland!




Hickman , Mike
Married my guitar student Barb Wieneck in 1979 after getting BS in Social Work from UMSL. Working 24 years as mortgage lender. Living in Florissant with wife and 3 kids. Son, Michael 16, Jamie 8 (adopted 6/01) Karen 6 (adopted 2/03)

Hickman , Mike

Holtkamp , Christine (DeMille)
Unfortunately, I did not graduate with the class as I got married 1974/divorced 1985 to present. Received GED in 1995 thru Ritenour ABE Center. It would have been easier to stay in school! Spent time in Illinois,California and Texas as "EX" was military. 4 kids, 5 stepkids and 17 grandkids. Several jobs since school, with 1 company for 18 years. Would like to locate a few old freinds Willie Hopkins, Linda Duncan, Sherry Mc Clain and others.

Hunt , Benjamin
Daughter attends Ritenour High at present time. Would like to here from fellow classmates.

Jackson , Brian
After my experience in music/theater at Ritenour the stage was my destiny! I did a morning radio show in Evansville, IN from 1983-1999, ran the marketing division of a national Dish Network retailer 1999-2007, and was host/writer/co-producer of "Corbin's Ride On", a motorcycle show on The Speed Channel 2002-2007. Now I'm a partner in WatchInteractive and perform a daily webcast on www.justin.tv (search "beejpipes). My website is www.watchevansville.com -- check it out...married to Rebecca since 1985. Dogs and horses!

Jayne , Kevin
I am living in Troy, Mo. I am the broker/owner of Lighthouse Real Estate and Missouri Title Associates. I have one son who is now 28 years old.

King , John

Kitchen , Deb (Kitchen)
Anyone working on our 35th reunion yet? Though I am in KCMO, I'd like to help out--have some ideas...please contact me!

Kitchen , Deb
I graduated January 1975 (which I regret! Missed out on 'senioritis.') I've been in the design field since graduating in 1980 from Meramec -- advertising art director and designer with Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, where I've lived since 1983. Recently left Hallmark and currently finishing a BLA at UMKC and loving it! Considering grad school in Journalism or American Studies...

Kitchen , Deb
Does anybody know anything about a 30th reunion?

Lance , Linda (Mitchell)
Living in Wichita Falls, TX, working for the City of Wichita Falls since 1976, currently System Appl. Analyst. Married to Steve Lance. Two wonderful kids with Tom Hamilton(class of 74); Nicholas - age 29 is Resident Surgeon at Barnes-Jewish in St Louis & married to Melissa (teaches 5th Grade at Marion Elementary with 1st grandchild due in April 08)! Summer - Age 25 is living in Frisco, TX working as Child Behavioral Counselor & finishing her MS Degree.

Lewis , Laura (Love)
I married David Lewis, a 1972 Ritenour graduate. We have four children, ages 22, 19, 17, and 15. Two of our children also graduated from Ritenour (1996 and 2000). I am currently teaching first grade at Wyland Elementary School on Brown Rd.

Lubiewski , Donna (Brandriff)
June 09, I've been married to 1974 Ritenour graduate Mark Lubiewski for 32 years. Have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl and now enjoying grandchildren.

Lubiewski , Ellen (Ann) (Strait)
Married, 3 grown children, 3 grandchildren and one on the way! Would love to hear from any classmates!

Mazlum , Elcin (Antipas)
I am the foreign exchange student from Turkey. I spent a wonderful year in USA. Now I have my exclusive catering company in Istanbul, Turkey. I am married and have 2 daughters. My web page is www.elchyn.com.tr If any of you visit Istanbul by any chance please contact me.

Moore , Mary K (Schreiner)
Was surprised to know 25 years have gone by since I graduated from RHS. Graduated from Rochester Inst. of Technology in New York. Have lived in several states in the Midwest. Have moved to Lakeland, FL since 1998 to be near family. Married to Tim Moore from Lutheran North High (1976). Working as computer programmer analyst. Have two daughters, Michele (14) and Debbie (10). Some of you may remember better as am probably the only deaf student in the 1975 class. I am very active in the Deaf community and am the president of the Central Florida Deaf Services, Inc. serving the Deaf community here which provides advocacy and other services. Just would love to hear from old friends at RHS.

Muhm , Kevin
muhmkb@maritz.com, kmuhm@aol.com
Graduated from Washington University in 1979, went to Purdue from 1987 - 1989 for a master's degree. Moved to Washington D.C. after that, and am now happily back in St. Louis working as a database administrator for Maritz, Inc. Married Janet Petersen in 1980, and have 2 kids - Josie (12) and Colin (8).

Nardi , Joe

nill , nancy (custer)
living in O'Fallon, MO. Married to Dennis Nill,also a '75 Ritenour grad for 31 year, and we have 3 wondeful sons and a new daughter-in-law. I teach 2nd grade in the Wentzville School District and Dennis is an engineer for Anheuser Busch.

Nolen , Mary Kay (West)
March 2008
Still working at Ritenour. Still married to Jerry (Ritenour c/o 1972). He's the Activities Director at Ritenour High School. Our daughter is grown (I can't believe that I'm old enough to have a daughter who is 25) and married, teaching 3rd grade at Ritenour. As you can see, I didn't go far. Looking forward to our next reunion. If you are intested in joining the Alumni Association and want more info, let me know.

Owen , Karen (Hudson)
I live in rural southern Ohio with my husband, Jim, and five dogs. Have six stepchildren, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild on the way.

Phares , Dianna (Mack)
I just graduated from U of Tennessee with a Doctoral of Nursing Practice. I also have a Ph.D in Psychology from Southern California U. I am a family nurse pracitioner and a mental health nurse practitioner. I teach nursing at Maryville U in St. Louis and work in a hospital in St. Charles. I own a company that trains firefighters and paramedics. www.workingfire.com
I have two beautiful daughters, Jaime and Jenna. Jaime is a junior in college in Philadelphia and Jenna a senior at Clayton High School. Please feel free to contact me.

Poole , Coledia (Mack)

Poretti , Patty (Kuhl)
PKay629@AOL.com or porettip@ritenour.k12.mo.us
I graduated from Mizzou in 1980 as a Food Systems Management Registered Dietitian. Worked in healthcare (hospitals and nursing homes)for a long time. Married Al Poretti in 1989 and have 2 girls, Lucy (9) and Jillian (8). Now, I am the Food and Nutrition Director for the Ritenour School District. (Yes, I feed some of your kids!) It truly is a great job. Retired from sports after having kids - just not enough time. Still like throwing the softball around and playing soccer with the girls. I had a great time at the 25 year reunion!

Portell , Cathy (Tourville)
July, 2003. Married 21 years to Wayne Portell(St.Pius X Grad), have three great kids, Melissa, junior at St. Louis University, Matthew, freshman at Southwestern Illinois College, and Christopher, 7th grade Fulton Jr. High. Live in O'Fallon, Illinois. Owner of Screenprinting/Embroidery business in O'Fallon.

Province , Pam (Donadon)
June, 2008 I'm married and living just south of Crestwood (near Grant's Farm.) 14 year old daughter and 17 year old son. Graduated from Mizzou in 1985--have been full time parent for several years. Would love to hear from old classmates. (girls swim team--many good memories!)

Rau , Garry
Retired Air Force, Living in Redondo Beach California. Currently working as a Vice President of a Shoe Retail Company

Reed , Dave
My wife and I moved to Olive Branch, Mississippi where I work as an IT Project Manager for Department of the Navy. I really enjoyed the 25th reunion and look forward to the 30th.

Reed , Karen (Myers)

Romer , Chris (Blake)
Need info on upcoming alumni event for class of 1975

Ryan , Carol
I left the area soon after my mom died. Now reside in Fulton, Mo. Have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Am in the hospitality industry.

Sarber , Evelyn (Nolan)
Married to Keith (Jennings Graduate) 18 years. Three lovely daughters Angela 14, Amanda 12, and Ashley 6. Secretary for an Environmental Consulting Firm

Sarber , Evelyn (Nolen)
Living in Union MO. Married 25 years this summer, 3 daughters Angela (21) Amanda (19) and Ashley (13)

Simms , Rob
Started at Ford motor in 1976 retired in 2006 with 30 years of service. Now work part time. Married to my wonderful wife of 30 years Andrea who went to pattonville high. I have 3 children ages 27,23,& 20 and one grandchild age 1. love to ride my harley with my wife. life is good.

Sloan , Jan (Heil)

Sloan , Janice (Heil)

Smith , Camille

Snarrenberg , Robert
I've been teaching music theory at Washington University since 1989. Divorced father of two wonderful daughters.

Steelman , Sheila (Hubbs)
March 1, 2009 - Just an update from the last time I wrote in . . . however, not much has changed. I'm still working as the Community and Economic Development Director for the City of Pacific (8 years now). Also, I'm still happily married to my best friend, Terry (19 years now), and we are the parents of a beautiful 13-year-old daughter that keeps us on our toes. Last December, we moved to a new house but still reside in Pacific. Is there going to be a 35 year reunion? If so, let me know: ssteelman@pacificmissouri.com

Sullivan , Dalton
After graduation I attended Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, then spent 17 years with Ozark Airlines/TWA. I currently live with my wife Marilyn in Pocahontas, Arkansas, and write news and sports for the local newspaper, the "Pocahontas Star Herald."
I have two sons, Clayton, who is in the 10th grade, and Barclay, who is a freshman at Georgia Southern.

Taylor , Joanne (Jo) (Waters)
Hi Friends,
I live and teach Deaf/HH children in Kansas..still absolutely love it! Married to Matt Taylor (28yrs) and have 2 great kids! I don't care what people say, "There is NO Place like HOME!" We are a lucky group of people raised in the best community ever! Ritenour Rocks! I am ST. Louis Proud!

Tiffany , Barbara (Elliott)
I have sent this message too many times to get the updates posted. Please notice my email address has changed. Here is the new posting: Served four years in the Navy in Japan. Live in New Jersey and work in New York City at a commercial real estate firm. My daughter, Kelly 18 1/2 is attending Monmouth University with a double major in Education and English.

Tornatore , Mindy (Burton)
Divorced with a 23 y/ son who just graduated from The Golf Pro Academy of America and is working as a golf pro in Richmond VA. I presently live in Myrtle Beach and will soon be moving to Florida.

Violett , Denise (Barton)

Welsh-Mertes , Sheila (Welsh)
Aloha, I live in Kaneohe HI with my wonderful husband. I worked for TWA for 18 yrs which brought me here. Now I trade options in the stock market. God bless.

Wentz , Ellen (Katsev)
I'm presently working 3 different jobs! I get a paycheck for my 2 days/week as a dental hygienist for Dr. Marsha Marden in Brentwood. And sometimes I get a thank you or a hug for my 2 full time jobs. The most important being the mother of two daughters (13 & 15) attending Kirkwood Schools. The other "job" is trying to keep track of Frank, my husband of 16 years.


Wiesler , Paula (Kowalski)
Looking forward to our 35th this year (2010). Both of my children are Ritenour grads too. Jaime (1997) and Nathan (2000). Have an awesome granddaughter named Amelia (born July 2007) [Nathan's daughter]

Wuest , Debra J. (Jones)
I am married to James Wuest. We have three children - Chris, 23, Nathan, 14 and Nicole, 14 (twins). We also have a foster child Paula, 14. Jim works for Edgewood Children's Center. I worked for the State of Missouri, division of Family Services, St. Charles County up until 1996 when I was in an automobile accident which resulted in my losing my right leg. I am now on disability. We live in Woodson Terrace and our kids attend Ritenour. Chris graduated from Ritenour.

Hide details for 19761976
Agnew , Dan
Went to Ritenour until 1974. Graduated from the North County Tech in 1976. Currently living in Upland, CA.

Alexander , Mary (Alexander)
Please contact me when we are having a reunion. I am in California presently. I have four daughters, been divorced for many years, and just recently received my doctorate in psychology.

Andrus , Lisa (Pendegrass)
Hi all! I actually spent my senior year graduating from North County Tech, but have always considered Ritenour my alma mater. I am presently married to Bart for 3 years now. I have two children from a previous marriage, Jamie 20 - a Senior Airman in the Air Force and 2004 graduate of RHS and Brian 17 - who will be graduating from RHS in two months. After moving around quite a bit - 4 years in Golden, Colorado, 1 year in Memphis, Tennessee, 4 years in Dallas, Texas, I am currently back in Overland. Living behind the old location of my elementary school (Overland Elementary) I guess I have come full circle. I am currently on disability (degenerative disk disease) and enjoying my second chance at happiness. Would love to hear from old friends.

Aslin , Sid
I am still very happily married to Cindy. We met and married in 1984.... "except for my faith in Jesus Christ she is the best thing that ever happened to me!". We were blessed with twin boys in 1988. As of this writing (9-18-2007) we are "empty nesters" as they are both away at college. Craig is attending Missouri State and Brad Southwest Baptist. Cindy is a teacherwith Fort Zumwalt near our home in St. Peters, MO (you know that place where the mayor went to prison for asking for the kickback!) and I work for AT&T Yellow pages in downtown St. Louis. God sure has been good to me through the years! I am sorry not to share my faith with you when we were in high school together rather than keeping it to myself! I am now trying to live out (with God's help) Proverbs 3:5&6... I hope that we can have another reunion sometime and would be willing to help.

Ayres , Dean
I'll be turning 50 soon just like all of you. I graduated from Rolla in 1983 with a BSME. I've been married now for 20 years and have a two boys and a girl. The oldest boy is graduating high school in '08. I wouldn't mind hearing from old friends. I currently live in St. Charles County. I was very disappointed I missed the 30th reunion.

Barrow , Tom
Hello Ritenour 76ers! I just happened onto this website recently, quite by accident. I was amazed I have seen so many people's names I knew and hung around with back in the high school years. Some of you I was so close to and yet since 76, have been so far away from. I am still in this area, always have been, except a couple years in the early 80s. Carole Hayes(Leeman), Karen Derby(Prince), once upon a time, you were really close to me and very important to me. I actually miss some of those days when we all hung out together and had so much fun. I have never been to any of the reunions, not really sure why. I hope to make the next one though. Hope to rekindle some friendships or at least catch up with some of you.

Barth , Phil

Phil married Candy Stille (graduate of Ritenour 1977)in 1981. Work for Hussmann Corp. and loved to ride his Harley. Phil passed away in 2001. We miss him!!

Baum , Christine (Commens)

Bellamy , Dion
Greetings Ritnourians. Well we all have our AARP cards now. For those who don’t know, that stands for “Always Available and Ready to Party”. What can I say a true Ritenourian…ah yes, the land of the Halloween Huskies. And speaking of Halloween, hey, Palermo!, dude come on, Bigfoot at Creve Coeur Park? I think that was me after I flipped out of my sunfish and crawled ashore through the lake sludge. Sailing is one of my hobbies, but not like Vicki Daniel going skydiving. Wow, Ok your 50, so are we, and yes we’ve lived more years than we’re going to see in the future, but I’m not ready to test the big splat from an airplane. I like future, future is good. Now I’m right their catching air from a bike, and I bet you fit nicely on a B seat. I rode 4500 mi. through the Badlands, Sturgis, Beartooth Pass, and 1200mi. this summer to the Marine base in Quantico VA (simper fi). I know why dogs stick their head out the truck window, and cowboys had it right. You HOGs know what I’m talking about. I love crusin cross country on my Fatboy. Still pickin, and writing for Nashville. My daughter is my wife’s mini-me, and the boys are in college. Life is interesting these days. When the college students are hanging at our pool, the babes say stuff like “Oh Dion, you remind me if my dad”. AAHHH! I’m an old biker dude!

Biedenstein , George
Graduated with a Forestry degree in 1980 From Mizzou. Married to my wife,Barb since 1981. One Daughter,Anne, 21, a Senior a Colorado State in Ft. Collins. Lived in Montana, South Dakota, Chicago, and now Colorado since 1995. Am currently an arborist for a landscape company.

Brennan , Vicky (Bartch)
Hi I would really like to hear from some old friends.

Brennan , Vicky (Bartch)
I 've been looking for La Donna Isbell for a few years now.We were best friends in school.I've been married for 32 years have Four Children oldest 30 youngest 20.We have 5 grandchildren and another on the way.Also been looking for Linda Jones, Pam Rose and Patty we all had alot of fun back then. I've been a pre-school teacher for over 20 years. We live in a small town and love it. All my kids are here.

Brooks , Cynthia (Tetley)
I have been married for 7 years, have 3 children and am living in Maryland Heights.

Brooks , Cynthia (Tetley)
We are currently living in Maryland Heights. Married (Kevin) 29 years with three kids. Katie (21) is working, Samantha (19) is attending UCM in Warrensburg, J.R. is a junior at Pattonville. I have been working at Cass Information Systems in Bridgeton for 10 years.

Brown , Janet (Jan) (Harnagel)
Hi All! I married my high school sweetheart (Bob). We have two children Bobby age 24 and Julie age 11. After working in banking management for the first 18 years of our marriage I am now just enjoying life and raising our daughter. 11/13/2006

Byers , Ellen (Dee)
Married to Allan (1981) in St. Peters, MO. I managed a public relations and telemarketing office until 1989. Now just enjoying life!

Caffey , Nicole

Christeson , Orville (O.J.)
Living in beautiful Jonesburg, Mo.

Combs , Robin

Hi! I would like to hear from my old Ritenour friends. It's been a long time. I am married to Richard Gilbert and live in a small town northwest of St. Louis, called Middletown. I have 1 daughter, Becky who is 13, and 2 sons Robert who is 12 and Ryan who is 10. I am currently writing for a publishing company and hope to go into teaching this fall (98). My address is Robin Gilbert, 403 Main St., Middletown, MO 63359. Hope to hear from you soon!

Cook , Dawn Luann (Littlefield)
I would love to hear from anyone that graduated that year.

Cook(Littlefield) , Dawn (LuAnn)

Craig , Perry
I live near Tower Grove Park and work downtown managing an IT group.

Crocker , Hollie (Blatt)

Daniels , Susan (Schrader )

Daniels , Vicki (Navo)
Hi ya'll. I enjoy reading what each of you are doing now. I'm married and living in Corpus Christi, Texas. Life's a Beach. My husband works in construction and I am the Human Resource Manager for a company in the energy industry. 2007 was a huge year for me as I learned to ride a motorcycle, turned 50 and went skydiving.

Darst , Carolyn
Still the same...nothing much changed, but would love to hear from old friends.


Dixon , Art
Living in LA for the past 22 years. Married/Divorced but loving life on the left coast.

Dobkins , Rick

Ebbinghaus , Gene
After graduation I served in the United States Air Force. Currently I'm a Project Manager for a firm located in St. Louis. I'm married to Pam and we have two married children and one son in college.

Edwards , Wes

I am married to Johnny and we will celebrate our 26th anniversary in April. We have 3 daughters, Heather (24) married to Steven and they have a beautiful daughter, Madison who is 6 mos. old. Ashley, (22) will be getting married to Duran in Oct. of 2006, and Alicia (20). Johnny also has 3 children from a previous marriage and 3 Grandchildren. We lived in Houstan, TX from 11-80 to 7-81 and lived in Bridgeton and Breckenridge Hills until we moved to Jackson, MO in June of l993.

Fels , Mark
After Ritenour, got B.A. from Westminster College('80) (Fulton,MO), a J.D. from Univ. of Missouri-Columbia ('83), then took a judicial clerkship at MO Court of Appeals-Southern District (in Springfield). Have been in private practice in Springfield since. Married my wonderful wife, Ruth, Nov. 18, 1989. We have a beatiful little girl, Clarice, born Sept. 27, 1996. Life is great.

Ford , LuAnn (LittleField)
Since high school I have done so many different things (nothing that amounts to anything) oh well. Lets see, I am married to Gary Ford (Cahokia, 74) live in Florissant, I have 4 kids (previous marriage) Aaron 17, Jeremy 14, Casey 13, Chelsea 11. I am a supervisor at the Home Depot in Cave Springs, MO. My husband is a supervisor at the Home Depot in Ferguson. And my son works at Home Depot in Bridgeton pushing carts. Been happily married (2nd time) for almost 5 years. Oh yeah, my kids go to Hazelwood Central. If I only knew then what I know now, believe me I would rather be in school for the rest of my life.

Geisler , Raymond J.

Currently working for Ritenour School District. Married my high school sweetheart.

Gibson , Greg

Giordano , Debby (Coffell)
Hi to all. Just decided to take a gander on an alumni site and see who I could find. Found a few familiar names. I moved away from St Louis for several years but have been back for a long time. Married/divorced/re-married. I have one daughter from my first marriage, she lives in Colorado. Staying busy with lots of different intersts, work and home. Life is good.

Girresch , Ellen (Andrew)
Hi to everyone. Living in St.Peters, MO, with my husband and 4 daughters, ages 24-14. I'm an R.N. working as a supervisor for a pediatric home health agency. Life is good!

Griffard , Mark
Currently living in St. Louis, MO. Married Kendra in 1988. Have 3 children. Working as freelance camera operator, NBC, CBS, FOX Sports and ESPN. Graduated BS Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Griffard , Mark
Widower since 2003. 3 children Patrick, Erin, and Matthew. Living in St. Louis, working as freelance camera operator.


Haefner , Jeff

Harvey , Tom
I went to DeHart Elementary, Hoech Jr. High, and Ritenour High. My family moved away in 1974. I graduated from Festus H.S and Jefferson College. I am a Registered Nurse and am employed as a Nursing Supervisor. I live in Arnold, MO. with my wife and four kids, ages eight through thirteen. My interests include motorcycle riding and Control Line model airplane building and flying. http://www.homestead.com/tomsusanharvey/

Helton , Barbara (Barb) (Dill)
Currently with the Social Security Administration in Falls Church Virginia. Living in Arlington, Virginia. Would be interested in receiving email from old classmates and info on reunions.

Helton , Barbara (Dill)

hicks , pat (branham)
married 1978-1990, four kids Angie 28, Amy 27, Ashley 25, Johnny 22 all graduates of Ritenour High,
2 grandchildren Gavin & Emma. Laid off after 22 years at DHL EXPRESS. If anyone knows of any job openings give me a yell !!

Hooton , Steve
Hi everyone, After trying my hand at various careers I eventually pursued a career in the maritime industry. I graduated from Great Lakes Maritime Academy in 1981 and currently work as Captain of a 730' commercial freighter on the Great Lakes. I've been married to my beautiful wife Alice for 3 years. We reside in the Orlando area. All 7 of our children have four legs and fur,(3 dogs & 4 cats).

Kilzer , Carol (Bardgett)
Hello to all! Would love to see you all at a 30 year reunion. I worked for 29 years at a publishing company, ending my career as Supervisor of Journal Advertising. Forced into early retirement when company was sold and Journal Division eliminated. Married to Richard 26 years. Still reside in Overland.

Knabe , John
Married to Allan (1981) in St. Peters, MO. I managed a public relations and telemarketing office until 1989. Now just enjoying life!

Lansche , David
Graduated from U.M.S.L. in 1980 with a degree in History, enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Saw beaucoup duty in Central America, Europe, and the Philippines before returning home to St. Louis in 1985. After knocking about in the private sector and joining the Missouri Air Guard, settled down into government civil service with our hometown 131st Fighter Wing. Today, I continue to serve Missouri and the nation as a computer specialist, having occasionally found myself in delightfully remote spots of the world including the sands of the Middle East. Married with two children ~ Jeremiah and Emily ~ we are all residents of Overland to this day... The old "Spirit of '76" Ritenour marching band contains my fondest memories and taught me to march long before I ever joined the military... Thank you Mr. Deboe!

Lawler , Maureen (Lawler)
Hope all is good with everyone..

Lawson , Lynn (Lawson)
Still living in Las Vegas (since I moved in 1978 from St. Louis). Would love to hear from any old buddies. I have a 22-year-old son and am currently working at a private golf course as Executive Assistant to the General Manager. Would love to know if anyone is planning a 30-year reunion? All of my family now lives out here in Vegas as well, so we are out of touch with reunion stuff happening back in Overland.

Leeman , Carole (Hayes )
Married Larry Leeman '75. Currently teaching Chemistry at Ritenour High School.

LeHew , Laura
I married Hal Pomeranz eleven years ago. We currently are living in Eugene, Oregon with our four cats (no kids). For work: I am the president and CFO of Deer Run Associates, www.deer-run.com. We provide top-notch Information Technology and Security consulting services to select clients across the United States, and throughout the world. I have been active in the high tech industry for over twenty years. I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree from the California College of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from Holy Names College. I also hold a Certificate of Human Resources Management from the University of California, Berkeley. For play: My poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Tiger■s Eye, Not Just Air, Pemmican Press, Carnelian, Pearl Magazine, The Register Guard, Elysian Fields Quarterly, The San Francisco Reader and The Peralta Press. I was recently awarded a writing residency from Soapstone for 2006, and have won 2nd place in the new poet's category from Oregon State Poetry Association's (OSPA) fall '05 contest. I am currently interning for CALYX Journal and am on staff with Komenar Publishing, a new small press. 10/14/05 laura@deer-run.com

Lenau , Glenda M. (Furry)

Glenda passed away April 7, 2006. She is survived by her husband, George Jensen, daughter Dawn Haefner, son Gary Lenau, II, daughter Amy Lenau, grandson Brennen Haefner, her mother Dorothy Furry and brother Stanley Furry, loved ones, family, and friends. She will be missed by many.

Lewis , Linda (Roodhouse)
Hi Ritenour! I have been married to Ed Lewis (1975 grad) for almost 15 years now. We have 4 wonderful kids-- Jessie 12, Kristen 9, Ben 8, and Matt 7. I'm a RN currently working as a Substance Abuse Counselor. Ed is a Rolla grad-mechanical engineer. He has worked in both plastics and rubber. On 6/4/2000, Ed retired from the US Navy after 21 years... makes ya kinda feel old, huh! We've lived in Columbia, KC, Rolla, Rogers, AR, Olatha, KS, Amherst, VA, and now Salisbury, NC. Life is good. Keep in touch

Lewis , Linda (Roodhouse)
6/09 I've lived in Grand Prairie, TX since 2002. Over the years we have lived in KC, Rolla, Olathe KS, Amherst, VA, and Salisbury, NC. We moved back this direction to be a little closer to our elderly parents. I'm a school nurse and love doing what I do. The kids are now ages 21, 18, 17, and 16--2 girls/2 boys. Ed (1975 grad) is a mechanical engineer. Would love to hear from old friends!

Lloyd , Donald
Greetings! Glad I stumbled on this site... lots of names I haven't seen in sometime. Living in Chicago with my wife, Sara, and three kids (all in college) Patrick, Emily, and Madeline; needless to say I am broke. Working in the Capital Markets (foreign exchange trading) Graduated from the University of Mississippi '80, and completed MBA from the University of North Carolina '87. Then ran out of energy. Hope to hear from you. Lots of great times at Ritenour.

Lowery , Dianne (Owen)
Hi! This is great, don't you just love computers. I married my high school sweetheart, John. We have three girls. Kristy 18, Kim 14, and Kathy 11. We are living in Salem, MO. I work as a Medical Lab Technician at the hospital. Life is good. dlowery0913@yahoo.com

Mach , Roxanne (Tirpak)
As of Jan 2009, I am a recently divorced, mother of 3-Abigail, RHS class of 1999, Christopher, RHS class of 2008 and Elizabeth who is an honor student and varsity cheerleader--and will graduate in 2010. I own and operate a Christian daycare and preschool; hislittlelambs.ms11.net and am enjoying all the wonderful blessings God gives each day!

Madden , Laura
Hi there. I live in Alexandria, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C. I have been here for about 16 years, coming out here in 1987 to work in the Senate and then in the House of Representatives as a legislative director first for a committee and then for a Member of Congress. I now do some work as a federal liaison for St. Louis County trying to find money to build roads, provide community services, job training programs, etc. I would REALLY like to figure out something good to give back to Ritenour and the Overland/St.Ann/Woodson Terrace area. Any ideas?????

Maltman , Becky
Hello Class of '76. I have been teaching for 24 years. I have one daughter, Rachel, who is married. I live in Overland.

Marshall , Jim
28 years , 2 left to 30 and I will be retiring, elected into Missouri Coaches Hall of Fame 2005

Mertens , Michaele (Kemmerling)
I am married with one son, 12. We live in Maryland Hts MO and I work in sales. I sell Electronics. I missed the 25 year reunion.

Mosher , Thomas

Nickles , Myra (Brooks)
Hello everyone! I am married twice. * yrs to my second husband (been together for 16yrs). 5 kids aged 30, 25, 21,19, and 13. I have 5 grandkids aged 8, 4, 2, 1, 8 mos. I am office manager/senior paralegal at a firm in Glen Carbon, IL. I live in Hazelwood MO. Currently finishing my Master's in Legal Analysis, and pursuing Master's in Leadership and Management---The economy made me do it! I don't know if any of you remember Kathy Snider- She is doing well= living in Phoenix- She was home for 2 weeks last week. Would love to hear from people of the past.

Owens , Beverly (Owens)
Looking for any of my friends from the old days. Send me an e-mail.

Palemo , Joe
Taking care of my mother (Alzheimers) at her home in Woodson Terrace. Launching an internet telvision station www.its-dms.com . Have been a paranormal researcher since my Bigfoot sighting in Creve Coeur Park in Sept. 1976 and am currently researching the implications of the year 2012. Everyone take care ... REALLY take care.

Patterson , Terry
Graduated from Mizzou in 1982 with a Master's Degree in Counseling and Personnel Services. Moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 1983. Have been employed at Offutt Air Force Base for 27 years. Currently serve as the Human Resources Director. Married to Kelly for 25 years. Have two sons, Tyler (17) and Cole (14). Lots of baseball, baseball, baseball.

Phillips , Pat (Grainge)

Prince , Karen (Derby)
I live in Willard, MO with my husband, Owen (Pattonville) and my two daughters. My phone number is 417-742-4610.

robinson , duwana (johnson)

Seidler , Joe
Was married for 17 years, divorced in 2003. Living in St. Charles for the past 15 years. I have one daughter(Lori), 17 years old. Have been employed with the Saint Louis Science Center for the past 29 years. My current position there is Sr. Director of Design & Galleries. When I'm not at work, I enjoy collecting art, a good red wine, working in the yard and dealing with the fact that my mind tells me I'm 18, but the calendar says I'm 50! (posted Jan. 2009)

Serati , Janis (Bogard)
Married with 3 daughters living in fenton for the last 20 years.

Smith , Judi (Lister)
Married Roy Smith in 1978, have 3 grown and married children and 1 adorable grandson.I have lived in Tulsa, Ok for 22 years, I am a math teacher. Please write to me, I would love to hear from you!

Steinmeyer , Mike
Married since 1981, 3 children, 25, 22, 20. 2 grandchildren, 19 months and 11 months. Living in southeast MO, branch manager for an industrial supplier since 1978. (updated May 2007)

Summers , Marie (Wasser)
What's up?

taylor , mary (hazer)

Toler , Nancy
Hi everybody! I know it's a St. Louis thing "Where did you go to High School" and it's been a long time since we were in school but I am still in contact with some fellow classmates and would love to hear from you as well. My email address is ntdgahoot@gmail.com.. Want to know was ntdgahoot means. Email me and find out. I have been working for a high school here in St. Louis over the last nine years not as a teacher but in Development and know first hand how important staying in contact is. So here is my updated information. Hope you all do the same we are like it or not Ritenour Alumi. Bye

Turner , James

Ulrich , Dennis
Currently married to Kelly for 28 years, two grown boys that are in the Coast Guard. Presently the Marine & Motorsports Instructor at Gibson Technical Center in Reeds Spring, Mo. close to Branson and Tablerock Lake for the past 15 years. Take pride in being a "Bicentennial Senoir" from Ritenour Sr. High School!

This is great, just looking for old friends. I'm on Facebook, look me up!

Venneman , Greg
Good to see you on here Mr. Aslin! Spent 24 years with Pillsbury/General Mills(formerly Supervalu plant) as food safety and sanitation mgr. Now with Ecolab since 04. Married a St. Joe Academy gal and we have 2 adopted boys from Moscow and Mexico..(the odd couple) and a 15 year old girl. Used to bartend at the old Airport Sheraton (Cowboy and Rodeo)
God bless the bicentennial kids!

Wade , Carol (Woolsey)
(Entered 4/26/2007) Have been married for 27 years to Dan Wade (Ritenour, 1977). We have one daughter, Jordan, who is currently 13 years old. We live in Montgomery City, Missouri where we enjoy our horses and the wonderful outdoors God has created. I work in Chesterfield , MO as an Administrative Assitant to the SVP Finance and Controller -- long drive, but gives me lots of "God" time! Would love to hear from and see you. Contact me at the above e-mail address and we'll visit!

Wander , Steve
Married Elsie Anna In 1995. Have two boys by a previous marriage. Nicholaus is 14, and Todd is 13. Lived 11 years in Highland Ill.,Moved back to St. Louis in May 2000. Currently living in St.Ann Phone# 739-3198.

Willi , Patti (Rogers)
Wow, this is great!! I reside in Maryland Hgts for 16 yrs now-sorry guys-yep my kids go to Pattonville. I was widowed 5 yrs ago and am now co-habitating with a former grad-Roy Shoffner(1970).I've always been self-employed with a day-care-out of my home-Roy taught at Hoech in the mid 80's and now he's at Rogers Middle School in Affton.We have 7 kids between us, 3 boys/4 girls-ages 8-26.We donate A LOT of our time to good old ABC ballpark.

Williams , Carol (Scrutchfield)
Physical Therapist, still living in Oklahoma, two boys 21 & 17, three step-sons 26, 23, & 15, and one step-daughter 19. Having a wonderful time, wish you were here.

Wilson , Robert
Hi Everyone! Thought I'd update this a bit. It's 10/24/2005. I've been married to Maureen(Kenyon) (Sorry, she's from up here in WI) now for 28 years. We have two daughters 25 and 17 and my oldest is going to make me a Grandpa in April 2006. We've been living in Wisconsin now for 27 years and I've worked at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse now for 22 years. My my, how time does fly by........ I've been having fun with Amateur Radio, hunting, fishing and camping here. The fall colors are beautiful right now and it's a great time to be out in the woods! Stalked up within 40 yds of on 3 doe's yesterday. We were camping two weekends ago duck hunters are banging away at 'em. and fishing wasn't too bad either. That's all for now Check back for more later!!

Wilson , Robert
Hi Everyone! Thought I'd update this a bit. It's 4/27/2007. I've been married to Maureen(Kenyon) (Sorry, she's from up here in WI) now for 29 years. We have two daughters 26 and 18 and my oldest has been calling since me a Grandpa in March 13, 2006. We've been living in Wisconsin now for 28 years and I've worked at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse now for 23 years. My my, how time does fly by........ I've been having fun with Amateur Radio,hunting, fishing and camping here. Check back for more later!!

womack , terry (womack)

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Baer , Lynn (Finley)
Graduated William Jewell College 1981 B.S. in Business Administration. Worked for several corporations, ending up back in St. Louis at McDonnell Douglas in Procurement. Married Terry 1987 and have two boys, Ben, 15, and John, almost 13. We live in Kirkwood. I've been a stay-at-home mom since Ben was born, but have a small cottage industry I run out of my home. We are active in our church, school, soccer, baseball, etc. and have a border collie named Yogi... Baer. Still have not recovered from Mrs. Eaton's Calculus comprehensives.... Would love to hear from old friends currently not incarcerated....

Baker , Cathy (Grupe)

Barnhart , Mary

Barth , Candy (Stille)
Married Phil Barth (graduate of Ritenour 1976) in 1981. Phil passed away in 2001. We have two children, Matt and Brittany. Still living in the area. Working and having fun!!!

Barth , Candy (Stille)
Still living in the Ritenour area... Still at my job - 30 years!!! Just working, playing, and getting buy!!

Bates , Donald W.
Education: Washington University in St. Louis, B.F.A., 1984, St. Louis Community College - Meremac, A.A.S., 1981. Employment: The Boeing Company (McDonnell Douglas) 1977-present. Organization: American Coaster Enthusiasts A.C.E. - Roller Coaster Club. I've ridden on 112 roller coasters and counting. Travels: 22 states and 5 countries.

Belew , Don
I work for the City of St. Louis and reside in the city as well. Enjoy seeing people from High School and still enjoy getting back to the old neighborhood when I get the chance. I have two children a son 21, Jack, and Daughter 11, Molly. Hope all is well.

Bennett , Debbie (Pettitt)
Wow...I am glad to see my cherished friends. I now live in CA. with two boys 6 and 10. I have my own business and enjoy doing the CA thing. I miss home and the friends that last forever!

Braman , Debbie (Gaghyan)
I surely hope there is a 30th reunion! When visiting the Ritenour site, I came upon this awesome info, which surely brought back some fond memories. If anyone knows about a reunion, please count me in on planning and attending. After Ritenour, I went to SEMO in Cape, after graduation I moved to...the end of Page Ave. The apartment days were fun! I have been teaching elementary children for 26 years. The past few years I have been the reading specialist at a school in Lake St Louis, Mo. The first few years I taught in Clayton, then the rest of the years I've taught in the Wentzville District. For years I lived in St Peters, but moved back on this side of the bridge to Chesterfield. I have a dauther,18(Sr in Rockwood)and a son, 14, who is a senior of his middle school! Yikes! I got remarried 6 years ago and have 2 stepdaughters (24 and 18)I'd love to hear from some old friends!

Brawley , Mary

Carnahan , Katherine (Carnahan)
(02/08/06) Exchange student to Chile in 1977-78. An amazing experience and learned Spanish pretty well. After that, UMSL for as long as I could take it; I really should have gone away to college. Have been in either advertising or marketing forever. Married to a wonderful man, Russ Leeker, for 19 years this May. Together for another 8 years before that (didn't want to rush into anything). We've hosted five exchange students (2 girls, 3 boys) and now have six "exchange" grandkids that are too far away to babysit (that's a good thing). Traveled extensively the first 26 years. Just built a small "ranch" on 5.5 acres so we won't be doing much traveling now. All our children are four-legged. We have two horses, two barn kitties (they think the house is the barn), and one pooch. Enjoying life...can't believe how fast time flies. Would enjoy hearing from old friends (please make sure to let me know who you are when emailing in subject line).

Conforti , Ellen (Clover)


Cooper , Dianna (Robinson)
I have lived in Moultrie, GA since 1997 with my second husband Robert! I have four children, 25, 23, 15 & 13! I currently am a parapro at an elementary school and run the computer lab. My live is very blessed! Was good to read info on long lost friends!

Coulter , Randy
Education: Forest Park Community College-A.A. Life Science University of Missouri-St.Louis- B.A. Psychology Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine Residency: Emergency Medicine- Chicago Family Practice- South Bend,In. Currently: E.R.Doc Northern Indiana

Crabtree , Sue (Wagner)
Graduated early in January 77. Florissant Valley Community Coll. - Business. Married, had two children, divorced 1993. Onward and upward! Daughter 25, son 23, two grandchildren, soon to be three, whom are the loves of my life. Worked in the healthcare field for the last 16 years. I have been working for the St. Louis "Baby Factory" Hospital for the last 11 years. Looking to retire to the country to sketch, garden, fish and enjoy my grandchildren and family!

Desmuke , John
Working at General Motors for the last 14 years. married to Juli. I have two daughters and Juli has two daughters. I coach soccer for St. Williams and Sportsprint U12 Girls, so I have no life. Oh yeah, the girls play softball also.

Dobkins , Terri (Teresa)
Single, living in Northern CA. Have 3 adult children. Jason is 29, Lydia is 20, and Sarah is 18. My "first" grandaughter is now 2! (today's date is 8/5/05) . Missouri is a great place to be "from" and I only go back for funerals and weddings. I was a wallflower in school, so not may people remember me. I played the violin in the orchestra.

Duncan , Pam (Burton)

Durnin , Kevin

Ebbinghaus , Pam (Hill)
Hi All! Gene and I will be married 30 years in April. We have two grown children that are married and one son in college. I work for the Missouri Division of Tourism and serve on the St. Louis County Special School District Board of Education. Gene and I happily await grandbabies and hope to travel more. I'd love to hear from any of my buddies from Midland,Ritenour Junior, and/or Senior! Drop me an email. :)Pammy

Ebbinghaus , Ruth (Fox)
I live in Warrenton, Missouri, with my husband Marty. We are empty nesters and have 3 grandchildren. We are realtors serving Warren County and the surrounding counties.

Edwards , Kevin
Living in Fenton Married 5 kids working at Mastercard in O'Fallon.

Folkerts , Dan
After a great summer in 1977, I went on to college. Had some really fun times while attending SIU, Washington University and Sanford-Brown. Hung around with some Ritenour alumni members and new friends I meant in college and in the work field. Being young and single in the 1980's I meant and dated a lot of nice girls (most of them I meant in night clubs, myself and my buddies would hang out at). Finally in 1989 I would meet a very nice and attractive woman. After making a body building work out video (I competed in the sport of body building throughout the 1980's) with her, we started dating and eventually married in 1991. We had 3 other Ritenour grads in the wedding party (our wedding party consitived of 20 groomsmen and bridesmaids). I have two very bright (honor roll), pretty and athletic daughters. My oldest daughter lettered this past year in basketball, soccer, volleyball and track. She also does taekwondo and won the world championship in 2010. My youngest one loves playing on the school soccer team and playing the piano. My career has taken me in the direction of business and sales. I have been very lucky to work for a couple of very good corporations, which allowed me to travel quite often. In 2001, I lost my brother Dennis, to a untimely death. He was my best friend, but being very spiritual that I am, I know that God has reasons for everything that happens, good and bad. I am just so thankful and blessed for all the positives in my life. One of them being a Ritenour Alumni. I would like to hear from all class members of 1977 and other Ritenour alumni. Take care and God Bless.

Gibbar , Jean (Benz )
After high school I bounced around assorted colleges trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I received an AA from Flo-Valley in Graphics, then a BS from California State U-Long Beach in Marketing. I worked for 10 years at McDonnell Douglas in their graphics department then another 6 years at Morrison Knudsen. I got married for the second time to Ken in 1989 and we have one son named David. He is 2 1/2 now and is a going dynamo! Having a child later in life, has given me the option to stay home and have fun with him. I find it truly unbelievable how fast time goes by. It's been 23 years since high school and I find myself wondering what happen to some of my old classmates, so those of you that remember me, please get in contact.

Gibbar , Jean (Benz)

Harman , Mike
Hi 1977 graduates, I live in South St.Louis with my wife Becky, married for 17 years now. I have 2 children Kelsey (14) and Brendan (12), I work at World Omni Financial Services and coach select soccer when not working.

Harris-Henley , Gezzelle (Harris)

Harris , Deanna

Harris , Deanna
I married Donald Bower on November 29, 2002. This is the second (and last) marriage for me. This is his first marriage so he may have other ideas. We had a home built in Wentzville & moved in October 1, 2005. We have no children, but are raising 2 well behaved cats, Dusty & Bobby. We hope to have a dog one day. I would like a golden retriever, he wants a pit bull. As you can see we are complete opposites. I am very sorry to have missed the 25th reunion. I was distracted planning our wedding & forgot about it. I would appreciate someone reminding me about the 30th just in case I get distracted again.

Helton , Shelly (Cantrell)
I am one that has'nt fallen for from the tree. I live in Overland,have my same job for 29yrs,and have been married 22yrs.We(Gene) have 17 & 19 yr old kids. Gene's dowery was 2 great kids, who now have our 3 grandkids. Please contact me to HELP with our 30yr. I have come across others who want one since we didnt do 25.

Henry , Lee A.
Hello all! I moved to Colorado in December of 1985, and met my wife to be, Donna. We Married in 1986 and now have 2 daughters--both high schoolers! I've been working for LexisNexis, formerly Shepard's, which is an online legal publisher. Those of you who were in the choir, please e-mail me! I'm still singing!



Jacquin , Pam (Bowen)
Stumbled on this site today. I have 4 kids, 29, 28, 22, and 14. One grandchild 5 monthes old. I work as a Graphic Designer for a small company in Gasconade County. Would love to here from Ritenour grads.

Johns , Richard (RICH)
WOW hard to beleive 30 years have went buy, I am Married to my wife Alysia from Pattonville(sorry) we have been together for 29 years. We have two children Amanda_24, Shannon_ 20 two grandchildren (THEY ARE GREAT) Kaylie- is 5 and Dominic - is 3. I have live in St. Charles for 25 years now we live in Wright City on a Quiet 3 acres.After School I was in law enforcement in the old area and thats where I met my wife. I have owned and ran several different businesses over the years in Catastrophere restoration and have work from ground zero to the Bahamas. Would love to catch up with our old calss mates.

Kampen , Paul

Klenke , Alex (Alex Klenke)
I live in St. John with my wife of 28 years (in 2009) the former Sue Dallas (Ritenour '79). My son (Alex, 22) lives in Lake St. Louis and my daughter (Amanda, 19) goes to Mizzou. Still don't know what I want to do when I grow up, but 16 countries + 48 states is a start on my travel bug. I'm now a greybeard Harley rider, and still play with cars, but now it's a Corvette. I'm still a photographer, artist, and musician for hobbies. I've lost touch with almost everybody from high school, but that's how life goes. Just remember, not all who wander are lost.

ledesma , kurt
Wow, what a great site! After graduation I joined the Air Force and I retired after 17 and a half years.I live in Alamogordo,NM with my wife,Ute of 22 years and twin 18 year old daughters. Now working for the German Luftwaffe at Holloman A.F.B. Go Cards.....Go Rams

Lenau , Gary E.

Levo , Terry
Hello all. Contrary to rumor, no I'm not dead, just been missing in action for 30 years I guess. There's been 3 Levo boys graduate Ritenour since me :) Would love to hear from any of you out there that remember me and would like to "catch up", so feel free to email.

Lori (Shinabargar)

I am still living in the St. Louis area, working as a Registered Nurse. Graduated from Maryville University with my MSN- Adult Nurse Practitioner with hopes to attend a Fall 2007 PhD. program in Nursing. I'm busy with three children 22, 20 and 17 years of age. I have one grandchild and another on the way. I am hoping to make it to the next reunion, any ideas of when this might be?

Lynn , Kelly (Stephan)

Major , Teannette (Purcell)
Hi, anyone out there from 77? Staabs, Johnsons, Silvus, the old Endicott gang? Living back in St. Louis now, so hope to find Doris Drusch too,or whatever it is now!

Malone , Jan (Hammond)

Massey , Jim
Joined the Air Force after graduation. Retired after 21 years of service. Married Cynthia in 1979 and have two sons, 18 and 20. Now working as an electronics technician for BAE Systems in Fort Walton Beach Florida.

Mehochko , Jean (Norfleet )
(Updated June 2009) Hello everyone from Class of 77. Hope everyone is doing well. We're still in Hillsboro, Illinois, would love to hear from you.

Metze, Jr. , Bob
(Updated Feb. '05) We still live in Wooster, OH, about an hour south of Cleveland). I'm still married to Nancy (a good thing!). We still have two children, Jason (HS Sr.) and Sarah (HS Frosh) (also good). I am now Manager of Engineering Services for the J. M. Smucker, Co. Education: '82 BS Mech. Eng., University of Mo.-Rolla; '95 MBA Ashland Univ., Ashland, OH. Life is good, as are Ritenour memories. My best regards to you all! Hope to make the next reunion.

Nicks , Cynthia "Cindi"
After graduating from Ritenour, I went to Southwest Baptist College in Bolivar, MO for two years, then transferred to Missouri Western State college in St. Joseph, MO where I graduated with a BA in English/Communications in 1982. I married in 1980 and have two beautiful children, ages 19 and 14 respectively. My daughter is now a student at MWSC seeking a music degree and my son is a high school freshman. I am the medical librarian for Heartland Regional Medical Center. My children and I are very involved in our church and school activies. I have very fond memories of my years at Ritenour and the preparation they gave me for the future. I would enjoy hearing from other Ritenour alumni and sharing where our lives have taken us!

Owens , Robyn (Hillen)
Wow its been 28 years, I did not get notice of reunions so please don't forget me on the next one. Since school I have been married and divorced twice and have a beautiful twenty year old daughter. I live in St. Peters and work as a CFO for a local Disease Management Company. Please update me on whats going on in your lives. Would love to hear from anyone!


Piskulic , Gary
c/o nareimann@charter.net
Gary died as a result of a collision between his vehicle and a railroad train near his home in St. Charles on 10/25/1985. He married the former Cindy Spitzmiller (Hazelwood West '79) in 1980. They had one child Keith, now attending Pattonville Sr. High School. Friends may contact his sister, Nancee (Piskulic) Reimann at nareimann@charter.net.

Rapert , Keith

Ratliff , Michelle (Null)
I am living in Charleston, South Carolina. I have taught special education students for 27 years! I have a MS in Special Education. I have been married for 31 years and have 2 grown children.

Ratliff , Michelle (Null)
I live in Charleston,SC and have been a special education teacher for 21 years. I have been married for 25 years with 2 kids--22 and 15. It was good to see a few people I knew 'back when".

Reim , Ronald
I graduated from Ball State University with a B. Architecture degree in 1982. I returned to St. Louis and now live in Clayton with my wife Lisa, son (8) and daughter (2). I am a founding principal of Oculus Inc. architects. I bike, run and swim along with doing volunteer work with the St. Louis ARC, Childgarden CDC, and my church.

Richardson , Denise (Sturgeon "Fish")
Living in Michigan since 1990, one 10 year old boy, Kyle. Working at same company for past 19 years as a Corporate Safety & Environmental Manager. Still a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and have followed them while living in Enid, OK, Grand Junction, CO, Evanston, WY., Laredo, TX, Grand Prairie, Tx before making my way back to the State I was born in - Michigan. Would love to hear from my old friends.

Rippee , Calvin
Wow I was sitting here thinking of past people I knew and typed in a name and a link to this was listed. I didn't graduate Ritenour we moved away. I graduated in 1977 though in Alabama.

Rohlfing , Steve
Updated 2/8/06 Still living a life of wedded bliss with Pam, coming up on 23 yrs..looking forward to being empty nesters...kids are grown..Sean is 18 ( which means I am stupid ) Brian is 15 ( which means I am even more stupid ). Currently live in Cincinnati and work in Washington DC 4 days a week. Middle age is catching up with me so I shaved my head ( what was left anyway ) and bought a harley. Be great to hear from any long lost high school friends!

Rowlett , Don
What`s up? Livin', Workin' and Playin' in St. Charles.......

Scott , Rick

Rick Scott passed away on Dec. 7, 2006. Rick was operated on for a brain tumor in the early 80's. From that time on he suffered from many health related complications. The one thing he never lost was his sense of humor, or his ability to laugh and love with all of his heart. He will be missed greatly, but never forgotten.

Shepard , Sandra (Shepard)
Just came in to update my email. I would love to hear from anyone that I knew in high school.

Shinabargar , Lori (Shinabargar)

Shrum , Juanita (Shrum)
I currently work for the State of Missouri as a Clerical Services Supervisor. Basically, I supervise clerical supervisors. After Ritenour, I attended Florissant Valley Community College and have an Associate in Business Management. I have 2 children, 15 and 12. Not to forget 3 dogs. I have been living in the Spanish Lake area for the past 12 years. I would love to hear from my fellow alumni. j

Slinkard , Robin (Finnegan)
I went to school at the RJH and would have graduated in 1977. I got married in 1976, had four daughters and now have four grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter. I received my GED in 1993,went to SEMO and decided College was for young people. I've been married to the same person for close to 34 years(April 24)!! Would like very much to connect with old alumni!!

Sullivan , W. Barry
Still in Arkansas working as Director of Finance and Grants for the Myeloma Institute of UAMS. Life is good.

Taylor , Pam (Mosher)

Thomas , Brad
Hello to all from the class of 77!!!! As we have all followed our own pat mine has been just as long and winding. After graduation I went to Ranken Trade school, graduated and went to work as an electrician in industry. After many years I went back to school and recieved a Bs from Washington Univ. followed with a Masters from Lindenwoon Univ.I now look forward to aplying for a PhD program at Webster Univ. I am currently married to Monica and have been for 28 years. We have 3 kids Aaron,24 is a Sargent in the Air Force, Amanda is a Senior at UMSL, she will be a Biology teacher, and Alex is 14 and a freshman at where else Ritenour!! Yes the other two are also Ritenour Grads. Currently I serve on The Board of Education of The Ritenour School District as I have since 2000. As for as I know we DID NOT have a 30th reunion and IF there is enough interrest I will head up the drive to have one within the year. You can contact me at: bradleyt3@att.net if you want to call my cell is (314)456-0832.

Thomas , Mark
I stumbled upon this groovy site while looking for info on our 30th reunion. After graduation I got my bachelor and master degrees in piano performance. I am now living in Nashville TN, working as a professional musician, songwriter, and actor. I get back to St. Louis often to visit family...So does anyone know if there is/was a 30th reunion? Email me ASAP, so I have time to get tan! Can there pulllleeeeeeze be karaoke?!!!

Thomas , Martin J.

Thomason , Karen (Downes)

I have been married for 25 years and have three beautiful children and a new granddaughter! We live in Lake St. Louis, Mo.

Thomason , Karen (Downes)

Thompson , Kelly (Stephan)
(updated 10/1/2006) - Graduated from Ritenour, moved to Texas and NEVER LOOKED BACK! I have 2 children - Kristeen is 26, Steven is 24
I am a Business Development Manager for a major telecommunications company in Dallas. I dont get back to Missouri much, so I look forward to hearing from old friends. I never knew THEN how important you ALL would be to me one day! Can't wait to see you all at the 30th Reunion! WOW! Can that EVEN be POSSIBLE?

Thompson , Kelly (Stephan)
After graduating, I married, and moved to Dallas, Tx...We had 2 children, Kristeen is now 23 & Steven is 21. I am a Network Engineer for a major telecommunications company in Dallas. I dont get back to Missouri much, so I look forward to hearing from old friends. I never knew THEN how important you ALL would be to me one day!

Thompson , Tim
Still married,still a grandpa! Down with Bush!!!

Thuneman , Chris
hey all......I saw Mark Fells' name on the list and that brought back memories of bottle rockets in the French Horn while on parade.....followed by firecrackers in the bass drum....what a hoot!! Live in Houston, Texas, married with children and a grandkid on the way.....time sure is flying and I'm glad the statute of limitations is over for most of the things I've done!

Tohlen , Emily (Roberts)
Dennis and I have been married since 1980. We have 2 boys... a senior and junior in high school. We have lived in the Kansas City since 1997. We lived in Texas and Illinois for a while. Glad to be back in Missouri! We are enjoying life! Dennis works for Sprint and I am a church secretary.

Ward , Judy L. (Bivens)
It has been 24 yrs. since I have been in school and I have traveled all over the United States.I am happily married and have 2 girls and a grandson and a graddaughter. I live in Alabma now and I don't work. Spend most of my time on my art work or just sitting down on the river. The last few years I have been an extradition agent in Nashville,Tn. then I got married and moved.Would love to hear from some of the people I went to school with that remebers the good ole days.

watkins , jeannie (steen)
Still breathing

Westfall , Constance (Newsome)
Hello everyone, I live in St. Louis area. I went right to work after graduations, been married for 25 years to a beautiful man, have a 23 year old son and two grand children.

Wilkes , Mel (Melvin)
I have to thank my good Friend even after all these years Keith Rapert for calling me and telling me about this site. After High school I went into the Army, where I did a 26 year stretch, crossed the pond 4 times, all but the last one was great, the last one was to serve in Desert Shield / Desert Storm, of course that was in 1990 / 1991. Then when I was scheduled to go back in 2002 for OIF I was found to be unfit for deployment, do to medical conditions, so I was retired in 2004. So now I am bored to death as I am a retired / disabled vetran. I can not say that I would do anything different though, because like I said I did enjoy most of my military career. I along the way met my wife (29 years) Renee and had two children, and Renee had one from a privious relationship, they go boy, boy, girl, 29,27,25. All now have there own lives so mom and I are enjoying a empty house. We live in Connecticut where my wife is from. I do miss home terribly, but because of some of my problems I would be unhappy no matter where I live. Since I spend a lot of time playing on the computer or checking my e-mail I would really enjoy hearing from any one and everyone. Clue me in as to when the next reunion is and I will if you can give me enough time be there.


Winters , Steven
Sr. Computer Programmer Analyst with the University of MO - Columbia 544 Pear Tree Circle Columbia, MO 65203 (573) 449- 3585

Wright , Reggie
Hello fellow Huskies, I was hopeful about having a 30th reunion. My closest friends are still Algie Hodges, Matt Mitchell and Bob Duncan. I guess all those horoscopes were right about me making friends for life. I got married in 1988 and I have a 17 year son (Julius).

Zimmerman , Edward
2006/02/03 At 46 going to school for an AAS in networking and multimedia because of injuries. Shows we should listen to our parents once in awhile. Dad wrote code his whole life and told me to get into computers, but I was too smart and drove trucks. Got married at 32. first child at 36, second at 41. Moved around a lot. Live in O'Fallon, MO. now.

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My name is Michael Lowe and have been receiving information at my parents home for years. This is to update my address which has changed a few times since then. I am now at 918 South Bodin, Hinsdale, IL 60521.

Abell , Kim (Shaw)
Presently living in Pensacola Florida where I go to college getting my degree in legal studies. Planning on going on to law school when I move back home to St. Louis which will be upon my completion of school. Three beautiful daughters, 29,27 & 25. A brand new grandma as of halloween and another grandbaby on the way due in June we think. Can't wait to hear from anyone.

Allen , Kristi (Robinson)
Married to Rick Allen for 28 years, 3 kids, empty nesters. Love being back in St. Louis

Allen , Kristi (Robinson)
Living in the St. Louis area. married for 28 years - three kids, ages 20, 23 and 25. maybe I'll make the next reunion. kristilouallen@aol.com

Bailey , Carol (Parsons)
Been married for 27 great years to Jerry Bailey (class of 76). We have 3 wonderful sons (24, 22,19). One of which is in the US Navy. God bless our armed services. Live in St. Charles, MO for last 20 years.

Bates , Sue (Ponder)
I live in Festus, MO with my husband, Phil, and daughters, Aubrey and Alex. I graduated from St. Louis University and am presently practicing law in Festus. you may reach me at 314-931-3554 or by e-mail.

Beard , Michael "Mike"
I am currently living in Baytown Texas. I am married and have 3 kids.

Beck , Terri (Dennis)
Living in Overland. Son, 28, Ritenour Graduate. Son, 8, attending Marion. Very busy with youth sports at (where else?) ABC Ballpark. Have 4 year old granddaughter. Married to my husband John for 10 years. Haven't made any reunions yet but hoping to make 30th. Who would have thought that 30 years would go by so fast?????

Boaz , Jim
It's nice to see names of old friends. I hope to make it to the reunion. I've been in Oklahoma City since 84. I'm in my 14th year as a financial consultant, 13 were with AG Edwards before shareholders decided to sell out the firm last summer. So I transferred with my clients to LPL Financial and it's turned out quite pleasant. I'm still divorced but my daughters ages 15 and 12 I have part time keep the drama alive and well.

Bowley , Kathleen (Forschee)
Presently live in Woodson Terrace, MO. near the Airport. Have worked at Regions Bank,formerly Bank of St. Ann and known by other names over the last 30 years. Married my late husband in 1979 and widowed in 1997. Have 3 sons,twins -Joshua and Johnathon 28 and Kyle 19. Also a stepson, Matthew 31. All Ritenour graduates as well. I have 1 grandson and 5 grandaughters including a set of twins. A cat named Tabby. Haven't been to a reunion since the 5 year. Found out about the 30 year about midnight that evening. Would have loved to have been there, since it was practically in my backyard. Apparently I am still on the "Lost" list even though I have always had children in Ritenour and have never moved out of the district. Also attend church with Rich Valli. Would love to hear from ,or see some old friends and classmates.

Brown , Robin

Buchholz , John (John Buchholz)
What up? I was just checking the site because I wanted to donate some $$ to Ritenour and noticed that my name is totally missing. Living life in Fairfax California in beautiful Marin County (San Francisco California) look me up if you are in the area. Married for 23 years and have two boys both @ Chico State. Check out www.gardenbuilders.com. PEACE.

Clover , John
June 2009. Joined the Air Force in 1980 after spending 6 months in Seattle. Married Karen in July 1985, and have a son, 20, and a daughter, 16. Presently living in Belleville, IL. Retired from the Air Force in 2000, presently working in the emergency department at St. John's Mercy. Have seen a few of you since graduating.

Coleman , Dale

Colvin , David
Hello to everyone,I hope you are all doing great, Time goes by to fast almost 30 years.I live in Lk.St.Louis with my wife Marigold have two dogs no kids and own Hubbell Jewelers in Des Peres Mo.I am always glad to hear from old friends,hope to see you at the 30th.

Copeland , Gay
Hi everyone,
I live in Overland and am currently working for the City of Vinita Park. Love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Copeland , Joann (Skaggs)
Married going on 25 years now. Live in Elsberry Mo. Have 3 children ages 23,21 and 20. Just got our first grandchild two weeks ago.She's wonderful

Copeland , Tracy
Hi! I have 4 children that range in age from 18 to 5 (3 girls and 1 boy). I have recently moved back to Overland from St. Charles, Missouri. I just bought my first home near the neighborhood where I grew up. I would like to hear from anyone that I went to Marion or Ritenour High School with.

Croney , Kevin
it is now 2008. currently have new e-mail address. looking for info on 30th reunion. still working at the jail in clayton. now both children in college. my daughter will soon graduate fron slu. she is going to grad school . still married to lovely wife of soon to be 24 yrs. we live in ofallon now. hope to hear from some former friends.

Croslow , Sandy (Smith)
Graduated from Mizzou in 1981 with a degree in accounting. Moved back to St. Louis and worked for a CPA firm and Emerson Electric. In 1984 I moved to Los Angeles and worked for Rockwell International as an auditor. Met my husband Terry (also a CPA) there and in 1987 we moved to his hometown of Vincennes, Indiana. We have a CPA practice in Vincennes and live just across the Wabash River in Illinois on a 10-acre mini-farm. We have two kids, Lucas (10) and Cassie (8). We raise animals (cows, pigs, chickens, goats, dogs and cats), garden and home-school the kids. Look forward to seeing old classmates at our 20th.

Curran , Barb (Taylor)

Davis , Tamara "Tammy"

Deckard , Cheri (Ryan)
Hey everybody! I have been married for almost 16 years to Joe (Ritenour 1979 grad). We have two boys, Joey is 14 and Jake is 11!. I am currently working for an attorney in Creve Coeur and living in Bridgeton. Would like to hear from you! See you at the 30th!

Deckard , Mark
Hi everybody! I've been married for 26 years to Holly (Hupert), have 3 boys: Matt, 22 (Truman State grad, now Software Engineer at Boeing), Mike, 21(in Senior year at Truman), and Nic, 14. I'm a partner in a Wholesale pneumatic and hydraulic equipment distributorship. Holly manages the 30 school cafeterias at Rockwood School District. Living in St. Charles, Harvester area.

Delano , Jon

Depuy , Bertie (Bertha) (Langston)
I graduated from University of Missouri-St.Louis with a BSBA. I am married,Roger (Maplewood grad) and have a daughter age 23 and a son,18. I am an accountant and currently reside in St. Louis County.

Dinnella , Rickey
Joined the U.S. Army Nov 78 Retired from the Army 1 Dec 1998. I have lived in Korea and Germany for six year. I have been married for almost 19 years, I have a 18 daughter and a 15 son We now live in the St. peters , Mo area. Cant wait to see some old freinds at the 25th class reuinon in aug. 2003

Donna , Kibler (Lam)
donna.kibler@ courts.mo.gov
March, 2008 Got married to Larry Kibler in 1986 and our son is currently attending Rolla (Metalurgical Engineer). I live in Sullivan, Missouri on 44 acres. Love the outdoors and gardening. Life is sure going by fast. Look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Dorrah , Rodger
Residence: Currently living in Ellisville, MO with wife, Donna. Children: Justin & Keith. Grandchildren: Rachel & Zach. Occupation: Senior Designer (Mechanical Engineering, HVAC) with Murphy Company & Owner of Shutter to Print Photography (www.shuttertoprint.com).

Duncan , Rick
Since leaving HS, i have been married 3 times, with One son, Shawn 26, and One daughter, Sara 19, Living in St. John now, working in the printing industry since HS. phone # 314-427-7918

Eaton , Myles
Hello to everyone.... I've been living in Wentzville, MO for 7 years now. I own a mortgage company and I am involved in real estate investments. Just recently married (for my first time) in September of 2007. My wife's name is Tonya and we have a precious baby girl named Tessa May. She is 15 months old and my second child (a boy) is due on December 19, 2007. His name will be Landin. I'm very active with the local Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and our church. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this web site and would love to hear from anybody. We hope to make it to the 30th reunion. My cell phone number is: 314-323-3969

Ebbinghaus , Rick
After graduating in 78, I followed my dream to become a Operating Engineer,will be 30 years in the trade next year, met the girl of my dreams in 80 from pattonville, married Christine in 81, have 2 kids , one in college, one a junior in high school. have taken what started as a hobby, and formed a major snow removal business called SNOW-BUSTERS.started another hobby in 95 as a ELVIS Tribute Artist, still working on that hobby, lol. I have only seen a few Ritenour Grads over the past 30 years

Eberenz , Rick
WHAT IS GOIN' ON?-----At one time I was on here but not now so will update. In a nut shell: was married to Jeannie Steen for 13 years, have been divorced from Jeannie Steen for 9 years, still friends, not involved right now, have 4 beautiful boys, Ben-27, Sam-21, Asa-19 and my baby boy, Jesse-14 (taller than me). Boys have lived with me since divorce. Ben's married with 2 step-kids and a brand new baby boy, Benjamin, now 10 months. Other boys still live with me. Would like to hear from any old friends that would like to reach me (all females welcome!). Live in St. Ann and have for 14 years now. Still in the asphalt paving business, R & E Asphalt Service, 314-428-3083. Will be @ the 30th, Rick

Eilers , Darrell
After graduation I started working for the Missouri Department of Transportation. I worked for the department for 16 1/2 years before leaving. Recently I have become a partner in a civil engineering firm called EFK-Moen, LLC, the E stands for Eilers. In 1991 I had a set of twins with my wife at that time and we named them Timmy Joseph, and Danielle Nicole. They are presently 7 years old and in second grade in the Francis Howell School District.

Eversole , Terry (Peterman)
What a great site! Who knew! I have three kids, who at this moment in 2005 are 22 (Dena), 21 (Jonathan), and 20 (Zach). Jon made me a grandma last year; his son, Tyler, is the light of my life! Also have four stepkids, so our home in Imperial, MO gets pretty darned full on holidays! I work out of the home I share with my husband, Darrell, (who was raised in Alaska), selling software and computer hardware to convenience/gas stations. Life's too short, so I'd live to hear from old friends! Blessings to all who happen upon this site!

Fels , Dan
I am an assistant principal at Hazelwood East High School. I married Julianne Rice in 1984, and we have three wonderful kids-Sam, 23; Becca, 19; Gabe, 10. We live in Old Farm Estates near 141 and Olive.

Fleming , Mary (Bell)
Mary Bell Fleming died on October 27, 2006 after a two year battle with cancer. I am her younger brother Howard. She left a husband, a daughter and two sons and a granddaughter as well as her brothers and sisters. She was loved and cherished.

Fox , Paul

Freeman , Edward
I am working in Maryland Heights and living in Troy. Mo. I have 7 kids and 7 Grandkids

Garner , Terry

Garrett , Keith
I live in St. Charles with my wife Lora and 2 step sons, John and James. I work for Cambridge Engineering as a welder and have been with them since 1979. You can usually find me a Blues game or a Rams game, when I'm not working or doing the family thing.

Garrison , David Kevin
Ok so I didn't graduate I got a GED in 76 then joined the service shortly there after. We all make mistakes right? Anyway, I'm married living in the Quad cities by Davenport Iowa. I'm always hoping to catch up with some of my old flames and running buddies. So if you're out there E- Mail me. Later.

Gebhardt , Sharon (Shimkus)
I live in St. Charles with my husband, Steve, (McCluer North) and two children, Michael and Nicole. I would love to hear from former classmates. You may reach me at 928-7489 or by email.

Gilley , Brenda (Same)
I was at the 25th Reuion and seen alot of people I hadn't seen in a long time. As always the pre-party is always better than the dinner. I work from home processing mortgage loans for Brokers and Lenders. I would love to hear from you so please call me at Quik Mortgage Processing in the phone book in St. Louis. Or e-mail me at QuikMtg01@aol.com. Talk to you soon. Does anyone know where Sue Yates is? I'd love to hear from her.

Gremminger , Susannah (Neal)
I am living in Troy, MO with my best friend and our twin boys. I also have a daughter and another son. I stay busy these days keeping up with the twins who are quite a handful. Before they came along I worked with the mentally handicapped/developmentally disabled which I really enjoyed.

Hahn , Julie (Schaefer)
08/10/2008 - Greetings Class of 1978! My husband Tim and I have been working and raising our family in North Carolina for almost 14 years. I have two son's Joshua 27 and Shaun 22, one step-son Jeremy 27, and two step-daughters Raquita 33 and Alyssa 16. We've also been blessed with four grandchildren Devon 13, Rebecca 8, Cailen 3, and Owen 1. I hope to see you in September. Until then, take care and God Bless!!

hale , mike
hello everyone.have been living in florida since leaving the army in 1981.in the 5th year of my second marriage.have a beautiful 14 year old daughter,kacey michele.would love to hear from anyone and hope to be able to make the next reunion.great site ....

Hamilton , Robert (Bob)
Here's some info to get your memory working. My pals back then were: Keith Hartenberger, Andy Impastato, Sam Monica. My chics back then were: I had crushes on too many girls to mention. Although I did like each of you in your own way, and you know who you are...(were)... Anyhow, I protest. We really are telling "grandparent" stories, with twenty-something childred, I mean really, what's up with that?? Oh, yeah. We are getting older. I got married later than most of you (38), to a younger woman and we now have five year old twins. I found the site by accident. I'll be back. Bob

Harber , James (Harber)
After transferring from Ritenour, I completed High School at North County tech. I continued on to UMR, then to complete an MBA in finance. I have an engineering company in beautiful San Clemente California, Mavtech Energy. I recently married a beautiful island girl from Maui. Aloha and life is good . mahalo!!!!

Harding , Kirk
Found this site looking for information on the 30th reunion that is coming up quickly. I've been living in the Kansas City, MO area for about 20 years. Retired from the Army in 2006 and now working as a government contractor at Fort Leavenworth, KS. No, I'm not in the jail. 2 daughters, Jennifer and Jamie whom are both married and I have 2 grandchildren, Emily, 2003 and Elijah, 2005. So what's the story on the 30th reunion?

Harris , Darlene
This is Deanna. I am doing this on behalf of my sister since she does not have a computer. Darlene met Darin Gittus when she was 18 years old & they were a couple for 15 years when they decided it was time to tie the knot. Darlene & Darin married on July 4th of 1994.They recently celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary. Darlene lives with her husband in a beautiful home in St. Charles. No kids, 1 cat. She would love to here from anyone who is interested. Please contact her via my E-mail address & I will forward any message.

Hewitt , Fran (Jones)
Went to Milwaukee, WI. Got married and lived there for 13 yrs. And near Los Angeles. Came back to St. Louis in 1992 and am still here. I have three children, Shawna will be 24 this year and has two girls 5 and 6 years old, Jodi will be 21 this year, still single and no kids, lives and works in Milwaukee and Katie 10 living with me in Clayton. I work in my fiancee's law firm part time and repair computers and operating systems the rest of the time. I have 2 weimaraners and 9 fish and am enjoying life.

Hewitt , Terri (Grubbs)
Hi everyone, it's been awhile would love to hear from you and hear how you've done in your lives since school. Feel free to e-mail me.

Hill , Eric
Living in Union, MO with my wife Sharon. We have three kids and two grandchildren. Would love to hear about the 20-year class reunion from anyone who remembers me.

Hopkins , Cheryl (Bacon)
Married Don in 1979,we have 3 wonderful children and 6 grandchildren.Have lived in St. Ann for 16 years.I've been with Home Depot for 11 yrs.,currently supervisor of kitchens/appliances.Would like to hear from old friends.

jacobs , kevin
wow all these names bring back memories. hey everyone would love to make it to a reunion. remember so many people kept in touch with kim rau for a while and some others. im living in columbia missouri now. well gotta go hope to here from you.

Jamison , Robyn (Warmbold)
Living in St. Peters for the last 20+ years - married - 2 teenagers - Tara -18 just graduated from St. Charles West and Kyle 16 - Working at Express Scripts in IT. Can't wait to see everyone at the 30th reunion. Would love to hear from you.

Jennings , Andrea (Battiste)
After college I spent 10 years on the west coast in California. I now live in Bridgeton with my husband, David, and our two children, Allie 9, and Brian 6. I am a RN working in critical care part-time and a full-time mom!!

Johnson , Gail (Hammond)
4/2009 Married in 1980 to Dan (Pattonville grad), we have 3 beautiful daughters Alaine 27, Alexandra 23 and Abigail 15. I have a wonderful grandson Jay he is so much fun. Live in St. Charles, MO. Have worked for MetLife Auto & Home for 30 years.

Jung , Amy (Henke)
2007- Just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary in Napa. We live in Chesterfield, MO. Two boys: Kyle is 16 (a better teenager than I ever was) Brendan is 12 (all sports all the time). Still freelancing and working on the great American novel.

Kallash , Pete
The entire Kallash clan is now in Texas. Our son Tony has a son, Kyle, 3 months. Our daughter Tiffany has a daughter, Hailey, 8 months and Tiffany is expecting her second in October. Grandkids are what it's all about.

Key , Charley

Key , Jerry
Retired from the Army after 20 years. Married with two boys. Living in North Carolina. (Ft. Bragg)

Kibler , Donna (Lam)

Knoshaug , Kathy (Steinmeyer)
I've been living in St. Charles, St. Peters area for the last 13 years. I've been self-employed as a Nail Technician for the past 10 years and currently working at Clipper's Hair Studio and Dayspa in St. Charles. I'm a single mom of two, Nick 9 and Angie 6. I was at the 20 year Reunion and it was great! Looking forward to the 25 year. See ya there.

Koontz , Janice (Geldbach)

Lawson , Mary "Kathy" (Baker)
What a great service! It's wonderful to see what classmates are doing now. I'm happy to see so many in education and health care. I, too am an RN working in the Ritenour community. I celebrated my 20th anniversary to Rich Lawson (Ritenour '75)in May, 2000. My three sons: Josh 24 (y'all may remember him as a baby) is a carpenter at St. Clair Corp, Dan 19 is an engineering student and Kevin 15 is a tyrant. Just kidding, he's a student/athlete at JFK high. Time flies, eh? I am very sorry to report to you the sudden death of our dear friend Gary Batz (Ritenour '78) on Sept 28, 2000. I hope that every one that reads this remembers him fondly. I know that his genuine jolly laugh still echos through my home and heart.

Mades , Tracy (Burton)
Hi..Had a great time at the 25th Reunion! Married for 12 years, live in Wentzville, have 2 boys Nicholas and Max (ages 8 and 5).

Mann , Sheila (Davis)
Sorry I missed seeing everyone at the re-union. I was in Alaska with my husband, Eric, and his family. Still living in St. Louis and have been working at Famous Barr/ Macy,s for 30 years.

Martin , Kevin
Moved to the sticks in 75, been in New Melle ever since. Married with 4 kids, Working for Bell Electric, Captain with New Melle Fire dept for 25 years. Great to see some names I recognize. Wonder who remembers, I do.

McKnight , Sue

Meder , Kimberly (Snow )

Moore , Kevin
I own a home in the Tower Grove East neighborhood of St Louis and share the space with my partner of 8 years, Nik and my two Jack Russell terriers, Nelson and Veda. I work for CPI Corporation in downtown St Louis, managing 3 departments. My free time is spent with family and friends, working on the house and in the garden and attending as many dance circuit parties as I can.

Morris , Linda (Shy)
Just wanted to update my e-mail. I'm living in Newburg, Missouri (close to Rolla) with my husband of almost 24 years, Terry Morris. Together, we have five children and seven grandchildren, all under 6! Terry operates heavy construction equipment in St. Louis and has worked there for many, many years. I work at a law firm in Rolla as a legal assistant. We're actually thinking of moving closer to St. Louis now. Any hints on good locations or job prospects would be greatly appreciated!

Norfleet , Barbara
Attended Ritenour through my junior year when we moved to Tempe, AZ. I'm now living in Washington State, working for Microsoft. I'd love to hear from classmates.

Sept. 2008. I live in south St. Louis County. Not many Ritenour graduates down this way. Looking forward to seeing old classmates at our 30th reunion. Hope we have a great turnout.

Owen , Mike

Paris , Dennis

Perkins , David L.
Married in 1989 to my lovely wife Sharon, we have 4 children , two from her previous marriage and two together. we currently live in O'fallon MO. I currently work in the Optical Iindustry but I also worked for many years in Injection Molding but got tired of working nights so I went back to Optical where I had worked before. We collect too many thing and have a too many dogs.


Proctor , Dale Allen
After high school, I went to SMSU with Tim Wiesner. I didn't graduate but went on to the plumbing trade. I was married in 1980 and divorced in 1989. I lived in Kansas City for 9 years and have 2 children. My 16-year- old daughter Ashley will be a senior in 2001. My 14-year-old son Dustin plays football and track. I partied till 1993 when I met my 2nd wife Paula. We live in Evansville, Indiana and have a son Logan who is 3 1/2. We are having twins in September 2000. My sister Laura was killed 10-2- 1993 by a 21 year old drunk driver. In 1992, we met our mom for the first time in 30 years. We flew to New York and met her on the Sally Jesse Raphel show. I now own a plumbing business and look forward to seeing everyone at the 25th reunion. Until then everyone take care... Love and Peace...

Prueitt , Sheila (Burcks)

Ramsey , Dave

Randall , Lisa ((Hunter))
Married Bryan Randall (RHS '79) in 1984; three kids--Shelby (16), Corey (14), and Haley (11); currently living in Richmond, VA. Missed the 25th reunion, but hoping we have a 30th reunion!

Ray , Cheryl (Brooks)
I want to say HI! to all my friends. It has been too long. I'm living in Jefferson County near Hillsboro and DeSoto. I work at a sign company doing all the artwork for them. I have 2 children my own, ages 17 & 13 and 2 step children who I claim as my own ages 26 & 23. Get in touch with me whenever you want. 636-944-5226 Bye!

Ray , Linda
It is fun to look through the postings. Still raising two great kids and teaching many more. Looking forward to the 30th.

Reinhardt , Randy
Updating my email address erdocr2@earthlink.net Still living in SC with my wife Jo and daughters Savannah and Allyson. Continue to work as an emergency department physician and love the South! Sun and fun!! Miss the Cardinals though.


Rodden , Kathy (Jeffries)
I don't know about the rest my fellow graduates, but seven months ago I joined the "Grandma Club!" My daughter, Katie had a little girl in September 06, and named her Chloe! Hope all is well with everyone!

Rodden , Kathy (Jeffries)
I have been living in a small town south of Kansas City for 20 years with my husband, Paul, and our four children, Dan, Bethany, Katie and Timmy--ages 17-9. Been fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom from the start, which I love. Active in local government (on a small scale!), and PTA duties. Looking forward to seeing friends at our 25th, and hope more register on this site!

Rogers , Diane
Hellow Everyone!! Wow, 30 years have passed.....I hope everyones journey has been a good one. If anyone is interested in gathering for happy hour the weekend of the re-union let me know...I prefer unformal than going to prom which is what it sounds like this re-union will be..... work email: diane.rogers@spray.com

rohne , emily (hogan)

Rose , Pamela (Mofield)
2007. Married 19 years to a now "retired Marine". Moved to Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH on lake Erie. Two great kids - a daughter 17 who leaves this fall for college and is math and science education major - a boy 14 and a freshmen in high school who lives and breathes football and wrestling. Went back to school and will finish my political science degree next fall. Ran my husbands campaign for MOL and won. Working in the public library in the circulation department. That's all folks. Never know what's next for us, but we will be here until the boy child graduates! Would love to hear from some of my old friends. Be happy, live well.

Roth , Debbie (Finch)

Husband: Ron
1 Child: Ronnie
1 Dog: Roxie

Ruchte , Cathy (Maxey)

Russo , Donna (Schutte)
Hi everyone! I would love to get in touch with some of my old Ritenour friends. I am in St. Louis and in the phone book (Donna Russo). I have my own event planning business and am busy running with my kids. I have three....Clayton age 20, Breanna age 13 and Anthony age 10.

Sena , Terri (Baltas)
Hi, everyone. I've been living in Los Angeles for 22 years (it's 2007 now) - I love warm weather in January! I'm married and have two beautiful and fun daughters - Samantha is 17 and Alexandra is 16. I'm still connected to Ritenour through my nephews - those awesome Franzen boys - and would love to hear from my friends. God bless you all!

Shrum , Kevin

Sisson , Jack
I don't know if anybody out there remembers me, but I was just curious how some of you were doing. I went to the 20 year reunion at Harrah's Casino in '98, (purely out of curiosity), and it was kind of mind blowing to see how much some people have changed and how others look almost exactly the same. I know it sounds kind of morbid, but I have periodically checked out the obituaries over the years and it's kind of scary to see how many of our classmates have passed away. One of my very best friends, Tom Brown, succumbed to lung cancer 6-20-1996, four days after his 46th birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better friend, because he was the one person who stuck by me when nobody else would. He and I were buddies for over 30 years. That friendship certainly lasted longer than my two marriages combined. (But I did get three beautiful children out of it, plus 3 1/2 grandchildren.) Sorry if I'm ramblin' on, but if anybody wants to say Hi, I'd be glad to hear from you. You have my email address above. W.A."Jack" Sisson IV

Smith , Joe
I earned a bachelors degree in computer science at Arkansas State University. I stayed in Arkansas for about twelve years, and returned
to St. Louis in '95 after a short stint in Poplar Bluff, MO. I got married in '99 to an assistant in my dentist's office. Her name is Kathy. We
live in Chesterfield. We're expecting triplets in Sept. '03. I have been working as a computer programmer/analyst, bouncing from place
to place, since 1989.

Smith , Mary (Jenkins )

Smith , Stacy (Adams)
I work at Caterpillar Inc as a project manager in Environmental, Health and Safety. Been married 20 years with 2 children - 12 and 10. I have great memories of Ritenour and growing up in Overland. I still swim.

Sommer , Sue (Hamilton)
Reading these pages has me reminiscing....I live in Minnesota on Lake Minnetonka. But I am in St. Louis often as I work for Express Scripts, Inc. I am the vice president and general manager of the Managed Care Division. I moved to Minneapolis in 1999 after we acquired a company here and doubled our size. I worked as an RN for a while, got involved in an HMO, went to Express Scripts when it got started and got my MBA from Wash U in 1999. I also have 3 children---Alex, 16, Wills, 12, and Caroline who is 7. I have been married to Mike since 1982---we met in college; he graduated from ST Louis College of Pharmacy. Since our daughter was born he has been at home full time. I travel a lot and having one stationary parent has been critical in our busy lives. Looking forward to seeing everyone in August----I haven't been to a reunion since 1988 so I can't wait.

stedman , gene
still live in overland graduated 1978 from union
high school union mo but still claim ritenour as my alma mater my son graduated class of 2003

Stewart , Laura (Kramer)
Hi all, I have been married to Mike Stewart for 25 years (2009) and we have three kids. Two are at Mizzou and one is in Middle School. I have been a teacher and a school counselor since I graduated from college. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion!

Stewart , Laura (Kramer)
Wow this is a great idea! I recently started a Facebook account that led me to several of my friends from Ritenour. That account then led me to this directory. I have been married for 25 years, have three kids--two who are attending Mizzou, and an 8th grader. I am an elementary counselor in Francis Howell in St. Charles.

Stewart , Mike
Livin' the dream in St. Charles, MO.

Stojeba , Deb (Wieseman)

Stojeba , Deb (Wieseman)

Stollhaus , John
Married to Toni Landrum (Class of '79). Have three children. Live in Ferguson, MO. Work at McDonnell Douglas.

Strickland , Ken
Hello, It was great seeing some old friends at the reunion. You looked great! I have been in Kansas City since 1990 and tavel back to the St. Louis area often to visit my family. I would love to hear from you.

Sweet , Mildred (Harris)
Hey Everyone!! Greg and I have moved back to Missouri. We live out by Grants Farm in a little old house we are fixing up. Our girls are grown and doing well. We have two beautiful grand daughters. They are the lite of our lives. Greg retired from the military and we are enjoying our lives together. Hope to hear from you all!

Tucker , Mark
Hello all. I didn't know this site existed. A little updating: Married to my beautiful wife Sue for 25 years as of Oct. 2009. One beautiful 24 yr old daughter Brit (ok I know some can do the math!!) who's getting married Sept. 2010. I became a member of the Sheet Metal Workers Union right out of HS. Yep that's our union wasting money on the Cardinal broadcasts!!Love the Cardinals, don't like the waste. Love to fish, play golf. don't really talk to many people from school. See Doug Spurgeon occasionally, and Rick Valli come to find out lived 2 blocks from me for the last 8 yrs, how weird!. Some Alumni from other years. Saw quite of fresh old faces at the 30 yr. class reunion. Anyone feel free to drop me a line. Love to hear from you. I look a little different now, no afro!!!

Valli , Rick "Rudy"
Well the 30 reunion is now set!! September 13, 2008, and St. Ann Community Center. You will not want to miss this one!! For $30.00 (A Buck a year) you can eat, drink, dance, and visit, with old friends. Take a walk down memory lane. If you have questions please call 314.298.0184 or e-mail. ritenourclass1978@yahoo.com

VanNoy , Cheryl (Angel )
Membership Director of Ritenour Alumni Association. Actively involved in all Ritenour functions. Married John VanNoy (1978).

Walsh , Kim (Rau)
Hi fellow classmates!! I live in St. Peters with my wonderful husband John, (a Pattonville Pirate alumni!). I have 2 children, Lindsay - 18 and Kurt - 12 and a golden retriever named A.J. I think this site is great, I am smiling as I type this. Boy, those were the days, I wish I could still fit into my cheerleading uniform. (ha ha)

Wilhite , Dan

Zapata , Kari (Hintz)
I reside in San Antonio Texas and have three children. I am currently employed as a nurse in New Braunfels Texas. My hobbies are doing "mom" things and have developed an interest in fitness.

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Anderson , Kenny
I have worked for General Motors since 1979 and have lived in Oklahoma since Oct. of 1979.

Ankoviak , Michelle (Bettis)
HELLO CLASS OF 79! I just attended the 78 reunion with my BFF Sherry Conrey and was wondering if WE are going to have a reunion? ATTN:Warner & Jackie (McBrady)Baxter; if you are planning the 30th, please feel free to email me,I would be happy to help out. FYI; I live in Affton with my totally hot husband,Rick and have a total of 6* children; Ashley 25, a beautiful,talented hairdresser,lives and works in downtown Chicago. Ethan 18, a senior at Affton High School and a 2007 recipient of the KMOV/DO THE RIGHT THING award, plans on the Police Academy after grad. and Raiden 8, and KiYoshi 6.(Yes,I'm nuts,my oldest is 25 and my youngest is 6!) *and two handsome step sons, Anthony 23 and Bryce 19 of Michigan. I have degrees in Business Admin and in Biotechnology. I am a Quality Assurance Investigator/Liaison.As a hobby I am a Paralegal/Investigator, for my other BFF.I am also working on a childrens cookbook. (Which would explain the size of my a**) I'm looking forward to seeing all of you (okay,MOST of you) at the reunion!

Barnes , Kathy (Marcoulier)
WOW I hope more folks visit and update. Hi all! I spent many years in retail before being gloriously called to elder care ministry for 5 years...then back into the corporate world for now. But not for long I hope. Currently an Exec. Admin. for a communication engineering firm, but rejoined the world of acedemia and am a fulltime Communications student. I'll graduate someday...at least that's what they tell me. Now I KNOW why I should have done this XX years ago! Why didn't someone try and convince me?! :) I hope to teach or speak publicly til I step into eternity. I got a lot to say. Married to Jeff Barnes and we live in a home of our own design and sweat in De Soto, Mo. for 2 years now. Love the people, small town, and the church. Looking forward to the 30 year reunion.

Barrow , Jeannie M. (Belter)
I am married and lived in Severn, MD located directly between Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.

Beehler , Anna (Deutsch)

Benoist , Pam (Prichard)
It was great to read about all the 79 graduates. Still married to my Ritenour High School sweetheart, Greg. We have three kids, Megan (21), Melissa (19, and Jimmy (15). Both girls are at Mizzou and Jimmy just started his freshmen year at Pattonville. It's hard to believe that we're just a couple years away from 30 years since graduation! Seems like yesterday.

Boehm , Janet (Kinder)
Hi class of '79. Everything is going really well. My oldest son,David, graduated from Ritenour('03), my son Jacob will graduate in 2008 and my youngest,Mason, will graduate in 2011. I still live in Overland with my family. I have been married to my husband Tim for 22 years this October.

Bradbury , Paula (Hall)

Bull , Rosena (Raymo)
Hi to Everyone! My husband and I currently live in Charlotte, NC. My husband and I have two grown children 30 & 29 and we are expecting our first grandchild in mid-July. Would love to hear from other 1979 grads...does anyone know if there is going to be a 30-year reunion.

Canter , Darrell
Some of you knew me as Dean. I joined the Navy and retired after 20 years. If you knew me, you might find it hard to believe, but I even got my college degree while working for Uncle Sam. I've been all around the world but still enjoy visiting St Louis. For those that live there it might be hard to appreciate, but it has a lot of character. I am now living in Maryland and working with a company that supports the Navy F/A-18 Program(Computer stuff). Would like to hear from any of the old gang since I have not been in the St louis area for more than a 2 weeks at a time for over 20 years.

Carpenter , Caryl (Gallman)
I have two sons, 24 and 17. Currently I live in Ballwin and don't make it back to the Overland area very often. Would love to hear from former classmates.

Casey , Bryan
Went to the 20 year reunion and it was great! I plan on going to the 25th definitely. I am working at Direct Mail USA, a direct mail marketing company, as System/Network administrator. I landed this dream job after 15 long hard years with McDonnell Douglas/Boeing in St. Louis. I am living in Hazelwood and have been for the last 16 years. I have three girls, Beth 15, Heather 13, and Brianna, my Valentine baby, who turned 9 on Feb. 14 Feel free to email me atbgcasey001@sprintmail.com. GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!! Also, any one that was in the band or who know someone who was in the band get in touch with me .

Cazalas , Michele
30 year class reunion to commence July 10,11,12. July 10, Friday, Happy Hour at the Lemp Mansion under the Gazebo 6pm-midnight. July 11, Saturday, Creve Coeur Lakehouse 6-11 pm. Must RSVP and purchase tickets in advance. (Still in the developing stage) . July 13, Sunday, picnic/active fun day at Creve Coeur Park 12:00- ??. Please go to facebook and the "event" section will provide you with updated info and you can reconnect with other classmates. Hope to see everyone at the reunion and spread the word! Michele Cazalas 3-6-9

Conway , Kolburn W.
Talk about a surprise! I see the last time I updated this was while I was still in St Louis. I missed the 20th reunion while moving to Texas, and was in the Army in Europe for the 10th, but I hope to eventually get to a reunion eventually! I and my wife of 23 years, Lori, now live in Ft Worth TX, although I get to St Louis now and then for my employer, as I am an Investment Representative for Edward Jones.

Crites , Michael

Dahl , Martha (Rich)

Davis , Denise

Dobkins , Dale

Downing , Dana (Wion)

Eckert , Brenda (Niedringhaus)
Married to Tom. Three children...Andrew 19, Allison 16, and Austin 11. Currently teaching special education students at Wildwood Middle School in Rockwood.

Fox , Alan

Frank , Ralph

Fuchs , Dave
Namaste' Class of '79. How wonderful to have the opportunity to reconnect with old classmates and friends long lost and distanced. A brief update of my years since spring of 1979, would include numerous adventures and carreer building ending with my professional retirement in 1999 with the sale/merger of my company, and my life graduation to more passionate & philanthropic endeavorers. Currently, I am coaching/teaching basketball, a true passion and enjoying my remaining parental days with my children, ages 13, 16, & 18. You can see a current video of me (please be kind and don't laugh too hard) at our club website - www.swarmbasketballacademy.com. I live in the Chesterfield area, but spend much time traveling out of the country. Would love to hear from classmates and friends. As I was US Navy member and still enjoy those connections with my shipmates, I would really enjoy reconnecting with '79 huskies. A few years back, I was inducted into the RHS Hall of Fame. With that, my portrait now hangs in the hallway of Ritenour (No sharpie mustaches or eyeglasses please). Who would of thought? It was quite a honor for me. If you would like to drop me a note, you can count on me to respond. My email addresses are hoopplayer@msn.com or ilama@mac.com. Namaste!

Galakatos , Barbara J.
I am now first VP of Morgan Stanley. Divorced (you'd think I would learn by now) and my beautiful daughter is 20! I have two papillions and am very much enjoying being on my own. (Empty nest syndrome never got me!)

Gann , Nancy (Claspill)
I am sure that most of you won't really remember me. I was very shy and quiet in school. I am married for the second time to Mike. My daughers Windy & Heather are now 27 & 23. Windy works fro Division of Family Services in Jeff City and Heather just graduated from Mizzou December 2007. She is still on the job hunt. I am an Human Resource Rep for a plastics company in Cape Girardeau. I have been here for 16 years. I have no grand babies yet so my beagles are my kids now that the girls are gone. If anyone wants to drop me a line, please do so.

Glaus , Henry
Since graduating, I have Finished an MBA at UMSL, got married in 1982 to Nanette Wonsewitz of Berkeley Mo. We have 2 boys, Josef 14 and Daniel 9. We moved to Tennessee in 1990 when I went to work for Nissan, 4 years later I moved to Germany for 2 years to work with Mercedes Benz. Currently I work as a manager of purchasing for Mercedes Benz in Tuscaloosa Alabama (yes, I finally put the 3 years of Mr. Boswells classes to use). The plant I work at Builds the M- Class SUV. I spend most of my free time when not travelling back and forth to Germany, involved with the Boy Scouts.

glenn , david
Hi Its Dave, remember the slightly shy and quiet guy from high school.. the one who used to write poetry... well its me.. I remember the old school.. who can forget the place...now living in Florida.. missing you all.. and my old poetry writing days..Im still single.. never married and no kids..yet.. will warn you all when that comes about.. Hope ol Chuck A Burger is still around.... keep in touch.. dave

Green , Lawrence
Hello classmates,I went by the name of Larry.....I just moved back to Overland from Buffalo,NY.I'm now a 30 Year Transmission & Automotive Master Tech.I left in the 10th grade after I had a real bad MOTOCROSS accident where I broke both my legs,left arm,8 ribs ,fractured my skull and broke my back.It happened 1 week before I turned 16,we wait are whole lives to drive ,I had to crawl. I dropped out and started rebuilding Transmissions ,for Duncan Transmissions on Breckenridge.....Anyway,I'm back and I'm VERY SINGLE wanting to hook-up with old friends and LOOKING for the girls {Ladies now} that I used to have a CRUSH on.....Here is a list:Kathy Grupe,Brenda Nedringhaus,Janine Sparks,Mary McCarthy,Lisa Williamson,Theresa Payne and a few more Beautiful young girls LOL. I can't remember there names, but I could there faces...P.S. does anyone have yearbooks from Ritenour Senior,Hoech Junior High,Iveland or Marion Schools or know where I can purchase some ,please let mr know...E-mail me if you know where these woman are now or if you remember me as a friend or classmate ...When and where are our next Reunion ,Let's make one I'll help in organizing it .I'm very stable in my Life and one of the Top Automotive Technicians in the Nation...If you need any tech advice what so ever or before you sign that Repair Order ..E-mail me I'll give you my CELL Number...Be HAPPY Be SAFE

Grumke , Clay
Married for 18 years to Theresa, 2 great kids, attorney at A.G. Edwards investment firm. Cheer for orange and black at Webster Groves on Friday nights in the fall. A lot of great Ritenour memories.

Hamm , Bonita
Jan. 10, 2006 - My twin sister Anita and I live together in Maryland Heights. Both are single. Our home phone number is 314-205-1591. Would like to hear from some old friends.

Hartley , Sue (Barnholtz)
A friend of mine that graduated in 1978 just invited me to her class reunion, which got me thinking about the class of 79. Please send me note, it would be great to reconnect with old friends.....

Hartmann , Mark
Hi all,
I was registered before but apparently got wiped out in the latest computer glitch! To update, I have a PH.D. in Anthropology and currently work as an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arkansas. I am married to a beautiful woman named Camille (1998)- no kids yet but we are finally getting around to building our dream home. I really enjoy teaching and especially travelling around the world.

Herron , Donovan
Hello all, I've been in the Army since graduation and have been loving life ever since. It sucks that I missed the 10 year reunion but I was deployed. Contact anytime

Hicks , Bob

Holcomb , Todd

Horrell , Patrick
There's going to be a 30 year reunion as most of you know! Log on / register yourself on Facebook.com for updates and more details. The postings are on an event wall called the Ritenour Class of 1979 Reunion.

Huff , Cathy (Smith)

Ivie , Joyce (Ruehmann)
Now living in Germantown, TN.

Kennedy , Frances M.
I spent a couple of years doing nursing and modeling and then waitressing. I married and divorced a wife-beater and became Overland's only pregnant hostage in 1986. After that I decided I didn't need a co-pilot so I'm staying single. I met my significant other shortly after and have been with him since for 13 years. He showed me that being self-employed would give me the ultimate in freedom so I went back to school at Vatterott and now teach software, troubleshoot hardware and software and set-up books for accounting on quickbooks. I have three children Stephen 21, Patrick 15, Amanda 14 this coming week on the 7th. In 99 Stephen became a father and boy is he precious, Austin Taylor Kennedy-Wilson. Apparently no one else has figured out how to put pic's on the web but if you go to Albums on this site you can see all of us. In case you don't know, I am #8 of eleven Kennedy's to come through the halls of Ritenour (there's also a picture of all of us in the album)! . It would be nice to hear from anyone from school. Julie Womack is still my best friend in the world.

King , Jeannie (Wilson)
What an impressive class!!! WOW! You all are quite accomplished! How did 30 years pass that quick? It seems like yesterday! I still feel 18 in my mind- too bad the body doesn't:) I've been married to John (class of '75) for 27 years. We have two grown children- Jessica & Jeremy- both Ritenour & SLU grads. I have two grandchildren and love, love, love being the MaMa. I teach first grade for our rival district- Pattonville. However, my daughter teaches for Ritenour:) Hope to see everyone at our reunion.

Kirk , Annette (Granich)
Hey everyone! It's January 2009 and I can't believe we've been gone from Ritenour for 30 years! I've been married for almost 25 years to the same wonderful guy, Ron, also a Ritenour grad, class of '78. No, we didn't make '78's reunion - couldn't talk Ron into it this time - but we heard they had a blast. I've been working at Monsanto for more than 25 years...since I graduated from UMSL...currently doing Regulatory Affairs. Two great kids, Aaron (16) a junior a Lafeyette HS and Adam (12) a 7th grader at Rockwood Valley Middle. Life is so busy it's hard to keep up, but a 30-year reunion would be great fun - looking forward to catching up!

Kirkland , Kerry (Wilson)
Hi to all. Happy with life. Married for 18 years and we are raising a beautiful 7 year old son. Living on a minifarm with 3 horses and enjoying (semi)country life. Served 4 years in the Army and got to live in Italy as a result for a couple of years. Have a master's degree and license in counseling, but changed careers three years ago to pursue my dream of working with horses. Now do Natural Hoof Care and horse training. Don't do art anymore, but my son loves to. Loved Ritenour and always will. Hi Frenchies. Best of life to all my classmates.

Knoll , Tammy (Cato)
Hi 1979 graduates. I went to UMSL after high school and met and married my husband. After working at Smith Kline for five years I started working at my husband's family business Walter Knoll Florist. I have now been there 23 years and married for 22 years. We have two children. Just last week we saw our oldest off to SEMO and my youngest is now in high school at Lindbergh. Miss many of you and wish everyone the best.

Kreitler , Sherry (Blackburn)
Currently living in St. Peters, Mo. Married 28 years with two children, a 24 year old daughter and 18 year old son. I am a registered nurse and work in the NICU(neonatal intensive care unit) at St. John's Mercy Medical Center.

Krumwiede , Deborah (Hughes)

Lane , Toni (Meece)
I am currently the City Manager for Kelly Services in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have been married to Steve Lane since 1983. We have two wonderful daughters ... Jennifer (13) and Michelle (4). Would love to hear from my old classmates. Recently had the opportunity to visit with many at our 20-year reunion.

Lavigne , Michelle (Stultz)
I got my GED, but not till after I had married some years and had two children. I went back to school and got my C.M.A. I'm also an occupational hearing technologist and throw a few other in there too. I work for Apria Healthcare along with my 2nd husband Brian peanut Lavigne who was in the class of 1988 I think. We live in Alton and have our own small diving Co. If you loose it in water, we'll go down and find it. I wasn't in any of the clicks in school I just hung with a few friends. I would like to hear from you if you remember me.

Lawrence , Lynn

Lewis , Paul D.
Almost finished my 20 and will be calling home in Falcon, Mo. 45 minutes from Springfield. Would love to hear from any classmate.

Little , Billy
My brother (Russ) told me about this website and I thought I'd add my two cents. Here is the good and the bad. I haven't figured out which is which yet so I'll just list some stuff. Married again (3rd time is a charm?). Two boys, Anthony (14), Christian (12). Planning on having another child next year with my wife (Sedya). Too much time spent in school (BA, MBA, JD). Four years as a Marine Corps Officer, Four years as Air Force Officer, still in the Air Force Reserves (LtCol, looking for full Colonel in 2007). Travelled more than I wanted to but I was lucky enough to find my current wife in Munich, Germany. Smuggled her back in my suitcase. Please don't call the Immigration people. Working as an attorney in Phoenix, Arizona (defending criminals - I find that I can relate to them very well - must be a Ritenour thing). I couldn't be happier with my life. There is nothing that I wanted to do that I didn't do. Great to see so many of our classmates are doing well too.

Loreth , Marilyn (Winter)
I live in Hazelwood with my Tim and 3 of 4 children (Samantha-16, Caleb-9 and Connor-6), a dog, a cat and 2 hermit crabs. Our oldest, Brianna is a massage therapist at Massage Envy in Chesterfield, MO. I am and Administrative Assistant for HealthDirect (AIG). I would definitely enjoy hearing from anyone.

Lori , Horton (Hughes)
Hi everyone! Wow is nice to see so many classmates progessing in life very well and being happy. Well I moved to Atlanta,Ga after graduating from Lutheran Medical school of Nursing in St. Louis, I am currently seeking my masters degree in nursing education (graduating in Sept. 2010) and working for the Emory Healthcare System in Georgia. My children are the love of my life, I have a 28, 23 & 17 year old and three adorable grandchildren. Life has been sweet and I'm truly blessed. Nice to hear from so many classmates I have to go view the information about the class reunion.


Mayo , Tracy (Litzinger )

McBrady , Jackie (McBrady)
Greetings everyone! It is November 2008 and I am realizing that it will be 30 years next year since graduating from RHS...wow...time flies! I am up for the challenge to plan a reunion...if anyone wants to help, please send me an email... looking forward to catching up with all of you. Jackie

McCarthy , Kevin
Married for 21 years to to a great girl named Sandy. Two kids, Raychel 17, Bryan 13. Retired from military after 22 years. Started my own company working in the corporate / executive security field as well as conducting specialized training for the Federal Government and the Department of Defense, local and overseas. I currently live in Chester Virginia which is just south of Richmond.

Mertell , Richard C.
Hello fellow grads, For those of you who remember me or not. I still live in the general area St.Ann. I have my own business i'm in money& the internet.I do things like setup retirement plans, mortgages, mutual funds, money markets, life and health insurance and many more. I'm still single, no kids. i'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me or would like to know me. Hope to see yall at the 25th year reunion.

Moore , Scott A.
After consulting with PeopleSoft Higher Ed software for five years, I finally settled down and accepted a position with the University of St. Thomas as the Dean of Scholarships and Financial Aid. I live in Houston, Tx and am an avid animal lover, Christian liberal and Texan! I have three dogs, a 26 lbs cat and a life partner (Joey).

Morefield , Timothy
Well,It has been awhile since I last updated my listing. Don't know how many of you remember me,but that is okay,I kind of blended into the background in school. Still living in Xenia,ohio.I work as a printing press operator in Blue Ash,Ohio.A small town outside Cincinnati.My wife is self-employed. Been married now for 21 years.Have 2 daughters,one in her second year of college and the other finishing her last year of high school.No Grandkids,hoping that is a long time away. Anyone wish to contact me please do.You can use this e-mail address or contact me through the business website

Moss , Rodger
Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has heard if there is going to be a 30th, Let me know good luck to everyone.


Muller , Karen (Barklage)
Married to Doug Muller from Troy, MO. 3 children, Jenna 23, Robert 21, and Brad 18. One granson, Jordan born Sept. 2005. I am the Associate Head Nurse of the Medical/Oncology division, Outpatient Infusioon Center, and Wound/Ostomy department at St. Luke's Hospital in Chesterfield, MO. My husband works for the City of DesPeres. We are members of Gateway Central Church of the Nazarene, where we are active in various ministries.

Nabzdyk , Heidi (Metze)
(updated 2003) - Howdie, old huskies! Where did we leave off? After grad.,I spent 4 years in the U.S.Army.I returned to this area in 1983.I have been a paramedic with St.Charles County Ambulance District for the last 16 years.I work 24 hour shifts on an advanced life support unit. We live in St.Charles County.My husband is a police Lt.We have 4 awesome children.Anna is 11,Becky 9 1/2,Elsie 3 1/2,and Wally 2 years old.In my spare time(ha ha),I stay busy with vacation bible school,girl scout camp,soccer(becky),softball(Anna),church,gardening,etc. I'm interested in hearing from you.Is there a 25th in the works? "WE ARE FOXY,WE ARE FINE,WE'RE THE CLASS OF 79'"

Nazar , Vickie (Jung)

Osborn , Mark
Wow...I stumbled on to this...and some of the people I clearly remember have made notes about themselves...Me: Single, Live in St. Louis (Ballwin), attended UMSL then went to Columia to graduate, lived in NYC for a time working as a stockbroker, have been working for to Medicine Shoppe International for the last 10 years ( HQ here )and currently Director of Business Development. Time sure goes fast, I'm sure you'll agree! Missed the 20th, went to the 10th, looking forward to the future reunions if Jackie Mc-Baxter remembers to contact me in time! Hope you are all doing well if you are reading this, and I certainly welcome your greetings/contact via e-mail. It would be nice to say hello again.

Osborne , Laurie
Love the site. Still living in the area. I have one child. My son graduated from Ritenour in 2005. Go Huskies!

Owen , Lisa ((Ray))
Hey everyone class of 79! A few names seem familiar but not sure I remember any of you and if you knew me in high school you could probably understand why! However, I did actually survive that era and grew up. I have two kids now one 23 year old son, with a 2 year old baby, and an 18 year old daughter going on 35. join classmates so we can talk more. I have pictures of them. Don't have any pictures of myself for some reason you stop taking them of yourself after kids. hahah! would love to hear from anyone! I'm in accounting in the corporate world now have been for the last five years. Was the General Manager of a hotel for a long time before that. Got burned out! email me if ya know me. ttyasoon

Parsons , Diane (Nitz)
WOW!!! I got to this web site courteousy of my son, Ben, who will be 29 in Aug. I also have a daughter, Jen, who will be 28 in Oct. I am so excited to get a chance to reconnect with classmates because I quit in 1979 and was unable to graduate. Both my kids graduated from Ritenour. I live in south county, we moved here in Jan 2008 to be closer to my 2 grandsons, Xander 4, and Ethan 18 months. I would love to hear from everyone!!

Phegley , Gina (Shinabargar)
Hello to all! I am still living in
Prairie du Rocher, Illinois with my
husband, Glenn, and my 4 children: Sara (20), Jaimee (18), Andrew (16)
& Alex (12). I would love to hear from
some former classmates!

Phillips , Larry
HI! I joined the army after high school spent four years. then I bought a home in Overland and have been a machinist the whole time.

Piel , Margo (Jan) (Giuffrida)

Ping , Marshall (N/A)
Pingcabinetry@ netscape.net
I often think about whats happend to old classmates and frinds that Iv lost touch with for what ever reason.I graduated from North Co. Tech. Iv lived in Maryland,Virginia, And now live in West Virginia Near were the Shannandoeh and Potomic rivers Merge. Do you remember any of your history classes. Iv been married to my wife Dea for 20 years.We have Two children Marin,18 and started collage this year.(Allegheny in Penn.)And Ian 13 a wrestler. Iv been self employed as a custom Cabinet maker for the past 16 Yr. I still have that old 55 Ford truck that I had sitting in my moms Drivway for so long, but its been in custom truck magazines since then.Iv had it for 31 Yr. This is a great site.Drop aline.Tell others about the site. If theres ever a reunion count me in. To all a good life.

Pointer , Carolyn (Smith)

polette , mary-jo (burle)
married/divorce has 5 children 1 boy 4 girls one of the girls died aug.25,2005 at the age of 20 has two grankids 1 boy 1 girl/ would like to get in touch with some of my alumni classmates

Polette , Mary-Jo (Burle)
I have 5 childern ranging from 24yrs to 13yrs. I live in Ill.. I work for the state of Ill..I was married but now I'm devorce. I'm single and lovingg it.

Poore , Tammy (Pitman)
I moved to Arkansas after graduation and went to collage at Arkansas State University. Found a true companion and married my best friend Thad. We have a daughter Melissa. I am employed by the Randolph County Sheriff's Department,as a Administrative Deputy.

Post , Chris (Costello)
30 year class Reunion for Class of 1979 is planned! Friday July 10 - The Lemp Mansion- Gazebo Ice-breaker event, let Rick Mertell know if you can make it just trying to make sure we have enough staff and beer, open to all classes 6-12pm. You will need to rsvp for this event as well, don't forget contact rick at rick.mertell@netzero.com or my contact information is below. Saturday July 11 - The Creve Coeur Lakehouse by reservation Class of 79 only- The Big Event-Class of 79 Themed, Ticket info coming soon! You can contact me to rsvp cpost@usa-mortgage.com or cell 314/608-3171. Sunday July 12 - Family Picnic Forest Park - Potluck 1pm-sundown, bring bikes, blades,and BBQ. Skinker and Wells but on Wells, N of 40 and SW of ZOO, Pavilion 5- see signs and orange and black balloons. We have also created an event on Facebook titled "Ritenour Class Reunion 1979", add me as a friend and I will guide you. Hope to see you all there!

Postol , Tom
Hello to all. I live in Atlanta GA and married to Chris (Townsend) class of 84. We have two children, Ryan and Paige, 19 and 15. I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to hearing from you.

Raley , James "Jim"
Greetings all past, present, and future Ritenour grads! I moved to Florida after graduating and attended the University of Florida. Got married in 5/87 and moved to Detroit in 11/87 (missed the snow!), where I've been since. Still happily married, no kids (but three cats, which can be just as bad some times..LOL), wife and I both work for Compuware (www.compuware.com) - she 18 years, me 6 years, nice house on 3 acres of land in a quiet neighborhood. Life's been pretty good to us.

Rautenkranz , Ed
Didn't graduate with you all in 79, moved to Colorado in 77, but grew up there, thru DeHart and Hoech, and of course RSH! Missing those childhood friendships with you all. Would love to attend a 30th reunion, so please add me to the list of invitees and if there's anything I can do to help, please ask. Looking to hook up again with some of the old class mates, especially the ones from Spanish class that went to Mexico in 1976, as well as any others that remember me. Some of the names escape me, but I'm sure it will all come flooding back once we start sharing memories again.

Renata , Carla (Williams)
I received a B.A. in Communications from Howard University in 1987 and have been making a career as an actress. I have appeared on Broadway in HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING, THE LIFE & SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE. I have also done numerous television and radio commercials and appeared on such hit TV series as FRASIER & CHICAGO HOPE. I am currently starring in the LA Production of the Broadway musical THE LION KING where I protray the role of SHENZI.

Robinett , Robin

Schaefer , Sue (Meyers)
30 year reunion!!! Sounds like great fun, I would love to see everyone. I live in Sacramento, CA. I have not lived St Louis since 1987. I have 2 daughters, Lauren (13) and Rachel (12) and I am married to the same guy since 1988 - Randy. I still keep in touch with Chris Costello-Post, Mary Ann Molnar- Thurby and Michele Cazalas. If there is anything I can do from Sacramento to make this happen let me know. Keep me posted. Sue

Schaefer , Sue (Meyers)
Would love to come. I live in Sacramento, CA since 1987. My family still resides in St. Louis. I visit once a year and I can make it in October or whenever for sure.

Shamel , Laura (Hubbard)
Wow - reading this brought back memories! I live in Bridgeton, Mo. 4 kids and a couple of dogs. I am retiring after teaching 27 years in the Hazelwood District. Can't wait to do something different!

Shaw , Sandy (Lenau)
I thought I would update this since it has been almost 3 years since I last wrote anything. I am looking forward to the 30th reunion. I can't believe you all are that old already! Ha - look who is talking - my youngest daughter will be 27 tomorrow and is expecting her first child - my second grandbaby. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone and hope to see you all in 2009!

Shinabargar , Chuck

YA ALL AT THE 30 YEAR REUNION! 314-409-1246

Silvey , Kelle (Mulick)
I currently work at Westminster College in Fulton, MO as the Director of Admissions. I married in 1986 and live in Columbia, Mo with my husband and two daughters. It has been fun to re-unite with some of our alums and their children who are looking at Colleges. I am looking forward to our next reunion. Hope to see you all soon.

Stock , Kim (Craig)
Greetings Fellow Ritenour Graduates... It's been way too long. Where does the time go? We can't possibly be in our 40's! I have two sons, one is 25 and one is 19. I'm still right here in the area. I graduated from college and had been doing social work and counseling until becoming disabled. I'd love to hear from any of my old friends!!!

Taylor , Tim

Underwood , Glenn
Roadie for gangsta rapper 50 cent. Decent money, excellent job perks.

Unruh , Katie (Thomson)
Hello everyone! It sounds like everyone is doing great. I am as well. Got married on October 12, 2002. I am currently working as a receptionist and looking for a job as well. One of these days I hope to go get my masters in Sports Management and become a Athletic Director for SLU (well that is my dream). Have a great 2003!

Washington , Leonard
Update time!!!.Married for the last 5 years to ex-Husky Deirdre (Wells '80).Have 5 children between us,the last being our daughter Jaela (5).Living and loving in Webster Groves.Have a son Rod who will graduate in 2009.Would love to hear from or see many old friends and teammates from the days.Saw Tom Bowden this year,he was coaching wrestling at Hillsboro High.The guy looks like he hasn't aged a day!!!.See ya at the 30th Reunion!!!.

Wesche , Julia (Luebke)
Hey, wouldn't it be great if they could add a picture function to this website? I'm excited about the 30th reunion--especially since I didn't make the 20th. Stuff is happening on Facebook, so join up there we can all catch up a bit! I've been married for almost 29 years. I have 3 married daughters and 2 sons (the oldest son is in the MO National Guard and the baby is a Junior in high school), 3 grandsons, 1 granddaughter, and 1 on the way! I don't feel THAT old, but I know it is true. I still live in Overland.

Whelan , Vicky (Gross)
Hi Everyone! Well, I am married to a wonderful man and have three awesome kids. My oldest, Tonya (26), is married to a Springfield Police Officer and is the Ad Set Supervisor at Kohl's. My middle child, Leslie (24), is in college at OTC and is working at Cox Hospital. My youngest, Ben (8), just started third grade. I work in recovery at Cox hospital. I am curious to hear what everyone has been doing since high school. Hope all is well class of 79'!

Wilhite , Scott

williams , dennis
Just thought I'd say hello to those that remember me. Married, still live in St. Louis,no children,and I've been working in the mortgage industry for Pat Agnew(class of '79)for 15 years.I travel a bit,still like to have a good time,and don't look a day over 30(make that 45!)All in all I've had a pretty good life.

Wilson , Robert
Hi Everyone! Thought I'd update this a bit. It's 11/29/2005. I've been married to Maureen(Kenyon) (Sorry, she's from up here in WI) now for 28 years. We have two daughters 25 and 17 and my oldest is going to make me a Grandpa in April 2006. We've been living in Wisconsin now for 27 years and I've worked at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse now for 22 years. My my, how time does fly by........ I've been having fun with Amateur Radio, hunting, fishing and camping here. Well Thanksgiving is gone by now and so has our Deer season. Bagged a 10 pointer this year with a 20" inside spread and 165lbs. The weather is turning here. We're on our 4th snowfall for the year today but it keeps melting off. The winter wonderland will soon be here. It's absolutely beautifuland quiet here with everything all white from the snow. well g2g later on!

Wright , Kevin
Hello fellow HUSKIES and especially to the GREAT CLASS of '79! Man, I can't believe it's almost been 24 years since we graduated! Where does the time fly? I've been married now for 21 years to DeAnn Feagans from the class of '78. We have three beautiful daughters, Jessica and Michelle who are 15, and Paige who is 10. Yes that means Jessica and Michelle are twins, fraternal THANK GOD! After going through Ritenour High School with the Courtous, Maxey, and a couple other sets of twins. I wasn't sure I was up for the task, but we have managed just fine! I have a few more gray hairs, but that's a small price to pay for the wonderful gift of parenthood. We currently live in Gardner, Kansas, which is just a few mile south of Kansas City. I am looking forward to possibly reconnecting with old friends from Ritenour. Please email me so we can talk.

Zigler , Clay
Since graduating in 1979 I finished my degree with a BS in Mass Communications at Lindenwood College. I then went on to work at KXOX radio in St. Louis for three, sometime fun, years. I then attended Fontbonne College and received a BA in English/Secondary education. I decided I wanted to teach and have been teaching high school journalism for the last 14 years. The last 10 years have been with the Rockwood School District. I finished my Masters in Media Communication from Webster University in the fall of 1999. I often present journalism topics at Columbia University in New York talking about different trends in high school journalism. Yes KRSH and the Pepper Box (two dear friends of mine) were part of my inspiration. I've been married since 1986 to Bonnie (Baltz) class of 81. We have 5 children and live in rural St. Charles County and yes we do have a baseball field in our backyard, just like Field of Dreams. I still say in touch with several former KRSH members (Real Ritenour Radio) yes, I did coin that phrase! And I still see some Pepper Box people, too. If you would like to respond or talk about how I gave up a homerun pitch to Mike Stewart ('78) at ABC ball park drop me a line

Zimmermann , Denise (Wright)

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Bell , Howard
Living in Casey, Illinois and pastoring the Oblong Evangelical United Methodist Church in Oblong, Illinois. I'm a Chaplain in the Air Force Reserves. I am the proud parent of David Howard Barber Bell and Rachel Beverly Barber Bell. My wife is the pastor of the Casey United Methodist Church. It's been a long time since 1980 but God has done great things for us all.

Blackwell , James H.
I am currently living in Germantown, Maryland with my Wife Robin, Step-Daughter Hala, and Granddaughter Briana who is 19 months (04/19/07). I work for The United States Patent & Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA as a Patent Examiner. I review Patent Applications for issues related to document processing, databases, world-wide-web, graphical user interfaces, etc. I have been working there since 2003. Previously, I worked as a contractor at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. I left St. Louis in 1989 after Graduating with a Masters of Science Degree in Physics from the University of Missouri, St. Louis. I would welcome emails from anyone in my graduating class as I occasionally think back to much easier times of my life.

Crawford , Deirdre (Wells)
I was a rythemette for 3 years. These were some of the best years of my life. I am a registered nurse and the manager of an outpatient survey center. I have one son that is 13 years old.

Crook , Kristie (Thomas)
I am married to a 1979 graduate of Ritenour, Mike Crook. We have 3 children 21, 17 and 14. I am now an employee of the Ritenour School District.

Cross , Darran V.

Cullop-Leek , Georgia (Key)
Hi Class of 80! I hope all is Fantastic with everyone! I live in Bridgeton, MO with my amazing husband of 4 years, Richard and our kids-Annsley 15,Casey- 15 and Marshall-11.Life is wonderful and hectic (teenagers) at the same time! I have worked for Hallmark Corp. for 2 years and love my job! I can't wait until the 30th (OMG) reunion to see everyone, feel free to e-mail me anytime!!!!

Duncan , Bill
Thought I'd update after five years: Married 17 years now To Cathleen. Girls Emily-13 and Sara-12 starting to be a teenage handful. Living in Ballwin/Wildwood area. I still have thoughts of finishing my Special Education degree, but am trying to surpress them. I'm still in contact with several Rit-grads, like Clay Zigler (79), Bonnie Baltz-Zigler (81), Kevin Smith (79), and Joe Scott (80), as well as brother Brian (81) living in Ohio and sister Kara (88)in Chicago. Anything else you want to know? Email me.

Eller , Christine L.
I reside in O'Fallon, MO with my son, Evan, born '96. I have a degree in journalism from Mizzou, '84; a degree in financial accounting from U of Phoenix, '03; am a certified paralegal and am working on a law degree. I am currently employed with THF Realty in risk management, construction management and market research.

Farrar , Paul
GM of small steel warehouse. 6 Children keep me very busy. Always happy to her from old friends.

Ferrell , Dean
Jan 2006 - A year after graduating I married another fellow Ritenour ■80 graduate (Colette Tooloose) and we just celebrated our 24th Anniversary. We have one daughter (Jennifer) who graduated Cum Laude from Southwest Missouri State in 2005 with a BS in Psychology. She was married over the summer and is an Assistant Residence Hall Director at Missouri State University (formerly Southwest Mo State) while she completes her Masters program down in Springfield. Along with getting married, I also joined the US Air Force right after graduation and spent 4 years living in Florida (it was great!). After getting out we moved back to Springfield Missouri and it was not long before I realized I needed to further my education, so I went to school and in 1990 graduated from Southwest Missouri State with a BS in Education and was getting ready to teach High School Science when I was offered a job with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (formerly Defense Mapping Agency) as an analyst, where I still work today. Currently, we are living in Huntingdon, England (about 80 miles north of London) where I am on a rotational assignment. We arrived in 2004 and are planning on returning to the St. Louis area in the Spring of 2007. Before we moved we lived in St. Charles, and really enjoyed it there, so I imagine that is where we will look when we return. Because Colette and I moved right after graduating we lost track of many of our classmates, but we have tried to stay in touch with as many as we could through the years. I have also tried to stay active in our Reunions, helping organize the 5, 10, 15, and 20 year get-togethers. Unfortunately, I was not able to get back for the 25th ( I was hoping to so that I could be in the running for traveling the farthest!!), but I hear ■a good time was had by all■. I am already looking forward to the 30 year reunion, but I sure hope I run into some of you before then! Please feel free to contact me anytime, or at least add your update to these pages so that we can all check in every now and then to see how everyone is doing.

Flynn , Paul Christian 'Chris'
Graduated early by meeting all required credits. Did not attend senior year. Moved to NYC in '81. Later to California '88. Then moved to Copenhagen, Denmark '89. Married '89 to Elin, father of 3 boys, Max b. '90, Alex b. '93, and Kian b.'95. Am self-employed and still living outside Copenhagen.

Gibbs , Gretchen (Seidler)
Somehow didn't hear about the 25th, but loved catching up through this website. I left MO after graduation and have only been back to visit family. Been ordained as a Presbyterian minister for 22 years and currently serving a church in Valparaiso, IN. Been married for almost 17 years and have a 13 year old son and 11 year old daughter. They keep us very busy and happy. After living in St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago; I have lived in the country for the last 17 years and love it! We are only 90 minutes from Chicago, so I can get my fix of the city, but love the quiet. Hope to be at the 30th.

Green , Terry
(April 2005) The Naval Academy didn't work out after graduation (too much lint in my belly-button - har har). Ended up graduating from Mizzou in '87. Immediately moved to Maryland and have worked for a series of technology companies. Currently an Info Systems Mngr for a Government contractor. Very happily married since '93 to Mary; two wonderful, high-maintenance daughters (Liesl - '98 and Erin - '99). On travel for the 20th - hope to be at the 25th!!

Hammer , Jeanette (Jean) (Walker)
Hello old friends. I finally went back to finish my degree in biology and have been teaching the past 4 years at Hazelwood East High. It's awesome being at a school with a winning football team. I'm working on a master's in counseling and have retired from coaching field hockey, softball, track and field. Those were good times. Ran into a lot of graduates during those days.

Harris , Rosemary (Johnson)
Married with Three children. Two children attend Ritenour High School, 1 is a Freshman and 1 a Senior graduating in 2003.

Hicks , Chris (Senyard)

Hill , Tim
Quick update. Pam and I are doing great. I start seminary next week. Will be on the mission field within 4 years.

Hill , Tim
I moved to Memphis TN within one week of graduation. I met and married my wife of 24 years Pam. We have 2 sons, Jeff is now 20 and plans on going into mission work oversea in Nigeria. Greg who is 14 and is a great student (unlike his daddy). I retired from the Navy after serving 21 years. I currently work for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis as a Pharmacy technician and lead worship and our church part time. Would love to hear from my old friends.

Hoffmann , Elizabeth (Beth) (Lewis)
I live in Bethalto, IL, happily married for 20 years to Kevin, have 4 step children and 3 wonderful gransons. Production Control Manager for CCP, in Bridgeton, MO. Would love to hear from anyone.

Holguin , Cathy

Huff , Terri (Kirk)
Here's my update: Still living in Overland. I am living with Dan Canaday(graduate of Ritenour, 1978). My oldest son got married to Kelly Conrey (daughter of Karla Conrey(Canaday)(Ritenour teacher and Ritenour graduate 1983) in March of '07. They are living in St. Ann. My middle son just graduated Ritenour in 2008 and is attending Lindenwood on scholarship. He's playing baseball for them. My youngest son is at Ritenour Middle School in 8th grade. Working for Edward Jones Investments in Ladue. Hope to hear from some of you.

Hutchinson , Barry
Retired from the Air Force four years ago. Living in Macon Ga with my wife and two daughters ages 15 and 12.

Inkley , Kathy (Patterson)
Life is good-married 16 years, 3 children, Megan-15, Kristin-14 and Taylor-12. 25 year reunion will be October 7-PJs Martini Bar in Kirkwood 6pm-? Ritenour Homecoming Football game on Saturday! All postings will be at Classmates.com See you soon!

Jackson , Gwendolyn
Hi ya class of 80!!!!!!!!! well it's me Gwen (remember me) I now live in Atlanta, Ga (loving it) I have 3 kids and 5 grandkids (by the way all 3 graduated from Ritenour) I would love to hear from some of you, it's only been what 27 years OMG how times flies...hit me up at above email...hope to hear from ya soon...by the way does anybody know where Kim Olivo is? i lost contact with her and would love to talk to her....TTL

Janitch , Tim
Married with 4 great kids, Brandi, Jacob, Joey and Josh.

Jehling , Sherry (Howarth)
Hey everyone! I am happily divorced and living in Lake Sherwood, MO (not to be mistaken with Sherwood Lake in Overland) out past Wentzville. I have lived there for 13 years. I have one daughter, Hayley, who is 15. Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

Johnson , Lori (Johnson)

Langhorst , Linda (Ullrich)
April 05 Update - Married (Aug '03) to a wonderful man - Gary Langhorst and live in O'Fallon, MO. My sons, Ryan and Robert, will be turning 20 (Jun '05) and now have an apartment on their own - very scary. Took a new position at Anheuser-Busch in Sales. Since I didn't get the opportunity to continue my education after high school, I am now - actually been attending Maryville University for my BS Marketing and expect to graduate Dec 2006. Drop a line just to say hello......

Lawson , Jamie (Parham)
Hey everyone! Yes, Hey....I live in North Carolina now and for some reason we never say Hi, just "hey." Everyone here sounds normal now so I probably have a nasty little southern accent too and don't realize it. I've been living near Ft. Bragg, NC since 1983. After graduation I went to Southwest Mo. State for about a year. Then, I joined the Army and went to Columbia, SC, San Antonio, TX and finally landed here in NC. I stayed active duty for about 7 years, got married, had a daughter and divorced when she was five. I went to school, became a Graphic Designer and I've been doing that for the last 15 years. I work for a local Magazine designing ads. I also spent a few years in the National Guard but balancing being a single mom, working full time, and the being in the Guard was tough so I got out. I must have had good "mom" instincts because a year later, my unit was sent to Iraq. My daughter, McKenzie, is now 19 and is the best kid in the whole world -- I don't deserve her. She's a gorgeous blond (go figure) and she takes care of me as much as I do her. I've only been back to St. Louis once or twice since I left. My parents moved away from there years ago so we tend to vacation at the beach or mountains since both are equally close by. Terrifies me to even think of driving in St. Louis much less try to find my way around there again. I'm sure it's all changed from the way I remember it. I have moments of extreme homesickness though (like now) and miss the old days and friends. Turns out they were the best friends I ever had. It's fun reading about everyone yet amazing that so much time has slipped away. I hope everyone is happy and doing well. I miss you! Take care.. Lawsonj123@aol.com

meder , terri (waller)
Hello everyone,
Been married to Erich Meder since 1983 and have two kids Nate who is 18 and graduated this year and a daughter who is 16 who is working at a wild animal park and loving it here in AZ. Please drop a line and say hello at tmeder@cox.net and if you are in AZ look us up would love to have you over. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Kim Kuhlmann please let me know. Terri

Miller , Harold
Greetings Class of 80. Long time no hear hope this messages finds your all well and blessed in this new century. Currently living not far from home. Edmundson MO, I have been well, married 7 yrs to my second wife Juanita the two of us have 8 children totaled with 5 attending classes in the district. With 2 due to graduate at the close of this term. I wouldnt have it any other way. If anyone remembers me drop me a line or maybe i'll bump into you around the community or at this graduation. Be well all.

Null , Jim
Happily married for 14 years. Father of 2 wonderful daughters, ages 13 and 9. Currently living in Columbus, OH. Director of Information Technology for the Ohio State University Athletic Department. Would like to here from anyone I knew from high school. E-mail: null.12@osu.edu

Oliver , Kelly (Tracy)
After graduating high school, I hit the ground running. I moved to Houston, Tx, then San Francisco, Ca before settling down in Tampa, FL with my husband and three kids, Rick 24, Kurt 23, and Marcella 18. I graduated from USF with a Bachelors in Business, and continued my education with a MS-CIS from University of Phoenix. Currently, I work at HSN (Home Shopping Network) as a Director of Enterprise Networks. If you are ever in Tampa, and want to tour the site, just let me know....

Porter , Bryan

Ramshaw , Shauna (Ray)
After graduation I went to beauty school. I got married in 1983 and my husband and I have five children, 2 girls and 3 boys, ages 24 to 15 years. Not a grandma yet. I have been a stay at home wife and mother since we started our family. My oldest daughter is married and her husband is a Marine stationed in Afghanistan. I have lived my entire life in the St. Louis area.

Reed , Tina (Heninger)
Since graduation....married to Aaron for almost 24 years now, 2 boys(men) Brian-married with one daughter living in Yuma Arizona in the Marines Kyle-one daughter living here in STL so I can spoil the grandaughter ! Have been working for UnitedHealthcare for 22 years now, currently as an account advisor in Marketing for our Small Business Sales department. Still living in North STL county but have been gearing to downsize a little now that we are 'empty nesters'.Have seen some of you throughout the years at various places and worked with a few of you too. Would love to hear from anyone so feel free to email me.

Sellars , Murv
Doing well. Married almost 20 years, 1 child (late in life, so she's a youngster.) Author of a best-selling suspense-thriller series. Living in Overland. Saw a few of you at the 25 year reunion. Missed out on the 20. Hopefully my tour schedule will allow me to make the 30.

Sharp , Teri

Sparling , Ron

stahlberg , kit
Hello its me kit stahlberg i left saint john 13 years ago am living happy in fredericktown missouri have my own apartment and pet birds i work at a sheltered workshop go to a good church here in town still single but i found my real parents there now deceased but still have cousins would love to hear from classmates

Szkolka , Jeanne (Westhoff)
25 years gone by since we graduated,hard to believe! I am well, and living in Columbia, MO. I am married and have a 3 year old son. I own and operate the Columbia Dance Academy. I teach ballet, tap, jazz, modern, tumbling and sports-acro. Life is good, and getting better. Hope everyone is well and happy.

Tallent , Sherry (Garner)
Married 25 wonderful years to Wayne (class of 78). 2 children, Dwayne (24)and Nicole (20). Dwayne has given us 2 wonderful grandchildren. We live in the country and stay busy running our own business. Wayne & I would love to hear from anyone from the class of 78 or 80.

Tracy , Kelly M. (Hallas)
I have lived in sunny SW Florida for 12 years and I have three children, i.e...Rick (17), Kurt (16), and Marci (11). I am single and work at Edison Community College as the Network Systems Manager. I recently graduated from USF and am pursuing my Masters in CIS at FGCU. Write me anytime!

Ullrich , Linda ((Langhorst))
Married ('03) to Gary Langhorst. Built our dream home in O'Fallon, MO. Twins from previous marriage - Ryan and Robert will be turning 22 in June 2007. Been at Anheuser-Busch for 12 years - Love my job. Graduated with my BS Marketing in May 2006 - Pursuing MBA in Management at Maryville University. Life is good and I look forward to seeing everyone at the 30th. Drop a line when you get a chance...... Cheers!!!!

vanherreweghe , julie (kreher)
hello everyone,well lets see married for ten years, divorced in 1993, two children ages 21 and 24, the oldest laura, is mother of my darling two grandsons. gavin, krys, 2 and 6. son michael, a law clerk, at the roach law firm, attending school parttime, wanting to pursue a career as a lawyer. i currently stay at home, aiding my 81, year old mother and being a housewife, happily engaged to dennis brown, 1973 graduate of rhs. would be glad to hear from old school friends, hope to see you all at the 30th reunion. cutegalfurby@yahoo.com

Verble , Lori (Inman )

Vieth , Jim
Hello everyone! Ihave been married to my wife Casey for 22 years and I have a daughter Mackenzie (15) and a son Mason (14). I am a 3 1/2 year cancer survivor. I live and work in the St Charles Area. Hope I can make the 30 year reunion. Later!

Weber , Sherry (Lee)
Went to work right after school. Was married in 1984 to Curtis Paul Weber. We had two childen Katrina (23) and Nathan (16). We divorced in 2001. I am currently living in Waynesville, MO, just outside of Fort Leonard Wood. I work part time. I would love to hear from you!!

Winters , Sally (Keen)
Five Children one granddaughter Divorced working part time Son just came back from Irac. Contact for any information of class reunion.

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Aguilar , Mary Beth
Love to travel...........

Allard , Paula (Vance)
I am happily married and living in southern Illinois, where my husband is the town veterinarian and I work in the health care industry at St. John's Mercy Medical Center, right back in St. Louis! My sons are grown, 27 and 25. The oldest is married and we're the proud grandparents of a beautiful little girl. I still play music as often as time allows and I still enjoy photography and horses. We visit Ireland as often as possible, it's known as our second home! Would love to hear from old classmates!

Allen , Dena (Thomas)
My husband Courtney and I have been married since 1989. I attended SEMO and Webster University for my Master's Degree. I work for the Ritenour School District where I teach 4th grade at Wyland Elementary. Courtney and I live in Creve Coeur with our son Derek (1995) and our daughter Jada (2000). It was fun seeing everyone at the 20 year reunion. Are we really that old?

Beasley , Mary

Benckendorf , Kathleen (Peter)
Oct 2009: Graduated from Wash U in mechanical engineering in 1986, married Ric in 1986. Left St. Louis in 1997 to everyone's amazement... spent some time in Phoenix, Albuquerque, Birmingham, back in MO near Troy, then five years in Terre Haute before returning to St. Louis in 2008. We're both working in the pharmaceutical industry. We have two bio kids and four adopted, all ranging in age from 14 to 21. We love sports and all kinds of outdoor activities. Look me up on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Bentley , Nancy (Aubuchon)

Biesemeyer , Annette (Patton)
Since Graduation I married a wonderful man Edwin (19 Years). We have three great children Anthony (Tony) a Senior at RHS (2010) Amanda a Junior and Timothy RMS. All active in Music and Sport for Ritenour.

Blanke , Cindi (Hofmann)
Moved back to the area a couple years ago.... my how things change!

Brakeville , Dan
I joined the Army June 11th 1981 (Infantry), got out in 86 and joined the U.S. Coast Guard (federal law enforcement) and have been in ever since. I got married in November 98 to my lovely wife Giselle (GIGI) in California and I am now stationed in Boston, Mass. Unfortunately, I have missed the reunions in the past and hope to see everybody on the 20th reunion and hope everyone remembers me!

Brooks , Ricky A.
Joined the Army in December 1981. Stayed there until retirement in '02. Earned AS in Medical Lab Technology and have multiple related certifications. After retirement earned BBA in Computer Information Systems. Currently working as database developer/training developer at Fort Sam Houston in scenic San Antonio, Texas. Have also lost ability to communicate in any other way than short, clipped sentences. Always interested in reunion info and connecting with old classmates.

Cox , Tara (Stidham)
I have lived in Florissant for the past 10 years. I married Ed Cox (Berkely 1980) in 1982, we have 4 children, Christopher (1985) Andrew (1987) Amanda (1989) and Patrick (1996). We also have our own vending company and I work full-time as a staff support for the corporate moves division of U-Haul. We are involved with quite a few things at the Hazelwood Schools and with the Florissant Church of Christ. I have stayed in touch with 4 or 5 people from high school and we are looking forward to the 20th reunion, since we all missed #10.

Cunningham , Suzy (Black)
Greetings from sunny Florida! I graduated from Rolla in 1986. During college, I developed a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and He has blessed my life beyond my wildest dreams. I married a wonderful man named Phil, and we just celebrated our 12th Anniversary. We have 2 Jack Russell Terriers dogs that keep us busy. We're both active in the musicians fellowship at our church; Phil plays the drums and I sing. I've been working for NASA at Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the last 15 years, and I've loved every day. I spent 14 years in various jobs in the Shuttle Program, and I'm currently in a new exciting assignment helping to bring new launch business to the Cape Canaveral Spaceport. I stayed in contact with a few of my close friends, but have lost touch in the last few years (Barb, Cyndi: what's the latest?). Most of my immediate family (my "no we're not twins" brother, Dave and my mom) moved to Tucson, AZ, so I don't get to St. Louis as often as I used to. Unfortunately, I've missed every reunion. I won't be able to make this one either, because we have a Shuttle launch that week. Keep us in your prayers. I would love to hear from some of my high school friends, so drop me an e-mail.

Davis , Ron (duck)
I moved away before high school,went to ritenour jr.been back a long time,thought I would run in to more people from the past.drop me a line people

Dickman , Jerry
Currently living in St. Peters Mo. since 1985 and have been married for 16 years to my college sweetheart, Lydia. We have two daughters, Brittany, who will turn 15 in May and Samantha who is 11. I am currently employed as a Regional Sales Director for a food service management company, Chartwells, and travel quite a bit throughout the United States. It would be nice to hear from some of my old friends from Ritenour.

Dobrzanski , Walter ( Dobie)
Divorced living in Wentzville 3 kids Michael, Brandi and Bryan. Michael just got back from Iraq that was a very trying time. He's 23 my daughter is 17 that's another thying time:-) LOL and my little buddy Bryan is me all over again. God help us all. LOL

Dreyer , Cherre (Brandenburg)
After graduation I married Walter Dreyer (also a 1981 Ritenour graduate). We have 3 daughters, Crystal 16, Brittany 9, and Hailey is 2. We have lived in O'Fallon, MO for 12 years. I worked for a Pharmaceutical company until becoming pregnant with our second child then I decided to stay at home and raise our children. The best decision of my life. We enjoy camping and being out on our boat. I look forward to our 20-year class reunion.

Dreyer , Walter
After graduation I married Cherre Brandenburg (also a 1981 Ritenour graduate). We have 3 daughters, Crystal 16, Brittany 9, and Hailey is 2. We have lived in O'Fallon, MO for 12 years. I am a Paramedic/ Firefighter with the Robertson Fire Protection District. I have been a volunteer firefighter in O'Fallon for 10 years and hold the rank of Lieutenant there. We enjoy camping and being out on the boat. We look forward to seeing everyone at the class reunion and would like to hear from friends from Ritenour.

Felknor , Laurie (Harris)
I married for the first time in 1985 and moved to O'Fallon, Missouri. I was married 11 years when I divorced. I recently married a wonderful man named Chris and am now living in St. Peters. When I moved in it must have been fate because I now live next door to two Ritenour Alumni (small world). My husband and I are very active in the St. Charles Science Fiction /Fantasy Society and love attending local science fiction conventions (Archon and Name that Con). I am a homemaker and have no children as of yet. While in high school I was very active in the radio station and would love to hear from the old gang.

Fletcher , Margaret "Marge" (Elking)
Well I did not graduate... I left school Dec. of 1979. Got married to a wonderful man Eric and we have 2 kids Lisa 28 and Eric 20. We have 3 grand kids. Our 29th anniversary is coming up in Dec. 2008. We have lived in O'Fallon, Mo. for over 21 years. Would love to hear from some of the old high school crew.

Flynn , Chris "Paul Christian"
Graduated early by meeting all required credits. Did not attend senior year. Moved to NYC in '81. Later to California '88. Then moved to Copenhagen, Denmark '89. Married '89 to Elin, father of 3 boys, Max b. '90, Alex b. '93, and Kian b.'95. Am a self-employed writer and still living outside Copenhagen.

Foster , Carla (Walker)

Gershman , Bonnie (Womack)
I am still in the St. Louis area. I have two great kids. Aaron 14 and Eleanor 10. My best to everyone from the class of 1981. Hope you are all happy and healthy.

Glenn , Rickie
Rick_Glenn@dell.com or RickieLGlenn@aol.com
Joined Military after High School, left in summer of 92. Went work at Dell Computer in 95 as a Computer Repair Technician. Was Married in 1995 Now I have 2 children Albert 9 and Sabrina 4. For the last 14 years I have lived in Austin, Texas.

Green , Diana
Almost 4 years ago my son Jeffrey and I moved to Ga. So now I have a southern gentleman and I have become a Ga peach. I have worked for Henry Transportation for 14 years. So if you are heading south youall give us a hollar!!!!

Hearren , Lenora (Thompson)
I didn't actually graduate from Ritenour. I quit in my Junior year. I now live in Dupo Il, with my husband and 2 daughters, Courtney (20), and Tiffany (17). I am working as Assist. to the Manager, for Bausch & Lomb Surgical in West County, MO. I would love to hear from some of my old high school friends. My sister Crystal Edwards (Thompson) and I were in the same grade at Ritenour, but she graduated.

Henfling , Sandy (April)
Hi to everyone. Just thought I would touch base with some friends. I now work at Hoech Middle School as a Secretary. I'm married with 2 children, Chris 13 and Ashlee 9. They keep me very busy.

Hewitt , Victoria (Neagles)
Victoria (Neagles) Hewitt, passed away Dec. 2, 2006. Vicky began to have health problems in the last few yrs & died in her sleep. Vicky was married to Bill, William Hewitt for 10 yrs before divorcing. Bill was also class of 1981. They divorced & Bill remarried, he is an officer in the Navy & station in Virginia w/his wife. Vicky & Bill had a son,Billy, who is 21 & stationed in Washington in the coast guard & a daughter, Melanie, who is in her senior yr. of high school. Melanie is planning on going to college.Vicky is sadly missed, I am her sister Susan (class of 77) You can email me at sueneagl@peoplepc.com if your have any questions about Vicky.

Hoffman , Connie (Davis)
I live in O'Fallon, MO where I've lived for 19 years now. I've been married for 19 and a half years and have 5 children. They are Jeremy-18 (who graduates from Fort Zumwalt West this year), Christopher-17, Elizabeth-15, Raymond-9, and Erica who's 8. I work parttime at Crossroads Regional Hospital in Wentzville in accounts payable. I worked at Venture stores general office for 10 years until they closed. I am happy to see everyone and see how everyone is doing now. I can't believe we have been out of school for 20 years. Does anyone remember Mr. Brueggemann from Ritenour Junior who taught english class? I talk to him through email. He lives in Texas now. If anyone old friends remember me-please feel free to email me.

Hollman , Kurt
hollman@ rollanet.org
Since graduating from Mizzou in 1987, I have been employed as a geologist for a variety of engineering firms. But for the last 10 years I have been at the Missouri Geological Survey located in Rolla Mo. In 1988 I married Debbie Bandy (Ritenour 1982) and now have two children Clair 4, Luke 6. Debbie is a school nurse at our sons school. If you ever find yourself down I-44 and want a break, you can come chill at the ranch. Would love to see most of you.

Howe , Charla (Lord)

Huffman , Tony G.
Well I did not exactly graduate from Ritenour (I graduated from North County Technical School) but a lot of my friends I have not seen for years and would like to see "what's happening" with everyone. I worked for MAC for 11 years before resigning for an attractive position at Hunter Engineering Company and have been there for 6 years and counting. I would be interested in hearing from some old friends. Drop me a line via E-mail.

Jones , Christine (Nanna)

kraft , ramonda (childers)
Although I hated High School It would be fun to get in contact with a few people. I have one frined stil from school Tommy Chamberlain. I am married and have two childern Julian True 8 and Ruby Mae 5.

Lacey , Judy (Latessa)
I got married in 1983 to Mark Lacey (1980). He joined the Army in 1982 and retired in 2004. We have lived in Germany, North Carolina, New Jersey and Tennessee. He has been all over the world. We have 2 children, Sam 18 and Jill 16. We moved back to St. Louis in 2003 and live right here in good old St. Ann.

Lauer , Richard D. "Doug"
Currently back in school online courses in "IT MANAGEMENT". I will have my masters degree in said field around sept. 2007. also working full time for the St. Louis Auto Auction. Still single and looking.

Lauer , Richard (Doug)
Wed. 16 AUG -- I am looking forward to our 25th and I am currently back to school online. I am also working full time for the St. Louis Auto Auction. I have never married and have no children. I really enjoy my 17 year old nephew although he is somewhat spoiled. My mom (Valerie) just went back to work as a cafeteria worker at the high school and looks forward to it. Hope to see you all soon. May you all be happy, healthy and prosperous. Sincerely; Rich Lauer

Lawson , Tony
I am currently living in St. Charles, I have two daughters and have been married for 13 years. Still see some of the people that attended Ritenour now and again. Can't believe it's been twenty years already.

Luna , Kevin
Currently living in St. Peters, Mo. I have been in the telecommunications industry since 1984. My wife and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We have two kids. Our daughter is 16 and our son is 13.

mcardle , gloria
doug lauer im trying to get ahold of you, but your email address is wrong. I hope you look at this. email me.

Mcuire , Timothy

Moldafsky , Robert I.
I live in the St. Louis area.

Moss , Georgia (Harton)
Hi everyone sorry missed all reuions still living in woodson terrace working at Just Bills on Woodson Rd Please come see me

Muenks , Kevin
Attended Flo-Valley CC before joining the Air Force in 1983. Married in 1984. Lived 3 yrs in Denver, 3 yrs on the Tropical island of Guam, and 2 yrs in Cocoa Beach Florida. Have 2 daughters (Christi & Jennifer) and live in Palm Harbor, Florida (near Tampa). Still work with the Air Force as a computer systems engineer, and have spent 3 of the last 4 years in and around Iraq & Afghanistan.

Murphy , Sharon (Fisher)
Married my high school sweetheart, Jim Murphy class of 1980, in 1983 (just had 23rd anniversary). We have 3 children; brandon is 19, Myles is 13 and Miranda is 8 and live in O'fallon, MO for the last 14 years. I left the corporate environement about 5 years ago and started my own commercial cleaning business. Jim still works at Best Buy (no, we can't get you a discount :) Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 25th reunion (yikes!)

Pyatt , Jim
After graduating from UM-Rolla with a BS and MS in Civil Engineering, I have worked for several geotechnical engineering firms in the metro St. Louis area. My wife Angela, our two boys Joshua (born 1998) and Lucas (born 2000), and I live on six acres in Franklin County.

Richardson , Kim
I married in 1982 and divorced in 1986 with no children. I went from a fast food manager to a veterinary assistant to a Architectural drafting technician to a licenced Architect in the states of Wisconsin and Missouri. In 1987 I moved to the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix to work for an Architect my age who had been my families next door neighbor on the island in 1964. In July of 1989 I lived in Sweden for a month and a half working for a Turn-Key Architectrual/Building company. When I returned to St. Croix in September of '89 I experienced hurrican Hugo first hand from the middle of the storm. I moved back to St. Louis in October '89 and met Frank Weber at a gathering of mutual friends. We started dating in February of '90 and got married 8 years later in '98. We live very happily in our fixer-upper in Maplewood and look forward to building our dream home on our 6 acres in Pacific MO in about 8 years. We don't plan to have any kids (ankle biters as Frank calls them)we love our nieces and nephews and all our friends kids, we're just to selfish with our free time. Frank is an Architect also. I have a home based Architectural business doing primarily new and renovation residential projects. We won't be able to attend the reunion. We will be celebrating our 38th birthdays that weekend out of town. We are, however, looking for more golf and dinner friends.

Robins , Kevin
Retired from the Air Force after 20 years and settled in the Washington DC area. Married and have three boys with one in college, one in high school, and one in middle school. Now Senior Systems Engineer for the VA Network Operations Center

Schuey , David
After graduating I moved from job to job and took a few college courses. I spent a winter in South Dakota with Dominoes Pizza as a mgmt. trainee, then moved back to St. Louis. I joined American Stamp & Marking Products as a graphic artist and spent 8 years there. Then I was hired by CRS Printing & Envelope in the same capacity. I've been there for over 5 years. In 2000 I suffered a heart attack and had a double bypass in August. Health issues continue to date. I married a brilliant woman from Lemay named Deborah, who I met while running a computer bulletin board system (BBS). We have been together over 13 years and have 3 daughters, Samantha "13", Margaret "6", and Eleanor "3". Both older girls are in the Ritenour School system, at RMS and Marvin, respectively. Deb teaches at St. Thomas Aquinas-Mercy High School. I enjoy sci-fi, role playing, and computer games. I live in St. John and can hear the football games and the band practicing at RHS.

Scott , Elizabeth "Liz"
After graduation ... I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up (and still don't) so ... decided to be a secretary for 10 years and moved into the Foreign Service working for the Feds. Spent two years in Nicaragua working at the Embassy and decided I didn't like living in a third world country and came home. I am now the Compliance Director for Group Health Plan ... been there six years and counting. I'm still in school (never thought that would happen) but will be finished with the MBA program in four months and can't wait to get out. No .. no husband, no kids, but have six nieces and nephews (and another one on the way) who are spoiled rotton and lots of fun. E-mail me anytime ... looking forward to the reunion.

Slade , Tim
After graduating from Belmont University in 1986 I moved back to St Louis, I worked for one semester for the Ritenour school system as a substitute teacher then took a permanent position as AudioVisual Director for Swank Audio Visuals.In 1987 I married Cindy Hartley. In 1993 we moved to Atlanta Georgia and spent 10 years there before moving to our current residence in Nashville TN.

Slade , Tim
After graduation attended St Louis Community College then transferred to Belmont University in Nashville TN where I recieved my Bachelors degree in Music Business. Recieved athletic scholarships for basketball and baseball.

Snyder , John
2613 Willowcliff Ct
Columbia, IL 62236

Strickland , Sherry
I didn't actually graduate with my class, since I moved to Maryland the middle of my junior year. I moved back to Missouri in 1986.

Toeniskoetter , Timothy L.
While attending Ritenour I started taking martial arts classes, and after graduation continued teaching full time until 1987. Married in 1987. I now own a Karate school of my own, and work as an internet developer at Stifel Nicolaus to support my habit. I have one six year old boy who keeps me and my wife Diane busy all the time.

VINYARD , Pam (Shirley)
I live in Fenton. I have worked in law enforcement for 15 years. I have 2 sons-Mathew 19 and Benjamin 17. My oldest son lives in Tennessee. He is married and I have a beautiful new grand-daughter. I would love to hear from my classmates.

Wallace , Kevin (Jay)
I am currently in St Louis and married have 3 children,

Weber , Karol Anne (McQuay)
I am a single mom of an 8 year old girl named Annabelle, I work for the #1 IMC in the United States, I also hold a cosmetologist license, and make jewlery in my spare time. I still keep in touch with three of my friends from Ritenour Cindi (81), Terri (81), and Debbie (83). I look forward to the 20 year Reunion.

Wenkel , Marcie (Bill)

find me

West , Ted
Well what do you know? I will keep this short and to the point, my am employed in the non-profit field, divorced and enjoying life. My life is simple, no kids and no marriage while living in the St. Louis area. Give me a note if you like.

Wildgrube , Gina (oliver)
I graduated with the Ritenour class of 1981 but completed my education at Ritenour Vo-Prep, I Worked in the school cafeteria for the last three years of school. I've been looking for Alfreida Durham, Bill Stephans and Eddie Labuo. Worked also at Surrey Inn Resturant with Eddie, I want to thank him for introducing me to my husband way back then. Would love to hear from my old school friends, look for me on facebook.

Willbrand , Lori (davis)
Married Larry Willbrand in 1988
4 kids: Brian 19, Kurt 17, Grant 13 and Elizabeth 12

Wood , Pam
Hi Everyone, looking forward to the 25 year reunion. I have a different email address since the 20 year reunion so feel free to contact me.

wrest , darryl

Wrosch , Stephanie

Zimmermann , Roberta "Bobbie" (Boyd)

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Ankelman , Patrick

anonymous , prefer to remain
i am a chronically ill patient that most days can not even leave my bed......thus i spend a lot of time living in the past, old pictures, etc. in a recent move to new england from california my 1982 yearbook was accidentally destroyed. i'm wondering if someone out there might be willing to part with thiers.....i of course will pay for it. not looking for pity, just hoping you will understand why it is so important to me. thank you so very much.

Ayala , Christy (Huhmann)
Hi everyone... I was working for the YMCA after high school/college...first St. Louis and later Chicago. We were in Milwaukee a few years, then back in Chicago and now my husband is with the YMCA of Honolulu. My oldest son is a college sophmore, and my youngest daughter is in 1st grade; the other three (two boys and a girl) are in between. Drop me a line; I'd love to keep in touch!

Baldwin , Alex

Barnes , Kenneth
krmbarnes@msn.com or kbarnes@cort1.com
Now living in Dallas, TX. Lived in Las Vegas, Canton, Ohio then Washington D.C. Kicked it with William Johnson ('82 grad) who still lives there. Got married in 1991. Have 4 boys. Bryant, Joshua, Kasey and Kyle. I'M DONE!!! Remember the great times at cross-country meets and track. I go back to St. Louis once a year. Would love to hear from whoever remembers me!!! THE 20 YEAR REUNION SHOULD NOT BE MISSED TO TELL A FELLOW GRAD.

Blackwell , Denise
BA in Psychology from UM-St. Louis, 1990 relocated to Jefferson City, MO in 1995. MA in Business Administration from William Woods University in 1997, currently working as a computer information specialist for the MO Department of Mental Health.

Blubaugh , Ann (Holland)

Broom , Patricia (Cassidy)
married 20 years to Odell Broom III of Louisiana, we have 2 kids, Danielle (20) and James (14). Currently live in Clarksville, TN.

Brumbaugh , Dorothy (Farrar)

Castrogiovanni , David
Written March, 2008. It's hard to believe we graduated 26 years ago! I joined the Navy several years after graduation. I completed Nuclear Power School and spent 4 years on an aircraft carrier traveling the world(USS Carl Vinson, CVN-70). I found the Navy to be an incredible experience that I would never trade, but I have no regrets of leaving after 6 years. I settled on the West Coast, ultimately landing in Sacramento, CA. After the Navy, I hired on with Honeywell as an industrial HVAC computer programmer. I stayed with them for 5 yrs and have been with Siemens for 10 years managing the programming team. I have a daughter (Heather - 23 yrs) and a grandson (Aiden - 3 yrs). I have been with Maria for 19 yrs (Married for 12) and have two step daughters (Iris and Ilene). I would enjoy hearing from any of you who remember me.

Clay , Teresa
Well I am still that crazy girl from Ritenour, and I have since slowed down; just a little bit. I have a 11 year old son (Kaelen) who is very active with sports and keeps me busy. I've also been working for AT&T for the past 22 years (and counting). If anyone remembers me, feel free to give me 'shout'! Take care and God Bless.

Conway , Sheri (Dudley)
Happily married 3 great daughters,21,18,and 9. Family is everything.

Dickey , Kerry (Wood)
Hi everyone. Life is good! Still trying to do art on the side (my paying job is in human resources) and still love the water. Took up sailing a couple of years ago. Like to sail at Creve Coeur Lake these days (when it is warm outside) so if you are ever out that way and see a small sailboat captained by a tall blonde 42 year old woman, that's me (stop and say hi)! Have one son (10 years old). Other hobbies include gardening and home improvement projects. Drop me a line if you want to catch up, but don't contact me to try to sell me anything!

DiMercurio , Patricia (Walters)
Still married to Tom. Eighteen years and counting. Jessica is 17 and a cheerleader at Hazelwood Central. Missy is 15 and plays JV softball and freshman soccer at Central. Tommy is 12. He plays junior football and select baseball. I still work for PPG. In June I will assume full charge of four distribution warehouses. Since the "professional Rhythmette" thing is apparently not going to happen, I decided I want to be a writer when I grow up. If my kids ever grow up/slow down, I plan to write freelance articles with my goal being published novelist before I turn 50. (Are we getting old or what?) I am currently recruiting Rhythmettes older than me for next year's homecoming parade. Yes, that was my picture in the Ritenour news last fall. What a hoot! Well, no spell check, and I graduated from Ritenour, so no telling what this looks like. Take care and God bless!

Dorlaque , Fred

Feegle , Karen (Ervin)
I went to Ritenour in the early 80's. Left at end of Junior year to move to Texas. Wondering who is out there now. Debbie Kitchen was a good friend. Steve Egleston (spelling) on his last name may be wrong. I live alone now in NC after moving all over the country for the last 26 years. Karen Feegle
former Ervin

Fuchs , Robert
Since I haven't been to a reunion I guess I will start from graduation on. I dated Jean all through high school and up until 1983. I think that the biggest mistake of my life so far has been, not realizing what I had when I was dating Jean. I feel that had we stayed together we would probably still be married. I met Grace in 1983 and we were married on September 15, 1984. She had a son at that time and we had another son together on June 21, 1986. We were married until 1997 when we divorced. I lost most everything I had and had to start over so I relocated to the Dallas Texas area on June 15, 1998. I met Kelly on May 22, 1999 and have been dating her since then. We are both not ready for marriage but we do spend a lot of time together. I am looking forward to seeing all my classmates at the 20 year class reunion if there is one.

Gasway Sr , Kevin
Hello all, I retired after 22 Yrs Military Service. and am currently employed by the military, again. Holla. Kevin Gasway
A&P Administrator
Department Of The Army
Fort Eustis, VA 23604
Com: (757) 878 - 6792 ext. 2265
DSN: 826
Email: a.padministration@conus.army.mil
Web Site: www.usaals.army.mil/portal.asp

Gearhart , Tony
Living in Milford, PA making my dreams a reality with my wife Debi and our two children Kara 00' and Blake 01'.

Gibson , Pam (Jostes)
Married in 1989/divorced in 1996. No children (darn it!) Superintendent's Secretary at Jennings School District since 1984. Live in Woodson Terrace with by wonderful significant other.

Gutierrez , Diane (Davis)
My gosh, I can't believe it's been almost 25 years!! A couple of years after graduating, I married another Ritenour Alumni, Ken Freeman. Unfortunately, it didn't work out and we split up. Since then, I met and married a Marine, Mel. We've been together for almost 17 years and we have two boys, Mel Jr. - 15, and Josh - 12. We settled in Carterville, IL when Mel retired a couple of years ago. I opened my own cabinetry design firm and I love being my own boss. By the way, I am looking for Robin Click. Please let me know if you know how to contact her.

Hahn , Steve
After graduating from Ritenour in 1982, I went to Meramec Community College mainly to play baseball, couldn't decide a major. Played ball at Meramec for 2 years then went to Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. I was able to get a scholarship for the remaining 2 years. I think baseball was the only thing that kept me in college. I graduated in 1987 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in criminal justice. Which, of course, led me to my first career in banking, and now in financial services with Prudential Securities. It is very rewarding to help people plan for their retirement as well as help with short-term (trading) and long-term investment goals. In 1988 I married a softball player from Mississippi, go figure. We have a 7 year old son (loves baseball) and a 4 year old daughter (like t-ball). We have lived in St. Peters for 9+ years. My father still lives in Edmundson in the Ritenour district. It would be great to speak to some of the "old gang" again. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hall , Sheri (Kramer)
Married in 1987 and now have 3 daughters attending Buder Elementary. I now work for a large printing/mailing company in Earth City and am about to start my own computer based home business.

Harp , Beckie (Harper)
I went to Ritenour for my Freshman and Sophomore years and then my family moved to Florida. Would love to hear from any one that remembers me.

Hicks , David
Since leaving the halls of Ritenour I joined the military where I served about 7 years before being involved in a motorcycle accident which took both of my arms in 1988. Since then I got married to a wonderful woman named Julie. We have two children a son Christopher, 8 and daughter Taylor, 6. We currently live in SW Pennsylvania and I'm retired from the Army so I get to watch my children grow. I would enjoy keeping in touch with fellow classmates.

Ioannau , Kathy (Bouckaert)
Happily married since 1988, to a man I still refer to as my best friend. Two exceptional stepchildren which have long outgrown the term children; Mike is 18 and Kelly is 15. Even when you think you're paying attention, in just a blink of the eye the years pass by you. Many miles and many smiles have occurred in this life's journey since 1982. I have had to overcome innumerable roadblocks evolving from the so- called human experience. The road was one long traveled, but our greatest strength comes in not what we have left behind us, but from the peace and promise of knowing what lies ahead. The opportunity to pursue one of my dreams came as an unexpected blessing in January of 1998. I am now a published freelance writer and photographer for various publications including a column online. I also work as an editorial assistant for a magazine produced and distributed here in St. Louis. God bless..

Jamison , Tim
Joined band called White Suburban Youth with Rob Wagoner (83) and Tom Sutter (82). Tom left the band in 1984 WSY broke up in 1986 after which Rob and I started a new band called Ultraman with another former Ritenour student, John Corcoran. We released two 7" records on our own label in 1988. We were signed to an independent label from NY in the fall of 1988. We toured the US and Canada in 1988 and 1989. We released two albums, one in 1989 and the second in 1991. We toured Europe for these albums twice. The second album also featured former Ritenour student Matt Smith. Ultraman broke up in 1991 after the end of the second European tour. I have since been in two other bands and have just started my third. I have been working in sales and some collections along the way too. I have also started doing freelance voice over work as well. Although I did intend to get into radio I got sidetracked by the band. Which is really a lot more fun anyway. OK, so now there is more than one class of 82 member listed here.

Johns , Robert (Bob)
After graduation I was a paramedic for 2 years prior to joining the Air Force. Spent 12 years on active duty. While on active duty received a B.A. in Business Administration from Columbia College (Hoech JR High Campus) and a M.S. in Management from National-Louis University. For 7 years after leaving active duty, held various sales and management positions. From Mar 2006 to Aug 2007 acquired 2 properties, rehabbed and now they serve as rental properties. Recently took a position as Director of Business Development for DOTec Engineering in St. Charles. Married my wonderful wife Tracey in Sept 2005. We love to Ballroom Dance. We are just beginners but have a great time trying. Have 2 great sons from a previous marriage. Brandon, age 19 and a freshman at Central Texas College and Blake, age 15 a sophmore at Copperas Cove High in Copperas Cove TX. They got their height from their mom's side. Brandon is 6'3 and Blake is 6'0. I'm only 5'7. Thank God for tall favors. I talk to Jim (Bones) Babor a few times a week. That's how I got into property rentals. Thanks to his guidance he got me off to a good start. Let me know how you are doing. Shoot me an e-mail sometime.

Johnson , Robyn (Girard)

Johnson , William
After graduation I went to Southeast Mo. State for two years, then it was off to the United States Marine Corps for a little discipline. I've been fortunate enough to live in the Ivory Coast, Bolivia and Costa Rica. Upon my return to the States I became a Deputy Sheriff for 5 1/2 years in Arlington, Virginia while attending school. Now I'm a Network Engineer with a technical consulting firm here in the Washington, D.C. area. I've never been married and have no children. Dont worry. Will settle down soon. My friendship with Ken Barnes and Ken McNair has lasted through the ages. I visit St. Louis ussually 2 times per year.

jones , scott

Jostes , Richelle "Shelly" (Davis)
I still live in the Ritenour area with my son who was born in 1985.

Jostes , Shelly
I still live in the Ritenour district and have a 14yr. old son that is a freshman at Ritenour High School.

Kielty , Cheryl (Marshall)
Married with 2 wonderful boys, James 8 and Thomas 6. We live near Dallas, TX. I am my kids mom. I volunteer for our local youth sports association where both our boys play soccer, basketball and baseball. I also, am active with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. My youngest son has Type 1 Diabetes. My parents moved to Florida in 1994 so I don't get make to St. Louis often.

Laursen , Julie (Stahlschmidt)

Lewis , Yvette (Reeves)
I live in Paradise Texas with my husband of 19 years, Bruce. We have 2 wonderful kids Brittany 18 and Blake 15. Our family hobby is car racing, we own 4 Corvettes and enjoy road racing. Would love to hear from the old gang.

Lind , Dan
After graduation I went to Rolla for 4 years and graduated with a Bachelor's in Engineering Management. McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) has employed me ever since. I moved to Arizona in 1990, where I met and married my wonderful wife of almost 10 years, Carol. We enjoy traveling and various hobbies, and rooting the Blues on via satellite dish. Playing High School Hockey for Ritenour for a couple of years was probably the best memories I could ever have. Drop me an email, would like to hear from everyone.

Lodes , John
Surfing the net and found all this information about all you wonderful people and how well you all turned out, WOW!!!!! Me, I am just like you all, getting older and love to reflect on the good old days. Living in the St. Charles area, I have a beautiful home and have found my niche to be a pretty darn good gardner. Been doing the banking thing for the last 25 years but with the collapse of the industry I have moved to Metro - being the metrolink and bi-state, awesome job, no I do not drive the train or drive a bus (ugh). I love to travel been everywhere. My best friend is still Tony Martin since 6th grade at Marion, still getting into all kinds of trouble, never bored, no regrets, life is too short.Hope to see you all at the big 30th. Love to you all

Martin , Cindy (Nardi)

McCallister , John
This is kind of a cheat, because I graduated from Zumwalt, but I attended Kratz, and Hoech, but moved for High school. I remember so many names, and faces. I opted for the Army after High School where I served 8 years as a Military Policeman. Got out, and have been in the Mortgage Industry, pretty much ever since. I have three boys Joshua, Jordan, and Joseph. I've been married for 12 years, and still live in the St. Charles area. I would love to hear from anybody that attended Kratz, or Hoech with me.

Merchant , Carol (Bax)
I am the Character Coordinater at Kincaid Karacter Company. We design, create and manufacture mascot character costumes. Our sister company is The Implemented Arts Group of St. Charles MO. I have 2 beautiful daughters, Lauren(14) and Brittany(10).

Miller , Mark
Still living in St. Louis. I have twin 20 year old. One granddaughter. Currently working for the DaimlerChrysler Corp. Send me an
e-mail, keep in touch. Peace!!

Murphy , Ken
Graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in 1987. Married my wife, Deneke', in 1995. We have three children: Morgan Ashley, born in 1996; Connor Rose, born in 1999; and Brady Wade, born in 2001. I own and operate a comic book/collectible shop, Marvels & Legends, in Cape Girardeau. Would love to hear from all of my classmates!

Nelson , Damon
Egads! I can't believe that it's been 10yrs. since graduation. I went to UMSL for a year, then dropped out to join the Navy. In the Navy for 6 yrs. While in the Navy, got married, had a son (Darin) who is now 10. Got out in '89. Went back to school in '90 (Pitt) and graduated in '96. Took so long to work every other semester (and part time during semesters.) Got divorced in '96 also. Can't win 'em all. Degree is in Electrical Engineering and have been working at Lockheed Martin since 6/96 here in Manassas, Va. (near D.C.) Looking forward to hearing about 20 year reunion. One regret; Went to 10yr. reunion, got reacquainted with lots of friends, promised to write ... and hardly ever did. How sad! I think I did write Harold Wones a couple of times and that was it. See ya in a couple of years.

O'Farrell , Peggy
Hi, guys. I'm in complete denial about being out of high school for 20 years. Other than that, I've knocked around much of the country as a reporter since finishing college. For the moment, I'm at the Cincinnati Enquirer, where I cover health and medicine. I'd love to hear from some classmates, though I can't make the reunion.

Parker , Jeff
After Grad year went to Baily Tech for two years for Electronic Eng. then went into the Marine Corps and stayed there for 16 years and did work in food service. Had enough of the dicipline years and got out and am now working for Costco Wholesale (like Sams) as a Bakery Manager. Moved back to St. Louis and am happily married to my beautiful wife of four years.

Raby , Terry (Bowman)

Redman , Betty
Living in New Jersey for the past 24 years (I can't believe I'm that old already! I am the Southern Regional Nurse for Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey. I think about Missouri and my friends there a lot. Please E-Mail me. Miss You Jim Stollhaus, Karen Hanneken, and Mary Reece (Replogle)! Sam Sanders - E- mail me too! I have not joined classmates.com.

Reinhardt , Mary Jane (Paganini)
After graduation I went to UM-Rolla to get my "BS" (literally) in Computer Science. I met my husband there and we were married in 1987. Since then, we have had three lovely children, boy, girl, boy. I worked at Mallinckrodt for a while in tech support. I was "let go" during the first major decentralization. Then I went to work for a consultant as a computer software instructor. Now I work with my husband at the family business in Bridgeton. We live in Creve Coeur and would love to here from some alumn!

Replogle , Mary (Reece)

Replogle , Mary (Reece)

Riebold , Susan (Smith)
Hello everyone. I loved reading your messages and seeing everyone at the 20 year reunion:) Thank you to the committee for all the work !I'm married with a son whos 6 and a daughter who just turned 1.I'm living in St. Louis. It was great seeing everyone. Take Care :)

Sanders , Sam (ketzels2@aol.com)

I went to Mizzou and got my degree in Radio/TV/Film. Never got into the business. Currently working for Missouri's largest delivery firm. I live in Ellisville with my wife Naomi (Parkway South '86) and my children Sarah and Matthew. Sarah will start school 9/98. I have seen some alums since our 10 year reunion and would like to see more! E- mail me, please! I would like to correspond with as many Ritenourites as possible. I have family still living in the district.

Scherretz , James

Snodgrass , Mike
I've been a professional musician since graduation in 1982. I'm currently living in St Charles, MO with my wife Susan. I have a daughter, Christina who is married and has two sons.

Stelly , Denise (Castrogiovanni)

Stevens , Terry (Carroll)
Married Derek Stevens, also class of '82. Two daughters, Tiffany Rose (12) and Brittany Rose (9). Still living in the Ritenour School District, childcare provider, and Girl Scout Leader of two troops for the past 6 years.

Sutter , Tom
For early sonic activities in the hardcore band White Suburban Youth, check out my compadre Tim Jamison's essay. After W.S.Y. I concentrated on getting my BA, MA and Teaching Certification degrees. Went to Berlin for a year, recording ten albums with various German, French and American expert improvisers, returning in 1989. Did medical research at Washington University for several years, then moved here to Maryville, Missouri. Presently I'm teaching German and E.S.L. at Northwest Missouri State University. I make it down to St. Louis two or three times each year to do electro- acoustic performances at the St. Louis Art Museum, The Forum for Contemporary Art, and other long-suffering venues. If you need an abstract noise soundtrack for your next film, video or dance performance, please contact me. I also have 189 albums available of the strangest soundworks you've encountered, on my hypermedia label Regicide Bureau. Drop me a line if you're out there (and I do mean "out there"), and take care.

Taylor , Caron (Carlton)
I am married to a 1979 Ritenour Graduate. I have 2 daughters. Amanda a 2005 graduate and prom queen. Alanna who attends Hoech Middle School. I have been married for 20 years.

Thomas , Jennifer
I am a TSR (technical service rep) for UniGroupInc. which is the parent company for United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit. I have been working in the informational technologies field for about ten years doing various types of system support for end users. I bought a house and live in the Ritenour area. I am involved in many activities through the Lutheran church and like to travel when possible. I would love to hear from former classmates.

Thomas , Nancy

Watts , Karen (Kuhlmann)

We are in the process of planning our 20 year reunion. For more info, please go to Classmates.com.

Weindel , Rob
Hello Classmates WOW!!! Was High School Fun!! I have nothing but great memories from that period of my life. Thanks to many of you!! I have been employed with Xerox for 25 years and really enjoy my work. I have been happily divorced for a long time and I have 2 girls 17 and 18. I live in St. Charles, MO. Hope 2009 is a good year for the class of 1982. Rob

White , James "Jim"
I am now living in Bailey, North Carolina. After graduation I joined the Army and was in the 82nd Airborne Division. After serving with the 82nd I was cross trained into the Biomedical field and attended school in Colorado. After completion of the school, I stayed in the military for another year. I got out of the military and got a job as a Field Service Engineer with Liebel-Flarsheim who was acquired by Mallinckrodt and who has recently been acquired by Tyco. My wife Cathy and I have 4 kids. I still keep in contact with Shawn and Missy Badgett. I was unable to attend the 10 year reunion and I would like to attend the 20 year reunion so please keep me posted.

Williams , Barb (Woodworth)
Well it took till I was 26 but I got my diploma thanks to Ritenour and according to my diploma I'm an official graduate of Ritenour. Of course I didn't cross the stage with everyone but I did finally get my diploma. I've been married since 1986 and my sons are 22 and 19. Living in Florissant and hopefully moving far, far away soon. Older, wiser, fatter but still me.


Womack , Ann (Alonzo)
Married 19 years to Brian (class of 80). Two great kids Amber 17, Alyssa 12. Would love to hear from any of my former classmates.

Wones , J Harold
I remember the night after graduation - walking back over to Ritenour Jr. and Midland - thinking back on that the first major milestone - getting through school. I remember returning the night before our 10th reunion to redo that walk. The Senior looked the same, the Junior looked the same - but Midland was gone - just a field. So with some trepidation I went to the reunion (time moves forwards not back, as I had just been reminded). I hoped to see many old friends. Found a few (Yvette, Ken, Damon) but on the whole was disappointed. I stayed away from the 20th. From time to time, I see a few friends from '81 and several from '83 (we live in similar circles); but none from '82 until just the start of this year, when I met one of my best friends from Ritenour - Jeff Hankins. And so I've decided that if any of the rest of you care to chat, please feel free to do so. I wish you all fortune and health! I now live directly behind Florisant Valley College, third house up the hill. I work for Express Scripts in member communications - it's still direct mail marketing, but it's stuff people actually want for a change.

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Hey guys, contact me if you like. I am in the St. Louis area, still single, no children. Just completed masters in HR Management at Lindenwood University. Looking forward to the reunion

Abel , Pete
Currently working with a telecommunications/cable company, HQ'd in St. Louis, as VP/Community Relations. I've been here almost two years now. 14 years prior to that worked at Fleishman-Hillard, a global PR firm. Married -- 17 years this July -- to the world's most beautiful woman. We have one son, a freshman in high school, attending JFK and playing football. I'm looking forward to staying in touch with my Class of '83 colleagues.

Abram , Terri (Crump)
I have been living in Branson, MO since early 2005. It is so beautiful here and there's so much to do that I never really get homesick. My 3 sons are now 22, 19 and 7 years old, and I have a very beautiful granddaughter, Baylor, who is 19 months old. Feel free to send me an email just to say hi or to catch up.

nice to have a chance to send msg to all people may remember me... and would be glad to hear from you all there. Looking forward to hear from you.

Badgett , Melissa (Peterson)

Bailey , Nancy (Shinabargar)

Baker , John
Hello to all! A long time since we have seen each other. I left the orange and black of Ritenour for the olive drab and black of the USARMY. After one of Mr. Sheppards classes.....no sweat! LOL! You ain't gonna make it.....your down the tubes! I am currently working at Chrysler Assembly in Fenton and have been there since 1995. I am Married to my wife Terri and have 5 yes 5 lovely daughters....Rachel 13, Courtney 10, Caitlin 7, Jessica 6, Rebekah 3, me with less paitence and hair! LOL! We reside in Pevely, MO. Home of nothing but hopes of riverboat casinos still loom!Haven't heard from many......accept for Lesa Ward...aka Lesa Crusado that I took to Prom and was shocked to find that even in the middle of nowhere.....you find someone that thought they moved far enough away to get away from it all! LOL! To anyone that would like to get in touch....my door...er....computer is always open. Mark Pirrone....Mike Johnson....This is a big stretch.....the captain of the "Del-Monte Green Been Team" You know who you are...T.T Don't look behind you cuz it is 20 years of your life getting ready to kick your a@#! (you would think I would be old enough to say that! LOL!)

Basye , Dennis

Bryan , Joan (Edmiston)

I have a two daughters Zoe 10 and Marisa 13. I also have a son Andrew who is 17. Just graduated from parkway north. I'm semi re-tired from dance. I am a full-time foster parent. We live in maryland heights.

Buerger , Mary (Robinson)
Hi again. Here's the new stuff. Got married June 11 to Joe Buerger Jr (class of 89). Moved to St. Peters and still work for Wal-Mart. Our little boy is 10 months old now and he's into everything!! Would like to hear from anyone. Drop me a line.

Chappuis , Debbie

Christopher , Christina (Westrich)
Married living in Florissant, no kids. I am a teacher in the Riverview Gardens school disrtict. Am looking foward to the renuion.

Combs , Jim
New email address. Please drop me a line if you get a chance. Would love to hear from some of you!

Conrey , Karla (Canaday)
Currently teaching math at Ritenour High School!!

Crook , Anthony "Tony"
My wife Georgia and myself have just moved back from Las Vegas one year ago. We just purchased a house in St. Charles. I am a bus operator for Bi State. We don't have any kids yet but are in the planning stages at this very moment. We have been married for nine wonderful years and still on our Honeymoon. I would love to hear from old school friends, we are in the book under Georgia's name.

Cunningham , Lisa (Morris)
Hi! It's Feb. 2007 and I have stumbled onto this site. I have been married since 1986 to a 1981 Pattonville graduate and have two kids, a 12 year-old son and a 9 year-old daughter. We have lived in Wyoming for 10 years and call it home. Currently working on a master's in adult education...who knows when I'll finish that...it ONLY took me ten years to get my bachelor's. I get back to St. Louis every now and then to visit family and sightsee although there's nothing that compares to the Wyoming landscape that's in my backyard. Take care and hope to hear from someone who remembers me!

Davis , Dave
Have seen names on this site I have not thought about in years! My story? Similiar to many of yours. Married to the most beautiful woman on the planet....father of (4) Abigail 19, Olivia 17, Elena 11 and Joseph 6. God help me the oldest graduated with honors from Pattonville...just cannot get used to walking into that place! I know, know! I am a Webster University graduate...General Manager of a commercial landscape firm. In my limited free time I write and read. I would love to touch base with you just shoot me an email. KRSH'ers,

Out of the mortgage business after 18 years and own my franchise. I offer the best inhome assisted living to senior citizens in St. Louis. If I can help anyone, please email me. Hope all is well.


Early , Lynelle
Hello, living in Woodson Terrace and working in Westport area. Two boys, Andrew (89) and John (95). Would love to hear from you.

Folkerts , Tammy (Todisman )
Spent 1984 in Australia as an exchange student. Graduated from UMSL in 1989 with BA in Psychology. Married in 1991 to Matt. Bought house in Bridgeton in 97. Son Zach in 98 and daughter Anna in 00.

Gann , John
After leaving Ritenour's hallowed halls I completed my Bachelors of Music Performance degree at the St. Louis Conservatory of Music and a Masters in Music Performance at the University of Southern California. Currently I work as a percussionist with the San Bernardino Symphony and as a free-lance percussionist and timpanist in the Los Angeles area. I am also on the faculty at the University of Redlands. I reside in the city of Claremont, which is about 45 minutes east of downtown L.A.

Graczyk , Anita (Roper)
Hello fellow classmates, I work at Tri-Cor ind. in Ofallon IL as a customer service Representative. Been married twice one in 1984 had a little girl in 1985 got divorced in 1987 had another little girl in 1988 got remarried to Harry Graczyk, Busy life huh? We live in Florissant and are doing fine. Anyone from "83" email me would love to talk to ya and see what is up with your lives. Anita

Green , Dennis

Hurst , Kenny
Doing fine! living in St. Ann , Married with 2 children, playing in a band on weekends. Drop me a line if interested WWW.MOJOROCKS.COM

Jacobs , Carl

Jacobs , Dana (Hotop)
I married Carl Jacobs from our class. We have two children, Jessica 11 yrs. old and Zachary 9 yrs. old. They are both very involved in sports. We moved to Hazelwood in 2000. I work as a registered nurse with BJC. Hope to see everyone at the next reunion.

Jenner , Daryl
Hey everyone! Yes, I left St.Louis in '85 for the Air Force, was an acft mechanic, got out in '89 and moved to Dayton Oh to work in R & D at a local acft propellars company. Still in Dayton working at International Truck and Engines. Been out of touch for awhile, want to hear from everyone. Looking fwd to the 20 yr reunion.

Jenner , Daryl
What's going on! Just got e-mail again,somebody write. I am in Springfield Oh still. Missed last get together. Keep me informed please.

Johnson , Michael
Hello I doing well, I am married with 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl, my wife recently gave birth to our 5th boy. I am still working in youth ministry, working with dissadvantaged youth, and I also work for a Youth Organization called GearUp St louis and my office will be set at Ritenour High School. It is good to back at my old school.

Johnson , Michael
I am doing fine Married with four children, currently a youth minister and I also do travel consulting

Kaiser , Janie (Yow)
Well, I was supposed to graduate in 1983 but quit, but then went back in 1984. Still didn't master the school thing as I quit again but did get my GED and went to college for a bit. Was married for 11 years, have 3 boys (21, 19 & 17). All of the boys went to Ritenour too. I have been working at Magellan Health Services for 11 years now as an Administrative Specialist. Would love to hear from you! You can find me on Facebook or Yahoo. I look forward to hearing from you. Janie

King , MaryAnne
I'm not quite sure if many of you will remember me but, I was there and remember many of you. *smiling* After leaving Ritenour High while in eleventh grade and obtaining my GED, I got married to Dale " Butch" Schwaderer, who also attended Ritenour. We were married for four years and then divorced. I currently remain divorced with no children and work for Schnucks Markets. I am in the meat dept. and have been a meatwrapper for 19 years. ( 20 yrs. this April) I also work part time for Kenricks Meat Market and Catering. So, if any of you enjoy a good steak or cut of meat, drop me a line and I'll " steer " you in the right direction. lol I've resided in the South St. Louis area now for 12 years - just minutes from Crestwood and South County. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their adult lives ( still can't believe it! ) as I am. I'd love to hear from all of you! Take care & God Bless! ~ TOODLES ~

King , Rich
Joined the Army right out of High School. Currently have 3 years until retirement. Have a B.S. in Information Systems Management with University of Maryland. Living in Tampa, FL.

King , Steve
Hi just wondering if any of my old friends were out there.

Kratz , Brian

Well, it has been a long time since graduation and since then, I have gotten married (8 years0, graduated with my Masters from UMR, retired from the military. Everything else is kind of routine

Lawson , John

Loperano , Kim ((Cardwell))

Macos , jason (Ruzz)
right page to view, That's great and exciting

Means , Charles N.
Currently working for Southwestern Bell as a Customer Service Technician. Still residing in Overland.

Michael , Cox
Hi Everyone, I really enjoyed reading your updates... Here is mine. I am living in Massachusetts with my lovely wife, 4 kids and little doggie. I work as a Art/Design Director for the local NBC TV Station in Hartford, CT. Looking forward to the next reunion. Be well and do good things... Go Huskies! MC

Milloy , Steven
Hi all! I'm currently residing in Cincinnati with my partner of 7 years. I write and arrange choral music and have a couple of publications with Oxford University Press.

muoio , carl

Nardi , Sam
I now live in Bowling Green Mo. I am married and have three kids. My wife and I are born-again Christians, and I am the drummer in our praise band at Living Water Church in Eolia, Mo.

O'Dell , Robin

O'Dell , Robn

Oder , Sheryll "Sheri" (Dickens)
I married Dave Dickens in 1984. We moved to California in 1987. We came back in 1990 - too homesick. We have two boys, Drew 11 and Tyler 4 1/2, and keeping up with them is my career!

Payne , Mark
Graduated from college with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. At the same time joined the Missouri National Guard as a commissioned officer. Moved from Mechanical engineering to Computer Science. I'm currently living in Chicago, IL. Working for an Internet company. I've lived here for four years. I'm married with two children. I play volley ball and compete in triathlons.

Pemberton , Timothy M.
Graduated UM-Rolla Dec 87 (B.S. Engineering), Saint Louis University May 92(MBA). Working at Boeing (18 Years) as a Supplier Program Manager. Married (8.5 Years) to Laura, a Northwest HS graduate. Currently living in Cottleville, MO.

Petralli , Mary Jane (Bax)
I am currently teaching at Ritenour High School in the mathematics department. I have 2 wonderful children. Emily is enrolled at the University of Missouri studying to be a teacher. Andrew is in the 7th grade at Hoech Middle School. My husband, Tony, is also a Ritenour alumni.

Riggs , Lennie

Rodgers , Scott
Living in Suburban St. Louis. Married to Ashley Adrian Robinson in 1996, two beautiful children, Hunter (boy-1999) and London (girl-2000). Vice President of Sales with Earth City Medical Supply Company.

Rodgers , Scott
Living in Suburban St. Louis. Married to Ashley Adrian Robinson in 1996, two beautiful children, Hunter (boy-1999) and London (girl-2000). Vice President of Sales with Earth City Medical Supply Company.

Scott , Kathleen
This is a new email address for me. I am now living in Pensacola, FL - finally made a big move in my life and no longer in St. Louis. Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon!! Take care!

Scott , Kathy
Hey all, Hope everyone is doing well. I am now living in Tampa, FL. Anyone that is interested in staying in touch can do so by finding me on facebook or myspace. I have both.

Sehnert , Geri (Buchholz)

Smith , Julie (Marsden)
Married to Scott Smith. Two children- 18 year old Michael and 12 year old Kendall. Living in St. Charles and working for the St. Charles Library District. Life is good !

Smith , Patricia (Smith)
After leaving those wonderful hall of Ritenour I went off to the big campus of MIZZOU. Got my BS in Animal Science Reproductive Physiology 1987. Began Veterinary School @ University of Missouri Veterinary Teaching Hospital in 1987 and graduated in 1991 with my DVM. Worked in 2 different mixed animal practices in Columbia(yes that means cows and horses and pigs) waiting on my former teacher and future husband to finish his surgical residency. I married Mark Anderson in 1992 and he finished his residency later that year. We moved to St. Louis in 1992 and began working at a small animal practice in south county. We moved to the florissant area. We moved to Columbia Illinois in 1997 just prior to our oldest son's birth. Hayden is now 11. Hamilton our second son is a 2001 model and our little princess KatieMarie is a 2004 model. She is named after my Mother who we lost to lung cancer in 2001. I left the south county practice after 13.5 years and bought my own practice in the city on July 1, 2006. My husband owns along with his partner veterinary Specialty Services in Manchester MO. They are getting huge 10 specialist on staff now. Crazy, I plan on staying a small homey one doctor practice. I have a 4th son but he has 4 legs, is name is Winston and is a 2 yr old 170 pound Mastiff. A very handsome boy. We keep busy with 3 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 veterinary hospitals. Love my family and Love what I do. Would love to hear from any of you. Happy 2009 to all

Smyers , Marie
after having a successful career as a high end jewelry/watch store manager in various states, the virgin islands, and on board several major cruise lines that took me around the world, i have finally stopped to smell the roses. i am now a writer with twelve poems published so far, 2 cds, some children's stories and some medical text and medical text book reviews. i make a lot less money with my new life, but am 100% happier..........writing was a lifelong dream, now building up for the big novel *yikes* also now that the "independent traveling career woman thing" is out of my system, i am re-visiting the idea of having a traditional life, house, dogs, kids, bbqs, laughter in the kitchen. also looking into following other art forms that interest me. i feel lucky to have friends all over the world, but also smile upon those who stayed close to home and still have a lot of thier old friends. i am single, no children. please feel free to update me with your news, take care *smile* marie

Solomon , John
Hello everyone my name is John SOlomon and my friend Keirra spain is looking for her father Willie James Johnson . We beliieve that he graduated from this high school in 1983. If you have any information that might help us we appreciate it..please contact me at really64133@yahoo.com

Sweeney , Tammy (Allen)

Taylor , Kenneth Jerome

Vance , Michelle (Blanke)
Would love to hear how you are.

Ware , Charlie
I'm still married, 10 years this month. We have been living in Lawrenceville, GA for the past 4 1/2 years. We had a new addition to our family this past Christmas! We now have 3 boys (ages:6,5,6 mo.). I'm working for Imaging Solutions, Inc. as a site Manager for an outpatient imaging center doing CT and MRI's.

Warth , Laurie (Voss)
Currently living in Maryland Heights, Mo. Married, 3 kids, 2 step-kids. Happy to say all kids are on the honor roll at school. After a few years of college, majoring in psychology, I ended up an insurance agent, go figure! I have selectively turned the study of the human mind and behavior into my favorite hobby. I have a beautiful home, awesome family, 2 golden retrievers, and 4 cats. I enjoy travel as often as possible. Yet sitting in the backyard by the pool can feel like a nice little vacation. When I'm not engrossed in reading my tons of books on psychology and genetics and I do a lot of writing, primarily poetry. I'm very health conscious, rigorous work out program, easy.... trying to eat healthy...not so easy. With Satellite TV I find myself watching everything from Southpark (always remember to bring a towel) HA! to CNN and everything in between while running on the treadmill. My motto: Live, Love, Learn.......

Warth , Laurie (Voss)

Watkins( Riggs) , Lennie

Wright , Keith
2003 Happy and healthy living in Virginia, married with to kids.

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Allen , James "Jim" R.
i've moved from Gulf Shores, Al. to Tuscaloosa, and am now a marketing manager for several hotels throughout the state. I'm currently in remission from the cancer so things have been looking up :-) thanks for the cards... I have a wonderful daughter that turned 17 this year (2002) I would love to hear from any of my old classmates and friends

Anderson , Kimberly D.

Armstrong , Darren
I am married to Tracy Pollard and we have two beautiful children, Alana (1995) and Evan (1999). We reside in O'fallon, MO. She is teaching and I am running a Medical Supply warehouse. All is great and I hope all is well with everyone else.

Baldwin , John

After Graduation I spent 2 years in the Army. I got out in 1986 and went to work in the engineering field. I currently work for a major engineering/construction firm in St. Louis as a building utilities designer. I married Andrea (Osborn) in 1988. We have 2 children, Jenna 9 and Kyle 4.

Bealler , Mary Jane (Boaz)
What a nice site to stumble into late on a friday night. It was so fun to hear how many of the class of 1984 are doing. We are getting so old! Yes, I am still married to my High School sweet heart for the last 11 years. We have a wonderful daughter Haley who has just turned 5 in December. We live in St. Paul Missouri which is close to O'Fallon Missouri. We live on 3 acres and Hank operates his own landscape business. I am a recreational therapist at St. Joseph's Health Center in St. Charles for the last 14 years. I am currently close to completing my masters in educational counseling and will hopefully be working in the schools next year. I would love to hear from some of my old classmates! Have a great 2002!

Berry , Ann (Corcoran)
I work in advertising and am a very active divorced mother of two kids age 10 and 13. I have lived in Ballwin for almost 10 years. I still hang out with a lot of High School friends. Would love to hear from you

Blackburn , Cindy ((Hagan))

Buffaloe , Virginia (Mitchell)
I did not actually graduate in "84 but did go on and obtain my GED through Ritenour. I have 2 great kids Karli 17 and Richard 15. After my divorce I met and married the man of my dreams Dennis, we have been married 2 years this past July. We moved to the Lake area where I am a receptionist at a vacation rental/property managment company here.

Coletta , Tony
Great site! It's been 15 years since graduation, and like a lot of you I've moved around a lot since then. After graduation, I went to college at Duke (wasn't there for any of the REALLY good basketball), worked in Philadelphia as a commercial banker for 4 years, and spent 5 years in Chicago (as a banker at Northern Trust). I met my wife, Michele, in Philly about 8 years ago--we've been happily married for almost 6 years and have a wonderful one year old daughter, Casey. We just spent the last two years in at the U of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, where I went to business school, and now we're moving to Richmond, VA where I'll be going into investment banking (what am I thinking??!). I think of my great friends from Ritenour often-- there's no question that your friends from school are the best you'll ever have. Keep in touch!

Collins , Brian
Hello class of '84! After many years in the St.Louis/Charles areas, returned to Texas were I settled down and got married and had 3 boys that are now 13 and 10yo twins. Then got divorced and later remarried and added a beautiful little girl that is now 4. I am have been working in law enforcement since 1999. Hello to all my friends from Ritenour and Overland Baptist Church.

Colter , Diana (Pfeiffer)
Married to Phil Colter class of 1982. Diana teaches at Pacific High School and Phil teaches at Francis Howell High School. We have two boys. We live in Pacific Missouri

Compson , Valerie (Bernard)
Wow!! This is a great site. Its good to see what has happened to everybody in the last 26 years. After graduation I went to SLU for a semester then onto NWMSU in Maryville where i received my BS in Industrial Technology and AA in Drafting Tech. Moved to Lawton, OK, married lived there for 9 years, Divorced. Transfered to Amarillo, TX where I currently reside with my husband Jeff, a correctional officer, and our 8 year Old son Jasper. I have worked at The Home Depot for the last 10 years in operations management. I would love to hear from you.

Crump , Randy

Doney , Brad
I am living in Northeast Arkansas. I am married to a school teacher and have four children. I am the manager of a Nuclear Medicine Department at an area hospital and I am also the Radiation Safety Officer for the hospital. I enjoyed seeing everyone at the 20 year class reunion. E-mail me!



Fels , Jennifer Grace
I have just gotten this new computer not too long ago and my father is a computer whiz. He showed me how to get in contact with alumni. Anyway, since graduation in 1984 I went to SMSU and majored in Elementary Education. I decided my heart was in the medical field and I really wanted to help people in that area so I got my medication technician certification in 1990 and have been administering meds and some treatments to the folks here in Springfield. I work at James River Care Center right now and I work the 3-11 shift. I went back to college and got my Associate of Arts Degree in 1999. I enjoy writing and creating my own stories and songs. I like to write them on the computer. I would really like to get them published and submit them to magazines or other places. I am an avid long distance runner and run ~25-50 miles per week on the streets around town. I also belong to the Pat Jones Family YMCA where I do a lot of swimming. I have run ~ 9 marathons(26.2 mile races) and completed all 26.2 miles of all of them. I have run The New York City Marathon, Dallas White Rock Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and Honolulu Marathon. Honolulu was my favorite. I ran that race four years in a row and finished all of them. Honolulu is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life and I don't just say that to be joking. It would be great to live there but the cost of living is extremely high. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. I flew over there by myself all four years in a row. I had the unfortunate experience of getting run over by a car back in 1997 and fractured my right foot and was in a cast for a long time. I went through three months of physical therapy. ~ eight months after it healed and I went and ran the Honolulu Marathon I turned my ankle while out on a joy run and refractured the same bone in the same foot. I was on crutches for five months. I healed up from that and was involved in a car wreck where my car was hit broadside. I suffered extreme back pain and a fractured patella. Nevertheless, I recovered from all of that and came back to Hawaii and ran the marathon and finished all 26.2 miles. I still continue to run but I am more careful and realize how easy it is to get hurt. I thank the good lord that I am able to run long distance and that I am healed and I am thankful I was wearing my seatbelt when I had my accident. It is very crucial that a person wear his or her seatbelt when driving or riding in a car. I think it is probably the reason why my injuries were not a whole lot worse. Anyway, I am going to eat this good Steak n Shake chili and go to bed. I would like to hear from anyone from Ritenour.

Fisher-Hollins , Kimberly (Fisher)

Fitch , Stephanie (Phillips)
So... I decided that doing research in mathematics wasn't for me, so the tenure-track thing would have been a nightmare. Teaching is the best, though, especially in math. It's funny, when I told people who didn't know me I was working on a PhD in math, there was always one of two reactions. 1: "Oh, I was always good at math, let's talk about it" (Oh, good grief), or 2: "I always hated math" (Ok, how about them Bears...). In any case, I got fed up with it and grabbed the Masters. Being at Rolla with a professor husband, I didn't have much in the way of career options, and I really liked the teaching but was getting paid truly peanuts for teaching calculus and DiffEq to budding engineers. Time for a change...to be continued (posted 7/5/05).

Fortune , Pat
I'm living in Rogers Arkansas, working as Sports Director at KURM Radio, for which this is my second tour of duty there. I worked off and on in radio for the last 15 years since my days at Ritenour High Radio (KRHS). After getting my degree at Broadcast Center, I worked for KURM Radio from 1978-89. Then returned to St. Louis working at KGLD/KASP/WKBQ from 1990-92. Some listeners may remember me as "Wacky Pat" and having served time with Steve and DC. After that, I left the radio business for a few years, returning in 1997 to work at KXOW-AM in Hot Springs, Arkansas from 1997-99 and left there to return to KURM-AM in Nov. 1999. I would love to hear from my fellow alumni and feel free to contact me anytime.

Gamboa , Kim (LaBeau)
Hi everyone! Can you even believe that it has almost been 20 years? After high school I majored in Criminal Justice, Gabe and I have been married for 10 years and I am employed at an adverting agency in Clayton. I love to hear from old friends so drop me a line sometime!

gasich , mandy
Hello All. I moved to Columbia after graduation and attended Mizzou. Got a degree in hotel/restaurant management. Worked for Red Lobster for a couple of years. Good food, bad job. Quit and went to Central Methodist College in Fayette, MO. Have been a registered nurse for last 14 years. Still in Columbia. Been shacked up with same man for 10 years. Two "step daughters". Life is good. Was not invited to 20yr reunion. Was someone trying to tell me something?

Gearhart , Jennifer L. (Wallen)

Geisler , Phillip

Gillam , Kirk J.
kkgillam2001@yahoo.com - kgillam@jpshealth.org
Hey everyone... I am living in Fort Worth Texas with my wife Kristy and our two children.. Nate 5 and Mattie 4. I do have a daughter from my first marrige also...Devon 17. We are all doing great. I am working as a supervisor in our heart monitoring room at the hospital I am working at now and Kristy is in her 17th year of teaching. Hope everyone is doing great!! Sorry I haven't been to any of the reunions ! ! ! Something always gets in the way ! ! ! Please shoot me an email if you can! I would love to hear from you all! This update is 12/30/2008

Hunter , Daphne (Blair)

Jackson , Suzanne

Jackson , Tyrone
I moved from St.louis in 1997 with daimlerchrysler to Dallas Tx where i reside now(10/03).I am married with 3 children 9,7, & 9 months and have changed careers into the real-estate.I coach my son in football & baseball teams in a very competive league here in dallas. i attended Univ of ark pine bluff after high school and graduated in 1989. i played 4 yrs of college football and went to the houston oilers as a free agent in 1989 for a brief stay. moved back to st.louis in 1990. i will be looking forward to seeing the class of 84 at our 20th reunion.

James , Dan
Well now. What can I say? After graduation, I attended UMSL and got my BA in French. I then moved to Oklahoma City to attend Oklahoma City University School of Law where I graduated in 1992. I spent the next 9 years in the private practice law with my firm, Quinn & James, P.C. In August, 2001, I moved back to St. Louis and am presently living in the south St. Louis City, awaiting the construction of my new home in Imperial. I am the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Washington County, in Potosi, Missouri and have been since my return to St. Louis. I got married to a girl who went to Hazelwood Central. We met in college and she has been with me for over 14 years now. I have to small girls, ages 6 and 3, who keep me busy all the time. Anyone interested in dropping me a line, do so. I check the email frequently. Look forward to hearing from anyone. (Posted 12/02)

Keller , Melissa (Hollis)
After graduating, I attended college in Kirksville for a few years, then joined the U.S. Army, where I spent the next four-years. Since that time, I've been married and subsequently divorced. I have one daughter (Victoria). I am presently living in St. Louis and would love to get in contact with anyone who remembers me.

Lang , Bill
I live in Glen Carbon, Illinois with my wife and daughter. I work at an advertising/marketing agency in downtown St. Louis.

Lindsey, Sr. , Rodney
I am married with three beautiful boys. I am currently working at St. Louis University, Computing and Information Systems as a Computer Analyst. I was voted most likely NOT to succeed! But I have done a pretty good job of succeeding my expectations!

Lowery , Laurie (Runge)
After graduation I went to Barnes College of Nursing. Married in 1987 (Tim, from Hazelwood Central). I graduated from Nursing school in 1988. I worked for Barnes Jewish Hospital in the Emergency Department for 14-years (unfortunately I saw a few classmates in the ED). I have a son Bryan who is 9. I currently work for Forest Pharmaceuticals in Drug Safety. Hope everyone is well and living out their dreams. See ya at the 20-year reunion.

Lynch , Toni (Linhoff )
Hi Guys! I think this is great! I hope to hear from some of you as I will try to write too! I moved to Texas with Marriott Hotels after graduation, married in 1989 to Jim and have 3 beautiful children (Caitlin 10, Jimmy III (7) and Ryan 5). We stayed in Texas for about 7 years. Jim working in the hotel business and me being able to stay home after my daughter was born. We then moved to Brookfield Wisconsin and lived there for 7 years. We now live in Denver Colorado and have been here for about 1 1/2 years. I am a homemaker most of the time and have been working at Kohl's Department Store running the third shift for the last 9 months....I know what crazy hours!!! My husband is currently looking for a job that will get us back to the midwest closer to family, so stayed tuned on where we will be in the next coming months!

Machen , Vince

Marino , david
Hi everyone. I am currently living in the Ballwin area with my ten year old son. I am a single parent now and my son is a parkway south student. His grade school is literally three mailboxes away. His middle school will be less than 1/3 of a mile. And his high school is only a 1/2 mile away. So needless to say I am happy with were I live. I am working at Sunnen Products Company as a machinist. I have been there for over ten years now and I am still happy with the place. If any of you wish to say hi, feel free to contact me.

Noles , Paul B.

Partl , Bob

Popek , Dennis
Got a higher education, twelve years active military, security consultant for a company operating overseas, Commanded a force protection unit for the US State Dept. Presently, working as a contractor for the Dept. of Defense.

Postol , Christine (Townsend)
After graduating, the following year I married, Tom, graduate of '79. We have been married for 22 years and we are currently residing in Atlanta, GA. We have two wonderful children (Ryan-born 1989 and Paige-born 1992). I currently work in the front office of a private elementary and preschool. I hope that all of the class of 1984 are well and living out their dreams. Would love to hear from friends.

Redman , John
Hello Ritenour alumi: Well its 2008 and I retire from the United States Navy on May 31, 2009 after 24 years. I have seen the world. I am living in North Carolina now and loving life. Have one son Jacob who is sophmore in highschool now at Swansboro High. He Plays varsity football, baseball (as a freshman), and club ice hockey. I stated my career in the Navy in California for the first 10 years then on to Okinwa Japan (with the Marines), Norfolk VA, Pearl Harbor HI, and finally here at Camp Lejeune NC(with the Marines again). Went on to the University of Iowa and recieved a BS degree in education (Go Hawks), and and accounting degree from Old Dominion University. Don't know if I will use either degree when retired, probably just go fishing. Haa!! I plan on staying in North Carolina until my son graduates from highschool, then who knows. Look forward to speaking with friends in the future.

Robinson , Brian

Sanders , Diane (Aubuchon )

I've been married for 14 years and have three beautiful children who are in middle school and elementary at Francis Howell School District. We have been living in St.Peters for seven years now. I am currently working for a dental office here in overland "Albin & Albin Dentistry". and at the same time I am going back to school to get my dental hygiene degree.

Sievers , Wally

Smith , Kim

Stegeman , Sheila D. (Jenkins)

Talley , Diann (Talley)
Greetings Everyone, I work for a medical publisher in Saint Louis. I live in Franklin County and have a chicken hatchery of hybrid chickens and peacocks. I enjoy gardening and making candles. I'm single with no children. I have two adorable
minature beagles that are brothers (Happy and Tazzy!)

Vehige , Donna Marie (Aubuchon)
I met my husband Steve on a blind date and it was a perfect match. We have been married for almost 16 years. We have 3 beautiful children, Rebecca age 14, Heather age 11, and Matt age 9. We currently reside in Flint Hill MO. My husband is in the construction business, and I work at Francis Howell High School. I keep very busy with church, helping my kids with their homework (yuck), and running all three of them to and from soccer, volleyball, basketball, and baseball/softball games. I have been very, very blessed.

Walsh , Bret
bretwalsh@yahoo. com
Hi all. Great site. I am currently married to Christina Denton. We have been married for 16 years and have 4 great kids. 1 boy, 3 girls. We live in Ofallon MO. I am a Captain with the Clayton Fire Department. Hope everyone is doing well.

West , Richard

Williams , William
Well, it is 2005 and I have completed my commitment to the US Air Force. My wife and I just celebrated out 15th anniversary. We have a 12 year old son who is very active. He made the varisity swim team in middle school as a 6th grader. We are living in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and plan to stay here for a bit. Wish I could have made the reunion last October. Hope to hear from some of you soon.

Willis , Doris (Reyes)
Well it's been about 22 years since I left St. Louis. I am married with 3 children. I met my wonderful husband while station in Turkey. I got out of the AF and followed him throughout his career. He retired from the AF in 2006. I currently live in NY and work at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. I just visited St. Louis last month and boy has it changed. I drove past the high school and it seems a lot bigger than I remember. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well.

Hide details for 19851985
Adams , Brad

Bader , Noel

bilyeu , Tina (Janz)
i am happily married for almost 23 years to my husband Jeff. We have 2 beautiful kids; Dillan 17-senior 2010 and Ciarra 14 - sophmore 2012. We live in Warrenton, Mo. Email me at bilyeujt@yahoo.com or talk to me on facebook.


Boaz , Daniel
Hi all. Still living in St. Louis area after returning from the military. I currently work at a body shop fulltime (same one for 15yrs) and also restore cars at our shop at home. I have been married 12 yrs and have a beautiful 6 yr old daughter. We still see old friends from Ritenour Sr. and Buder Elementary quite often. Drop me a line if you want to chat or get together sometime. Maybe we can get a Buder School alumni kickball tournament orginized some day.

Boschert , Terry (Ames)
Maiden name is Terry Ames, Married name is Terry Boschert. I have 5 children: stepson Darren Boschert 17, stepdaughter Danielle Boschert 13, son Tyler Meyers 14, daughter Brittany Meyers 12, and daughter Alexandria Boschert 4.

brackney , Kathleen (Hitchcock)
Hi to all my fellow middle aged classmates

Brackney , Kathleen (Hitchcock)
Hi to all!

Burrows , Suzanne
I was reading my profile and thought it was time for an update... To start with my daughter is now 18 and a college freshman and I am single again and living in St. Charles, MO. Send me an e-mail if you would like to get in touch.

Cain , Lisa (Hammock)
Hello all, I live in New Lenox, IL, I have been married for 13 yrs. to my wonderful husband Brad, we have 4 beautiful girls Brittany 10,Kourtney 7, Haley 4 and MacKenzie 6 months. We own a large manufacturing company and are doing quite well, so, (HOW DO YOU LIKE ME KNOW. We have been in Illinois for 13 yrs now. I would love to hear from you all it has been along time since out last reunion. My parents and sister still live in St. Louis, so we come home quite often. Would love to know if any of you live in the Chicago area, would like to meet up with you if you do. Well everyone take care and e-mail me when you can.

Clyne , Danny
Hi all
I still live in the St. Louis area. I not married but I am engaged to Cathy Holthaus. I'm a police officer at Bel-Ridge (12 years) I to this day I still enjoy it. I look forward to hearing from any of my classmate.

Coleman , Donna J. (Baltz)
HEY!! We are trying to get people to submit their names for the 20th class reunion!! Send your info to RitenourGrads85@aol.com. I have not been to any of the reunions, but even I will be going to this one! So, anyone else out there who thinks that no one is interested, or that they won't remember you (like I felt) it's not true! Everyone is interested in what has happened with you since graduation! PLEASE REPLY! Thanks! Donna "Spunky" Baltz-Coleman

Davis , Todd
Hello everyone, I still living in Camdenton, MO. I'm a Lt. with the Osage Beach Police Department. I am still married to Janine (17 Years) and have two daughters Paige 14, and Kelsei 10. we still visit St. Louis often to see mom and dad. Drop me an email sometime.

DeChant , Teresa (Hamm)
Hi to everyone! Life has been very busy for me. I graduated from UMR with a BS/MS in Metallurgical Engineering. I loved having a career, but am now enjoying the benefits of being a carpool/soccer mom. I married my college sweetheart (Rob) and we have been happily married for 11 years. We have been blessed with three wonderful children, Nicholas (10), Ashlyn (8), and Gracie (4). We have moved around quite a bit, but have settled in Austin, Texas and plan to stay here awhile. I recently went through chemo and radiation treatment for lymphoma and am thrilled to announce that I am in remission! I am thankful for all of the wonderful memories I have of my high school years!

Denman , Deanna (Begley)

Denson , Ken
After spending 8 years in the Marine Corps, I have finally setteled into a job where I work with my brain, and not my back. I am a computer technician at Florissant Valley Community College. Anyone wanting to get in touch, please feel free to email me!!

Dickman , David
Hi everyone. I'm happily married to my luscious, hot, tall, blonde, Sports Illustrated calendar model wife who has been CEO of the Dickman checking account since 1995.........Ok, now that I have the keyboard back in my control, Ann and I have three children, Andrew(10), Emily(7) and Stephen(5). We moved to Marion, IL. in 1996 and I'm currently working for FedEx Ground as the Service Manager. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Duncan , Glynne Dee (Hickman)
Where to start... My son, Steven (1985), is in college and my daughter, Lyndsi (1988), is in high school. How quickly they have grown up! I was married for a while, but have recently divorced. I have a great job in Department of Corrections and I just bought my first house.

Dutcher , Valerie (Meyers)
Hello There!!!- I'm having a great time reading all the bios and thought I would add my own... I live in a small town North of Kansas City, MO population 438...SALUUUUTTTE ! I drive North 25 minutes, four days a week to save lives and cheat death as a Paramedic (to quote my supervisor "the most fun you can have with your clothes on!) in St. Joseph, MO. By far the best thing to happen in my life is my family- Husband of ten years- Kurt is a self employed residential builder with gorgeous blue eyes, tons of ornery and a soft heart. We have a 5 y/o daughter named Zoey who like her mother is non-stop talk, and 8 month old Zach who has obviously inherited the flirt gene, which he proudly displays to anyone he meets. We are just not sure which side it came from... I would love to see ALL of you at the reunion! STAY SAFE!!

Forbes , Robert
All is well, I live in Wentzville and I have my own company. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. No excuses for not showing up at the reunion

Franzen , A.J.

Fuller , Jane (Key)
Hey everyone! I still live in St. Louis and I have been married for 18 years. We have three beautiful children...Jesse Jr.(16),Shyanne(7)and Anthony(4). I would love to hear from everyone. Take care and I hope to see ya all at the reunion.

Fuller , Jane (Key)
nacanto 2001 @yahoo.com
i would love to hear from anyone from the class of 84-86

Geisler , Kathy (Metcalf)
Hey our 25th Reunion is right around the corner. It will be July 31, 2010. If your interested email me or find me on Facebook and join our group page!!!!

Geisler , Kathy (Metcalf)
hi everyone. it's been awhile. i am happily married for almost 8 years. i have 2 wonderful children; Austin almost 7 and Alexi 3. we live in wonderful Florissant. i am a stay-at-home-working-mom. life is great!!! hope to see you all at the 20 year reunion.

Glass , Tony

Haggerty , Katrina 'Trina Peck'
Hi everybody. I realized I needed to update my information. Our 20 year was a blast and we had a great turnout. You can still contact me with your information if for some reason you did not hear from us. See everybody 2010!

Hammond , Tammy (Means)
Hello everyone from sunny San Diego. I am now married 18 years and have a 10 year old son in the 5th grade. We do a lot of backpacking, rock climbing and other thing and getting ready for the Boy Scouts with my son. If anyone is ever in San Diego, give me a call.

Herbst , Glen
I am a band director in the state of Texas. I received my Bachelor of Music, and education degree from the University of North Texas. I performed with the Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra, and had a chance to tour Japan. I have been teaching for 11 years. My first "gig" was in Kingsville, Texas-near the Rio Grande Valley, for 3 years, and my last 8 years, I have been teaching and am currently the Director of Bands in Rockport, Texas, near Corpus Christi/Port Aransas. If anyone is vacationing, and/or visiting around this area, please drop a line. Great Fishing!!! I go to St. Louis once a year to visit all of my family.

Jovanovic , Debby (Setzer)
After graduation I went to NMSU and was roommates with Debbie Farrell (now Latham)- we both went there for a year and then came home to go to school. (The only good thing I found in Kirksville was my husband, Michael. ) I worked at Western Union Financial Services and MetLife HMO until my daughter, Allison, was born in 1994. I'm now a stay at home mom (way to use that education, right?) but I wouldn't have it any other way. I helped out this past school year with my daughter's Kindergarten class and was her Daisy Girl Scout Leader. I would love to get in contact with Donna Bristow if anyone knows where she is at. We live in Overland, but hope to move to Washinton, MO in the not too distant future.

King , Joseph
I went by Steve my middle name in school.

Kraatz , Lisa
I would love to hear from some of my classmates!

Leighton , Michelle
Currently living in Atlanta Georgia


mcardle , gloria

Mertell , Terri (Mertell)
I'm living in Jacksonville, Florida. It would be nice to hear from old friends.

Morris , Lamont
Hello guys sorry I missed the 20th reunion but plan on making 25th. I'm back in St.Louis and working at one of the local brockerage firms. I'm a florrisant resident these days.

Noltkamper , Scott
Hi everyone! Still in Saint Ann, Single father of two awesome kids, Tyler 13 and Hannah 10. Drop me a line sometime!

O'Connell , Peggy
Hi to everyone! I now live in Fayette, MO (about 25 miles north of Columbia). I have four gorgeous children, one girl and THREE boys: Maggie (1993), Collin (1995), Cameron (1998), and Kieran (October 2000). In addition to the children, we own the one and only bar in town. I'd say I keep busy. Let me know how you're doing.

Peters , Kim (Smallwood)

Phillips , David
I see many names that are familiar. I got married to Elisabeth (Hensley) a patonville gal. We have been married since 1991 and we have 3 kids Tiffany 18,Justin 14, and Alyssa 8. I reside in Winfield Mo but work at Flight Safety Intl. near airport. I went on to get my bachelors degree in electronic communications engineering. I enjoy working on my 1965 Mustang GT in my spare time. It would be good to hear from classmates from back in the day.

Pile , Gerald
Hi everyone if you remember me they used to call me "Gomer" because of my lastname and everyone use to make fun of me and pick on me, i hungout with Ray Barbier he was my best friend and i also hung out with Ginger Parish,Jimmy Dirrecks, Ray Campos,and many others! Im a christian pastor now and do christian metal/rock ministry full time in local bands now i also can be reach at myspace.com/pastor metal so if any of the old scchool classmates to just renite and chat you can get a hold of me there or my email address thanks for listenin and see ya soon everyone!!LOVE YOU ALL!!GOD BLESS you!!! from a old friend,
Jerry Pile

Ray , Karen (Scott)
I'm not a graduate of Ritenour H.S. but did attend Marion Grade School and Hoech Jr. High. Haven't spoken with my old childhood friends, Tina (Meyers); or Deanna (Nelligan) since 1980. Does anyone know how to contact them? If anyone remembers me, it would be fun to chat!

Richmond , James

Roques , Sue (Sue Roques)
Hello! I am living out here in Wentzville with my 3 kids. I am going to be a grandma on 8-11-10! I cant believe it. Keep in touch!

Rose , Anna (Ladel)
Hi everyone! When's the reunion?

Runge , Steve
Had enough of chasin' bad guys and am now doing the big corporate thing. See you all at the 25th!!!!!!!!!!! 314-486-0131

Sander , Leesa (Dickey)
We are in the process of planning the 25th reunion. Please join the facebook page Ritenour Class of 85 reunion page. We are trying to get the word out to as many classmates as possible. Hope to see everyone there!

Sanders , Leesa (Dickey)
We are in the process of planning the 25th reunion. Join facebook and sign up on the Ritenour Class of 85 Reunion page. We had a great time at the 20th, hope to see you at the 25th.

Schiermeyer , Anita (Malon)

Shaw , Terri (Martell)

Shaw , Terri (Mertell)
I've been very busy since high school - I've worked in military aerospace as a Manufacturing Engineer for the last 17 years. My husband and I moved to South Carolina a few years ago and I presently am on a temporary assignment in Jacksonville, FL. It would be nice hearing from old friends.

Shaw , Terri (Mertell)

Sherod , Sue (Bowles)
Married: Stan Sherod. 3 kids: Spencer 1993, Shelby 1996, Seaver 1998.

smith , bill

tabor , darren
Hi everyone. We had a great time at the 20th. I really appreicate everyones hard work to put the event on. Soryy I haven't updated my info. and thanked everyone sooner. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion. This is my new e-mail. Keep in touch

Tabor , Darren
Hi everyone.. I've just been hanging out in the Air Force for the last 17 years. Things have been great. Hope to see everyone at the 20 year class reunion.

Thompson , Ginger (Miera)

Tubbs , Sherry (Weinerth)
Living in Lake Saint Louis with my two childen: Ashley (22) attends St. Louis College of Pharmacy (5th Year Student of 6 year program) and Kenneth Ryan (19) Ironworker with Local Union #396. Love to play golf, go boating and run. If you are ever in the area, shoot me an email. Would love to hear from you.

Wasson , Shawn
I went on to graduate from UMSL with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Sociology.  I have a Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages degree from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.  I should graduate in December, 2002 with a doctorate from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  I have been the pastor of two churches, and now I am the associate pastor/minister of single adults at the First Baptist Church of Paducah, Kentucky.  Our services air on the local NBC affiliate and Comcast Cable.  I have not attended any of the class reunions, but I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me:-)  I have never married, but I am working on it....

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Alexander , Dean
Joined the Army, went to war. Came home and became a cop in St. Charles. Went to war again in 2003. Back home working the streets again. 'Nuff said.

Aubertin , Tom

Ballard , Phyllis (Quinn)

Barbier , Raymond
Over 20 years since i have heard feom or seen most of my friends from back in overland. Been Maried and Diovorced. owned 1 computer store and ran another. Lived in Atlanta Georgia for over 19 years and been here in ky since. Well you also can Visit My Myspace Page http://www.myspace.com/rbarbier1967 Have found 4 people i knew back in the day so far
Ginger Parish, Jerry Pyle, Deane Begly and Dan Mochel but still looking for many such as Stephanie Kurly, Lisa Miller, Cathy Althaus and others who may had went to Vo-Prep back in the 80's or knew me from when i lived off brown rd on meadowbrook ln. Peace to all

Beem , Bobbiann (Fitzgerald)
Hello class of '86! As the last name suggests, I married Grant Beem. We've been together now for 15 yrs. and have a beautiful daughter, Christy, who's now entering her high school years. Either of us can be contacted at the e-mail addy given (Grant doesn't check his e-mail that much, so just send it through me....he'll get it!) There's so much to say, but how to start! I'll just leave that for personal contacts. We hope to hear from some of you!

Boone , Cindy (Boone)
I live in Maryland Heights with my 3 wonderful kids, who were going to Ritenour up to a year ago. I am a Respiratory Therapist in the ICU. I just might make it to the next reunion.

Canfield , Dodie (Miller)
Living in Indianapolis to a Saint, who puts up with me! John and I have been together since '94 and enjoy 3 beautiful kids. Ashley, will be 19 Feb 2009; Nolan is 4 as of Feb 2009; And Jillian will be 1 in Feb 2009. YES - All amethysts! Feel free to send along an email! Would love to hear from old friends & wrestle with the mind, trying to remember faces!

Cardwell , Lynn (Brust)
8/07-Feeling nostalgic lately-married to another Ritenour alumni-have 1 daughter who just turned 10 this month and would love to hear from old friends, aquaintences, etc. Still living in the district, stayed home until my daughter was in 2nd grade and now I work part time...if you would like---GET IN TOUCH.

Carroll , Lisa
I whould love to here from old classmates.

clites , michael

Colbert , Douglas
Wow This is a cool idea. I am living in Ofallon, MO and own a Lawn and Landscape Company and have 3 children 1 Girl 2 Boys and would love to talk to any of the old mates. dc12345@centurytel.net

Colter , David

Creech , Barry
Hi everyone. Married to Tiffiny Hermann (graduated Ritenour 1988). Two kids Dylan (07/31/95) and Brittany (12/22/97). Still live in the Ritenour District, about a mile from the HS. Why does it seem like 100 years since 1986?

Doney , Brad

I am the manager of the Nuclear Medicine Department at St. Benards Medical Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I am also the Radiation Safety Officer for the hospital. I married Alli, who is a high school teacher. We have four children. They are Ethan(12), Autumn(7), Anna(6), and Addison(1).

Farrell , Christopher
After school, I joined the NAVY, traveled the world, got married, had 2 kids (boy & girl) TWINS!! Now I'm a chemistry teacher. If you can believe that.

Finnegan , Dorris (Patton)
Hello Class of 86! I'm married to a wonderful man, Craig (almost 13 years). We have 3 beautiful daughters ~ Briana,9; Emma, 4; and Ashleigh, 8 mos. Teaching as an Adjunct Instructor at Fontbonne University as well as working at Lakeside Residential Facility and substitute teaching for Ritenour.

Franzen , Kimberlee J. (Holland)

Gutterman , Lisa (Eastman)
Hey all! Well, I was married 10 years to a police officer then divorced. My exhusband and I have 2 wonderful children Alexis (18) who attends Lindenwood and is pre-med and Jeffrey (16) who is a wrestler and football player for SCHS. I recentently sold Madisons Cafe due to a major illness in 2006. Contact me I would love to hear for you all!

Hager , Cheryl
Hello old classmates! I ended up transferring out of Ritenour in 1986 to go to North County Tech (Mike Judson said I would regret it someday)--he was right. After a couple short-lived careers--here in Missouri and Florida--I decided to pursue a degree in education. I am currently in my last year at UMSL. Not married and have no kids--that day will come! It would be great to catch up--I hope to be able to go to a 87' reunion. Happy trails...

Headrick , Kevin
Happily married with two handsome sons. Living my dream in beautiful Clearwater , Florida.

holloway , greg
please put me on the list when you send out info on reunions. Greg Holloway

Howlett , Lee Ann (Meyer)
I am married with 3 kids( CJ-21, Gabriella-8 and Aleigha-5). I am the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Atira Hospitality. We love to hear from old classmates.

Huntington , Travis
Finally retired from the Navy after 22 years and now work for a Dept of Defense contractor in CT. Married since 1991 with two beautiful daughters. It was great to see Kirk, Jim C., Julie and Vicki, Jenny and others at the 20th reunion. Would really like to see some other old friends at the 25th.

Huntington , Travis
Still in the Navy, stationed in Connecticut. Married since 1990 to Debra and have two daughters Chelsea (14) and Shelby (9). I did go to the 15 year reunion, very happy to see those that showed up. Lets try to get a larger turn out for the 20th reunion.

Hustava , Kelly (Hart)
Would love to hear from old classmates!

Johnson , Lisa
Hey everyone it has been a long time and I look forward to seeing old friends. I would like some feed back on the class reunion 06

Jones , Rondy
What's up everyone, hope all is well. Don't remember many names, maybe many don't remember mine either. Married for 13 years, 3 children 15,14,& 11. Keep in touch.

Kropp , Lee
I've owned a home theatrer company here in St. Louis for the last 14 years. Married for 12 with two step-daughters and one 8 year old grandson.

Langdon , Angie (Bartlett)
I can't believe that we are approaching our 20th Reunion...John and I just celebrated 16 years of marriage...our boys continue to grow and amaze us daily...Jory is 12 and Brady is 7...Best wishes to all!!

Lawrence , Laura (Todisman )
I am married to Ronnie Lawrence and have 5 children. Josh 1991--Mackenzie 1996--Sam 1999--Ben and Adam (twins) 2004. We live in Lake St. Louis.

Linson , Jill

Loane , Joseph
Been married for 10 years have 8 kids, ranging in age from 9 to new born. Still live in Ritenour Dist.

Long , Phyllis

Masek , Sharon

McCoy , Terence (TC)
Class of '86. What is up? It doesn't seem like it's almost been 20 years. Looking forward to getting in touch with some "old" friends.

McMillen , Amy
Hey everyone! 20 years is approaching quickly. I have two wonderful boys, 11 & 2. Graduated with my BS in Business and hope to start on my masters soon. I have been working at The University of Missouri-Rolla for 10 years and love it!

Meier , Donna (Beine)
Hi everyone!!! I did things backwards... got married, had kids and now I am finally attending college. I attend Lindenwold University and will graduate next year!!! I will be a Special Education/Elementary teacher. I have 4 children!!! WOW I can hardly believe myself.

Meyer , Dave

Mills , Darren
Missed the reunion again. Two kids in High School and two in Jr. High. Living in the desert and now working for the Navy. Drop a line if like and I hope everyone is well. D

Ming , Dr.Mark Xavier
My complete mailing address is 5797 Tuttle's Grove Blvd Dublin,Ohio 43016. MY home phone is: 614-791-1393.

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